The purpose of this website

Find your origins lost to time

The purpose of this site is to promote a paradigmatic shift in our way of life and worldview by rediscovering our original human instincts, in terms of health , sexuality health, spirituality and politics.
While we take heavy inspiration from the ideas and scientific (re)discoveries made by Guy-Claude Burger, we are not affiliated to him or his current operations. We are dissident individuals who met him and share common beliefs. What we decided however is them into a complete worldview and methology by which to realize his into reality.
Decades of research and observation which included thousands of individuals revealed a terrible legacy from 50 000 years ago, which caused the Nordic race to degenerate from a higher ancestral state to its current one, cut short in intelligence, strength and lifespan. Returning to an instinctive raw paleodiet proved to partly undo this degeneration, granting perfect health, freedom from diseases, and reinstating the sexual drive’s true purpose: the organic development of objectively verifiable extrasensory abilities.

This could be the ace up our sleeve in the incoming battles for our survival, beating any weapon mankind currently possesses. We must therefore unite in a new civilization based on natural laws to secure the existence of our race and bring forth an era of never-before-seen scientific and spiritual heights.