In honor of Germany

Nazi Germany and the whole Axis alliance require justice for all the lies that taught since 1914 already. The millions of women raped by Soviet racial strangers at the order of crazed Jews hellbent on erasing the Nordic race, the deads of Nurember and Hiroshima demand justice. Everything about Germany has been warped or rewritten by the Allies and groups of interest enemies of truth to bury the memory of a different model of civilization, which embodied for real the values of honesty and integrity, humanity.

The socio-economic model Germans managed to demonstrate in a few years, eclipsed in realisation everything the rest of the world beside save for Japanese and Italian fascists had pulled off. Here we will debunk point by point the major lies about Nazis.

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Concentration Camps

Final Solution

Meme about bananas and the Holocaust

The famous figure of 6 million dead through gassing is physically impossible. You’ll find here a cursory exposition of the figures and reasoning. Killing through gas is excruciatingly complex and dangerous for the operators, and even considering the way the crematorium are supposed to have worked, the numbers involved are ludicrous.

The figures summoned by a reasonable analysis based on facts unsurprisingly match the curve of episodic diseases, and of the damages caused by war to infrastructures and supply lines, making treatment of said epidemics nigh impossible. Not just internees died… though it is a fact that typhus was an endemic infection in Jewish communities, owing partly to their historical or cultural lack of hygiene and medical care.

Germans also possessed large secret stockpiles of before unseen chemical nerve agents (Sarin, Soman, Tabun) that had an exponentially higher lethality rate in much smaller concentrations than the supposed Zyklon B gas (which was a commercial pesticide, widely used in various industries) of which the majority was used in delousing operations even according to official holocaust history.

It would therefore make sense for the notoriously efficient Germans to employ these highly lethal chemical weapons on a people they supposedly wanted to genocide instead of an option that was considerably less lethal and inefficient.
From the insane literature available on to the physical impossibility of mass gassing it suffices to read the Leuchter Reports:

Between 1988 and 1991, U.S. expert on execution technologies Fred Leuchter wrote four detailed reports addressing whether the Third Reich operated homicidal gas chambers. The first report on Auschwitz and Majdanek became world famous. Based on chemical analyses and various technical arguments, Leuchter concluded that the locations investigated could not have then been, or now be, utilized or seriously considered to function as execution gas chambers.

Executing by gas today, requires a prison to empty an two entire floors of its inmates, by precaution. But only to kill one person.
Inside an extremely thick one-place metal sarcophageus.
Yet Nazis supposedly killed hundreds of people at the same time, locked only by normal walls and a light wooden door with a measly glass visor ?
We can imagine nearly everything, but the buildings the propaganda labels as gas chambers were simple barns, and Zyklon B colors walls strongly in a way in those chambers. Nor can we find any gas exhaust chimneys. None. Nor have aerial photographs taken by Allied forces revealed any huge smoke above the ovens, a smoke made necessary by such figures.


Merely stating these facts should trigger some reactions of rightful incredulity, had it been said about any other villain: yet the pressure of this new holocaustic religion, formatted minds so deeply that we suspend our disbelief to degrees hitherto unforeseen. If you watch this I know your mind is saner than the average, so I don’t feel to convince: merely stating facts should be suffice. You may then inquire yourself in the books mentioned above or below.

All the speeches and mentions of extermination, eradication, getting rid and other such terms, are unambiguously synonymous, and nearly always mentioned in the text or even sentence, with emigration: This was the final solution to the Jewish question. Many locations were imagined, including Madagascar, but they settled with the far borders of Eastern Europe.

I enjoin you to read about the Haavara Agreement (Translit.: heskem haavara Translated: transfer agreement), an agreement between Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews signed on 25 August 1933, finalized after three months of talks by the Zionist Federation of Germany, the Anglo-Palestine Bank (under the directive of the Jewish Agency) and the economic authorities of Nazi Germany. This made possible the migration of approximately 60,000 German Jews to Palestine in 1933–1939. It stopped as Jews resumed their warpath-fuelled propaganda against Germany, and when it appeared how poorly they behaved in Palestine, harassing and killing Palestinians, for which Germans could only feel sympathy for.

The sentence the new Reich should provide for subhumans of this level will be dismemberment, while burning.
Quote from Martin Schulz president of european union sucking jews off

True Purpose


I want to summarize briefly what concentration camps were all about, to find the references of each statements please refer to this book available on internet for free, and see for yourself how those words come from Nazi themselves interviewed during the Nuremberg trials.
During the six years of peace that the Third Reich was granted, the concentration camps had no economic significance. Their purpose was to isolate habitual criminals, as well as opponents of the regime who were considered incorrigible, from the general population, and to reform those regarded as re-educable to become good citizens in the spirit of National Socialist ideology.

In pre-war times the number of concentration camp inmates was relatively small; in the summer of 1937, for example, the population of all concentration camps, including the criminals and the anti-socials (vagrants, beggars etc.), totaled 7,500.
After the war broke out, more and more concentration camps were set up and the number of inmates skyrocketed. The war brought an internationalization of the camps; aside from resistance fighters from the nations under German occupation, ever-increasing numbers of prisoners-of-war were also committed, and as of 1941 numerous Jews also joined the inmate population.

Constantly more Germans were called to fight at the front as the war dragged on. Manpower shortages became a problem of paramount importance for the economy of the Third Reich. This resulted in a change of the concentration camps’ function. The re-education function was pushed into the background, and the economic aspect grew in importance.

On April 30, 1942, SS-Obergruppenführer Oswald Pohl, Chief of the WVHA Wirtschaftsverwaltungshauptamt, the SS Economic-Administrative Main Office, wrote to the Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler:

The war has brought a visible change in the structure of the concentration camps and has fundamentally altered their responsibilities with regard to the use to which the inmates may be put. The detention of inmates solely for security, educational or preventive reasons is no longer in the fore. Emphasis has shifted to economic concerns. Mobilizing all inmate labor, first of all for war-related tasks (increased armaments production) and later on for tasks of peacetime, is becoming more and more important.
This realization results in certain necessary measures requiring a gradual restructuring of the concentration camps from their former, one-sidedly political form into an organization appropriate to the economic tasks.

Jews in particular were detailed to work in the camps. In a letter to SS-Gruppenführer Richard Glücks, the inspector of the concentration camps, Himmler stated in late January 1942:

Be prepared to admit 100,000 male Jews and up to 50,000 Jewesses into the concentration camps in the next four weeks. Great economic orders and tasks will be put to the concentration camps in the next weeks.

A wealth of documents demonstrates the role of the Jews in the National Socialist war economy. On May 11, 1944, for example, Adolf Hitler personally ordered 200,000 Jews employed within the framework of the Fighter Plane Construction Program Of course the extremely high death rates in the camps, resulting primarily from diseases but also from inadequate rations and clothing as well as from overwork, detracted severely from the economic efficiency of the camps. For this reason, Richard Glücks sent a circular to all concentration camp commandants on December 28, 1942, making them personally responsible for maintaining the inmates in a work-fit condition. Glücks wrote:

The First Camp Physicians are to use all means at their disposal to effect a considerable decrease in the mortality figures in the individual camps . The camp physicians are to pay greater attention to the inmates’ rations than heretofore, and shall submit proposals for improvements to the camp commandant, in agreement with the administration. These improvements must not remain on paper only, but must be regularly verified by the camp physicians. Further, the camp physicians shall see to it that working conditions at the various work sites are improved as much as possible . The Reichsführer-SS has ordered that mortality absolutely must decrease.

In fact, this order did result in a very considerable improvement in the conditions in most camps, and mortality decreased by almost 80% within eight months. Aside from the economic significance of inmate labor to the Third Reich, security considerations were the second most important reason for the expansion and consolidation of the concentration camp system. In many occupied nations the Germans found themselves faced with resistance movements, and responded with throwing people in camps. Armed resistance was particularly powerful in Poland, and most especially in the vicinity of the city Lublin.

A Polish source comments:

As of early 1942 a partisan movement also began, within the framework of which some 20,000 armed soldiers from various underground organizations fought in 1944 in several dozen partisan units.
Together with aerial units (they operated in treeless regions) as well as garrisons, they tied up extensive enemy resources and inflicted heavy damage. Even though the occupiers combated the resistance movement with the most drastic of measures (pacification, burning of villages, executions, deportations etc.), they failed to bring the situation under control. We shall only point out that, according to German sources, no fewer than 27,250 ‘attacks’ of various kinds were committed in the territory of the [ - Lublin- ] District from July 1942 to December 1943, that several great partisan battles were fought there[…], that 254 trains were derailed or blasted, 116 train stations and rail facilities were attacked, and 19 transports were stopped or shelled, in the first months of 1944 alone.

For the time from January 1, 1941, and June 30, 1944, the American historian Richard C. Lucas details the damage inflicted on the Germans by the Polish resistance as follows:

I’ll include only the most striking:

General Eduard Bor-Komorowski, the leader of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising (who, after being taken prisoner, was well treated on the personal order of Adolf Hitler, and survived the war), commented on this listing as follows:

This summary gives only the more characteristic acts of sabotage and is only half the picture of the scope of our activities.
These activities of the armed resistance resulted in ever harsher and more extensive reprisals against the civilian population: not only people suspected of co-operating with the partisans, but hostages as well, were arrested en masse and sent to the concentration camps. In that context also occurred the actions or exactions, of the Einsatzgruppen on the East front, pacifying occupied territories, task made impossible by the communist partisan elements, hidden among the population and terrorizing her.

As a general rule civilian populations (including Jews) were taken care of politely, but those who rebelled, took part in terrorism, or helped communists while hiding among civilians… were not left off the hook easily. This led in the East to wholesale massacres, but again, not without reason and motivation. Yet many resented these orders to pacify territories by any means necessary, getting legit PTSD from the experience.

The moral dilemma was: kill 5 persons to take one communist out. 4 useless deaths. Though some were likely to know things but refuse to collaborate. On the other hand that single terrorist would go one to kill tens of soldiers, ruin vehicles, planes or whatever, and worst of all, deal strategic blows to the war efforts, indirectly killing many more soldiers and civilians. The choice was quick to make. This was reality, and not the ideal dream world our hypocritical righteous politicians fancy, while carrying equally lethal strikes on countries far away but this time much less justifications.

Germans reasoned from an utilitarian standpoint, with good intentions and foresight: how do I minimize the death toll ? And you lack the resource and time to either lock people up or educate them out of their cultural stupidity, hatred and hostile ideology, you have no choice than to kill whole families, children along with their terrorist children… squashing the seed before it grows deep roots. However this was but a small portion of the Einsatzgruppen’s role, which was to pacify, including by revitalizing local cultures previously violentely repressed by the Communist regime. The number of killings have been grossly exagerated, both by Soviet fantasy testimonies, and more surprisingly by Germans too, though not intentionally1.

Children paying for the sins of their parents, is to a degree an unfair yet natural consequence of war. Furthermore, all was in the interests of the populations, whose societies the same Einsatzgruppen worked to reinstate free from the communist yoke !

This was a war crime, according to Geneva conventions: but the responsibilities go to communists, who did not respect it in the first place, starting the partisan war.

Eye Witnesses

About the so-called reliability of eye witnesses

The famous eye witnesses invoked by history books and the media, only produced fantastic, incoherent, physically impossible statements, lacking any coherence, sometimes even in the same text.
As for discourses produced years after the war… they can not have any value in a fair trial, for the same reason we don’t allow witnesses or presumptive culprits to talk with each other, and potentially concoct a convincing lie. And lies, many famous Jews have been shown to serve the public.
The financial appeal isn’t negligible… If a trial granted you a hefty sum of money as compensation for your damages, confessing a lie isn’t easy. Now, considering the tens of billions of dollars and euros given to the Jewish community and State of Israel explicitly as reparation for the Holocaust, how could a community goes back in such conditions ? How could a group of individuals accept that their parents and grandparents have all either been lied to, or taken part to a lie, with dreadful global consequences on other countries ?

This kind of stories are very common in the community, a fact a few brave souls complained about, as (and rightfully so) producing more antisemitism: [Interview with holocaust survivor Herman Rosenblat]

Confessions of Nazi officials like that of Rudolf Hiss have been obtained through torture and the explicit threat of sending their family to the communists, which would do much more than just kill them. The Nuremberg trials were a parody of justice (For example there was a claim at Nuremberg that the Germans gathered jews in a village outside of Auschwitz only to blow it up with a NUCLEAR bomb)… that nonetheless acknowledged that nothing in the nazi doctrine per se could be considered criminal nor hateful.

When Rudolf Höss was in charge at Auschwitz, the mass extermination of Jews in gas chambers is said to have been launched and carried out. He confessed this in numerous postwar depositions. Hence Höss’s testimony is the most convincing of all. But what traditional sources usually do not reveal is that Höss was severely tortured to coerce him to confess and that his various statements are not only contradictory but also full of historically and physically impossible, even absurd claims.
Commandant of Auschwitz: Rudolf Höss, His Torture and His Forced Confessions, Carlo Mattogno

In Auschwitz, the famous piles of hairs have natural causes, the necessity to cut off all hairs to avoid lice. Why spend resources on all of that for people meant to die from hard labor, or children to be killed as soon as they arrived ? There were functional, advanced medical facilities catering to the inmates’ needs, a swimming pool, orchestras, legal prostitution provided by the camp’ military, schools.

A Few Books Detailing the Topics Aforementioned

The Healthcare at Auschwitz By Carlo Mattogno, detailing the extent to which the German authorities at Auschwitz tried to provide appropriate health care for the inmates. This is frequently described as special measures to improve the inmates’ health and thus ability to work in Germany’s armaments industry. This, after all, was the only thing the Auschwitz authorities were really interested in due to orders from the highest levels of the German government.

Political Antisemitism

Political antisemitism was a logical consequence of a nation-wide political and cultural takeover, and the acquisition of an influence wholly disproportional to their demographic importance.

Moreover this takeover is well and fully documented and still today a source of pride in the Jewish community. It was distinctly felt as undeserved, when weighed against the service of the Jewish community in favor of the wider community, to the folk. They also identified as a nation, both abroad and in Germany, calling for terrorist attacks and a world war against Germany before it even began. In those conditions the concentration of Jews in ghettos was both legitimate and legal, and has been done by Americans for citizens of Japanese origin. Expulsing individuals pertaining to an enemy nationality as a safety measure, also abides to legality.

Jews had an incredibly subversive influence on German society in general, as jews that found themselves in position of social significance were often found pushing socially subversive policy such as:

One example of such a jew would be Magnus Hirschfeld (declared a Jewish Criminal, and died of a stroke in the South of France in 1935) who started the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft which was the first institute for gender studies in the world from which very prominent ideas were pushed in Weimar society, it was also the first place in which gender-reassignment surgeries occurred.

His endeavour was stopped swiftly and without a fuss, with a beautiful autodafé.

A facsimile of this account, dating from 1933, was printed in Braunnuch über Reichstagbrand und Hitlerterror, Frankfurt/Main 1983 pp. 151-154:

… On 6 May at 9:30am several vans with roughly a hundred students and a brass band appeared before the institute. They took up a military-style position in front of the house and then forced their way into it to musical accompaniment…. The students tried to gain entry to all the rooms; when these were locked… they smashed down the doors. … They took off the private bookcases what struck them as suspicious, keeping mainly to the so called ‘black list’…

…The occupiers of the institute assumed that this plunder would be the end of the matter, but at three in the afternoon some more vans appeared with SA (Sturmabteilung, the paramilitary wing of the Nazi party) people and made it clear that they had to continue with the confiscations, for the morning squad had not had enough time to clear up thoroughly. This second squad then made a further thorough search of all the rooms and carted off with them all the books and manuscripts of any value – a total of two large vanloads…
… All the writings and pictures were burned three days later on the Opernplatz, along with many works from other sources. The number of volumes destroyed from the institute’s special library came to more than ten thousand.

Who Started the War and Why

Jozef Pilsduski

The myth of German aggression regarding the Polish question. To give historical background to an often misrepresented and propagandised subject we shall first start with Hitler’s initial opinions on the Polish nation. Hitler was an genuine big admirer of the Polish marshal Jozef Pilsudski who was a big hero of the Polish-Soviet war that saved Poland and in turn much of eastern Europe from Bolshevik rule with his brilliant military leadership.
Hitler had grand plans to work with the Polish government under the Marshal’s leadership, and was very enthusiastic about the future of Polish-German relations. Big plans were put in place, Hitler hoped to have Poland as an ally in its Bolshevik crusade that it was planning to undertake in order to rid the continent of Communism.
However all those plans fell apart with the death of the Marshal in 1935. Hitler was deeply distraught by this event and in fact held a large memorial service for the late Marshal, he expressed his deepest condolences to the Polish government and the Marshal’s beloved wife.

But the scoundrels did not wait long following the death of the Marshal, and before long the so called loyal student of Pilsudski - Jozef Beck, Polish minister of foreign affairs (Culprit of all the troubles), strayed from his master’s leadership and assumed a very aggressive and hostile stance towards Germany, he believed that Poland could conquer Germany and Berlin within 2 weeks if war was to ever start, and he held this delusional belief that the Germany army was a paper tiger with only 9 divisions (the restrictions imposed upon Germany according to the Versailles treaty), a belief which he mistakenly held all the way up to 1939, and which was indeed a factor that lead to the escalation of hostilities.

This man was very self-centred and egotistic and for this reason alone he was disliked by many other foreign governments, not just the German one, for instance during a visit to France he was outraged that the French foreign minister didn’t greet him properly during his visit. In April of 1939 he met with Joachim Ribbentrop in a meeting which would seal the fate of Poland. The German government proposed a pact under which Poland would give up civil administration of the Free City of Danzig (an ethnically German city and sign the Anti-Comintern Pact, which would align Poland with the anti-Communist axis of Europe.
In return, Poland would be given the right to conduct business in Danzig, and run an independent port. In case of Soviet attack Poland would receive Ukraine and significant portions of Belarus and Lithuania. Beck refused, believing instead in a British guarantee that would somehow secure Polish independence.

Warsaw after the war
Polish atrocities on ethnic Germans

Beck was most likely being influenced by interests of foreign capital as this strategic blunder of his went to show how out of touch with reality he was, putting his trust in a nation that was thousands of kilometres away from Poland, instead of accepting an offer of cooperation from an immediate neighbour which truly wanted to unite in a common cause with them against an enemy that openly advocated for the destruction of both of them. Nevertheless, the fate of Poland was from this point onwards set in stone.

Little known to Hitler was the fact that the large German minority of Poland living in past Prussian teritorries was facing the utmost oppression even before the outbreak of hostilities, which would only escalate with the Bromberg massacres, a senseless genocide of the native Germans living in Poland at the hands of Polish authorities. This alongside all the above mentioned factors perfectly justified the German invasion of Poland as there was truly no other possible option to avoid this inevitable conflict, at least from the German position. Poland had once again squandered its independence by its own hands, just as it had done many other times in history.

I want to point out that Jewish life conditions in Germany did not actually change much, on the contrary the restrictions on the number of professions allowed, prompted an economical in and for the community, the same as the Segregation allowed the Black community to prosper in the USA while its removal entailed the community’s economic downfall. I will put references about that (about Jews) at a later point.

The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews constitute one and the same historical lie, which made possible a gigantic financial-political fraud, the principal beneficiaries of which are the State of Israel and international Zionism, and whose principal victims are the German people - but not their leaders - and the entire Palestinian people.

Homosexuals and Unfits

So-Called Castrations

Contrary to popular myths, Germans did not kill homosexuals in mass, or castrated them. That applies to all racially unfits and disabled individiuals people. They got sterilized, which was a gift.

Once the decision to sterilize had been made (90% of the petitions that made it to the courts in 1934 ended up with the result of sterilization), the doctor that had petitioned for the sterilization was required to inform the patient of the operation. The patient was told “that there would be no deleterious consequences.” Police force was often needed to bring the patient to the operating table. The operation itself consisted of ligation of the Fallopian tubes in women and a vasectomy for men.

Here too, Hitler did nothing wrong: they protected the people’s genetic legacy with minimal to absent effect on individuals’ life. To sterilize any criminal whatsoever is a justified act to preserve the Völk’s genepool, and doesn’t trouble one’s sexual life, nor even the possibility of raising a family (not for criminals obviously), as adoption was highly praised as a moral duty.

The same text goes like this:

Klara Nowak, a German nurse and activist who led the League of Victims of Compulsory Sterlisation and Euthanasia after the war, had herself been forcibly sterilized in 1941. In a 1991 interview, she described what effects the operation still had on her life.

Well, I still have many complaints as a result of it. There were complications with every operation I have had since. I had to take early retirement at the age of fifty-two—and the psychological pressure has always remained. When nowadays my neighbors, older ladies, tell me about their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, this hurts bitterly, because I do not have any children or grandchildren, because I am on my own, and I have to cope without anyone’s help.

Here’s an obvious case of confirmation bias.
Statistics show no correlation between sterilization and side effects. First regards to tubal ligation, or female surgical sterilization2.

These risks are inherent to surgery in general and not the type of surgery in particular.


Dying of undergoing bilateral tubal ligation or bilateral salpingectomy is extremely rare. Death occurred in 4 out of every 100,000 female sterilization surgeries before 19822.

Side effects of female sterilization

While many myths about the side effects of tubal ligation or other sterilization methods exist, none of them have been confirmed in research. One self-reported and self-diagnosed name for this affliction is post-sterilization syndrome. However, neither experts nor the women who experience discomfort after their sterilization surgery agree on the symptoms of this syndrome.

Changes in menstrual patterns

Some women report changes in their menstrual patterns after sterilization surgery. When researchers compared the changes in menstrual patterns of women who had undergone sterilization surgery with those who had not, there were no significant differences between the groups. It just happens to be that your menstrual flow and duration – and even the pain from menstruation – can change during your lifetime.

There are also no documented changes in sex drive after receiving sterilization surgery. Many women find sex more enjoyable after getting sterilized because they don’t need to worry about getting pregnant anymore.

There is no known correlation between weight loss, weight gain, or appetite, and sterilization methods such as tubal ligation. Because of the age bias, doctors mostly offer sterilization to older women—while young women often have tremendous difficulties finding a helpful doctor. Since many people gain weight as they age, they might assume that it’s caused by their sterilization even though there are other factors at play.

There have been sufficient studies with samples of hundreds to tens of thousands in size, disproving the relationship between vasectomy and diseases, in particular autoimmune diseases and high pain. More on this here: Disease Risk after Vasectomy - Is there a Link to Other Conditions?. Studies show that some discomfort is to be expected for a a few months, but rarely more, and true pain justifying seeking a physician is very infrequent (4% according to one study, with less than 200 persons).

I am no physician (we hate most of them and think they do more harm than good, and never needed in 10 years since I changed my diet, save for dentists), but the language of stats is universal.

To describe the vasectomies or tubal ligations practiced by Nazis as a mutilation is an utmost liar, that many do relish in.

About the Killing of Homosexuals

It must be made crystal clear, that there has never been a campaign systematic extermination of homosexuals in Germany. A small numbers were sent to prison according to the law, and a fraction of these sojourned in concentration camps, where they worked, and enjoyed life conditions identical to those of any other category. To be honest, when we know that Auschwitz had schools, swimming pools, orchestras…

I now even doubt homosexuals were “singled out”, “beaten up” or any of that kind of treatment. Simply put, in normal conditions (so maybe not when not everyone is starving or being bombed to death), Germans are human and treat people well, to the limit of their capability. The same was related about prisoners of wars and Jews, both who arguably had quite a lot of reasons to objectively fear Germans.

Hence, We now think homos didn’t have it much worse than anyone in camps..

First, estimates of the numbers of deaths of gays seems to have steadily grown with time. It would appear that as the story of a Nazi extermination of homosexuals was repeatedly told, the myth took on a life of its own.
Secondly, these claims of hundreds of thousands of deaths did not appear before 1973. While a number of books on the Nazi era were written before 1973 mention the incarceration of homosexuals in concentration camps, most accounts known to this author do not make any accusations of extermination.
To begin to determine true figures for homosexual arrests and incarceration in concentration camps it is essential to look at the official records of the Third Reich.
These figures total 54,330. Estimates of 50,000 to 63,000 convictions from 1933-1944 for homosexuality are accepted by serious researchers on the subject. Only a small percentage of these men were sent to concentration camps after serving their prison terms.Obviously, if less than 63,000 German were sentenced to prison for homosexuality, figures of hundreds of thousands of deaths in the concentration camps are impossible exaggerations.
The research by Dr. Rüdiger Lautmann is extremely significant and was published in Frankfurt, Germany in 1977 and appeared as an article in English in 1980 (11). Based on his research at the International Red Cross Tracing Service in Arolsen, Hessen, Dr. Lautmann estimated: “The total number of officially-defined homosexual prisoners ever incarcerated in the camps was about 10,000 (but it could be as low as 5,000 or as high as 15,000)”.
Ten thousand homosexual prisoners sentenced to concentration camps are approximately 18% of the 54,330 men who served prison time. Thus it can be seen that only a small number of homosexuals who were convicted in the courts were taken into protective custody and sent to concentration camps.
Repeat offenders, transvestites and male prostitutes were most likely sent to concentration camps after serving their prison sentences. In fact, Lautmann’s study estimated that 86% of men sent to concentration camps for homosexuality had previously been convicted for sexual crimes of a homosexual nature.
Therefore, the average death rate over twelve years for homosexuals who were put in concentration camps is undoubtedly far less than Lautmann’s estimate of 60%. Nevertheless these mortality figures are a serious matter. The concentration camps were obviously dangerous places for homosexuals.
Yet it cannot be claimed that these men were murdered. The vast majority of these deaths were probably caused by typhus. The suffering and death caused by this disease is well documented by German and Allied sources.
The Germans used Zyklon-B to disinfect clothing, bedding and buildings in an attempt to contain the epidemics. Typhus was not eliminated in Europe until the introduction of DDT an other powerful insecticides which were developed by American chemical companies at the end of the war.
Particularly absurd are claims that homosexuals were marched into gas chambers. Assertions that concentration camps had homicidal gas chambers have been proven to be false.

On a last note, it was common knowledge that most homosexuals, were also communist antifascist. Enemies of the State, not unlike Jews. On the other hand, We find troubling that that those figures were so low:
The authorities, Himmler in particular, had access to much more names that a mere 50 000. In a speech to SS Group Leaders, delivered on 18 February 1937, he said:

When we seized power in 1933, we also found that homosexual organizations were in existence. Their registered membership was over two million; cautious estimates compiled by the officers handling the case suggest that there may be between two and four million homosexuals in Germany. Personally, I don’t set the figure that high because I don’t believe that everyone involved in these organizations was actually homosexual. On the other hand, I am of course convinced that not all homosexuals were registered members of those organizations. My guess is between one and two million. But one million is really the bar minimum we can assume; that is the absolute minimum and most conservative estimate permissible in this matter.

So that means that there are approximately twenty million men in their reproductive years (men over the age of sixteen). This figure might be off by a million or so, but that is irrelevant.

Assuming that one to two million of these men are homosexuals, the result is that 7 to 8 percent of men in Germany are homosexual. which funnily enough, is the proportion of self-identifying homosexuals today, so this seems credible.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense for there to be at least one million homos yet only… 0.05 % percents actually sent to jail ? Rhe SS (in Schwarze Korps) abounded in death threats against homosexuals. Yet it didn’t amount to much !

Let us not mix up propaganda and reality.

What motivated Germans, was to destroy effeminate faggots, and we can argue that the overwhelming majority of these convicts were of that kind… probably not the militarist, masculine kind. Himmler said at least one case of homosexuality was found out in the SS per month. How much condemnations or merely accusations, is hard if perhaps to know, but we do know that evading these accusations was often as simple as demonstrating his virility by being married or having kids.
Himmler himself, defended a lot of victims of accusations: what could it mean ?

It meant Nazi fought against effeminate men, seen as a danger to the State. Lacking the concepts to make sense of reality, people raised in a certain culture will be inflicted by an incapacity to verbalize what they live, even to think about it. The same would happen with trying to name various colors within a very limited vocabulary, or differentiating new phonemes in a foreign language: phonemic deafness often takes a time to overcome, and rewire your brain sufficiently to learn to decode perceptions as distinct. Raw perception and its representation in the mental space, depending on the sense, aren’t always easy to decouple.


More than a crash course, this was rather a guideline of what are called revisionist studies. You may ask why believe them rather than what I’ve been told in school ? That is a legitimate question, yet ill-formulated. It is not a matter of belief but of critical assessment of facts and the most parsimonious interpretations and hypotheses made upon them. Read and get a critical opinion for yourself ! All those well-written technical books are all fully sourced, based on contemporary documents mostly available by everyone.

Upholding the memory of Nazi Germany is necessary for two reasons: first because tens of millions of lives have been sacriciced on the altar of the second world war, the biggest conflict having ever occured… So there’s likely to be boundless consequences on our lifestyle cultures etc ?

Secondly, and more importantly, we value evolution, human or animal biodiversity, especially as new discoveries and our peculiar experiences allow for a revolution, on the likes of the invention of the wheel, or agriculture. A change in perspective so radical it would change forever our ways of thinking. But our minds are collectively clouded, blinded and rendered incapable to think about genetics, eugenicism and prehistory rationally, because of the myths surrounding the holocaust etc… How could I be heard promoting racial integrity on scientific grounds, with the ghost of the Holocaust lurking around ?
So… this was my exorcism.

Humoristic image mixed of the Exorcist and Schlomo

  1. Before invading the Soviet Union, the German authorities set up special units meant to secure the area behind the German front.
    Orthodox historians claim that these unites called Einsatzgruppen primarily engaged in rounding up and mass-murdering Jews. This study sheds a critical light into this topic by reviewing all the pertinent sources as well as material traces. It reveals on the one hand that original war-time documents do not fully support the orthodox genocidal narrative, and on the other that most post-liberation sources such as testimonies and forensic reports are steeped in Soviet atrocity propaganda and thus utterly unreliable.
    By C. Mattogno, The Einsatzgruppen in the Occupied Eastern Territories: Genesis, Missions and Actions
  2. Risks and side effects or female sterilization ↩︎