Past and future of Europeans

Here we will present an entirely different version of history, from the very origin of men as a species to nowadays, the aftermath of WW2 and the vilification of any racial thought or idea of natural laws to which we should align our lives with.
Will also figure all the materials and articles justifying the different national-naturalist policies that do not relate immediately to sexual or genetic matters.

Our knowledge and understanding of a great number of past civilizations and events has always been tampered with, consciously or not, to accomodate the current dominant political or ideological power.

Christianity has systematically downplayed, villified past (or contemporary) cultures and destroyed their their physical remains with a passion (including fossiles) with a passion, removing from sight and memories the European patrimoine. Without Christianity this movement still goes on in many places, in so far as past cultures are perceived as politically incorrect. Before even, character assasination already existed, from one dynasty to another.
More recently, Germans and the whole Axis alliance require justice, the millions of women raped by Soviet racial strangers at the order of crazed Jews hellbent on erasing the Nordic race, from which the majority of all higher civilizations in (North-)Africa, South-America and Europe originated.

The dead require justice, and will obtain it.

In Honor of Germany

It is necessary to dispel a few myths because of their intended purpose of blocking any critical thought regards to human biodiversity, human origin and future. I will point at the sources, because so many others have produced revisionist material, but we shall make those points clarified, because of its effect in stunting our understanding of the sense of history and our future tasks as a species. Lies have been propagated about Germany by groups of interest - enemies of life and truth itself, and the Allies in their quest to legitimize their pursuit of two needless nonsensical wars have brought a great cost in human lives as well as the overall progress of humanity itself.

Our Political Platform

Here we lay the foundations of a transitional society following a successful *national-naturalist revolution*, half-way between today and tomorrow.

Rewriting the Origin of Races

Biology and genetics have many foundation myths, however the most obnoxious deception with the greatest harm lies in the contemporary theory of human origins.