Love and psychic abilities

Essay on Metasexuality
Essay on Metasexuality

Meta­psycho­analysis is a scientific formalization describing the structure of our original love instincts, as expressed within the original diet conditions for which we evolved. It appears that the end of chemical disturbance of the brain gives access to a greatly appeased state of consciousness better than what a diligent meditator would reach after 15 years… but this has proven to simply be our natural state. Emotions and thinking processes change dramatically, more harmoniously, mirroring reality more faithfully.

Sexual impulses - in males especially - calm down, ending the so-called hormonal pressure or imperious physiological need men and their partners suffer from: sexuality takes on a more spacious quality, fulfilling and subtle. In this context meta­psycho­analysis emerged, a theory overturning all human psychology and materialism and demonstrating the systematic development of extrasensory faculties such as visions of the past, present or future. It demonstrated not only the possibility, but utter naturalness and availability (in raw conditions) of what pop culture refers to as precognition, intuitive understanding or telepathy.

Metapsychoanalysis postulates (as supported by observations of primates and dolphins), is that the primary function of the (natural) sexual impulses is not, by far, reproduction but the creation and exchange of a numinous energy as Jung used to say, allowing access to the metapsychic dimension, albeit in a reproducible way that stands to verifications. This paradigmatic shift in our very perception of reality could be the foundation of a new science at last growing out of its materialistic diapers.

We do not make the claim that psychic abilities are real… others already won this battle on the scientific ground, with numerous evidences . For all intent and purpose the Psi makes no statistical doubt anymore, and the real reason of their rejection by the public and most scientists alike must rather lie in the content and assumptions of our culture, and the kind of minds they engender.

The IMI claims study the paranormal, not to not believe in it. But this, is to go even further beyond !

The absolute state of love today

We are taught that the perfect union involves a man and a woman couple, around the same age, from distant families… While some fetishes are considered natural, evolutionary-driven ( grown-ass women with big milky tits , the quintessential degrading maternal regression), others aren’t. While denying the ubiquity of homosexual couplings in nature has become impossible, it still doesn’t have any explanation better than the libido doesn’t really disciminate as long as that excess sexuality isn’t enough of a detriment under natural selection1.

Meaning that these behaviors do not present any particular purpose, a waste of energy by a wasteful nature, a conclusion (not theirs) not difficult to draw and strangely in tune with early 19th and 20th century’s moralists’ represive attitude.

Far from helping, this kind of hypothesis merely demonstrates the limitation of a materialistic understanding of evolution and natural selection. Other perversions such as pedophilia and incest show even less interest despite their widespread character, in primates and cetaceans and all the animal kingdom respectively.

Scientific considerations aside, we must acknowledge the reality that love today just isn’t what our aspirations crank it up to be, and has been fraud with deceptions and conflicts since the dawn of human history . More prosaically, tensions inevitably build up from intimacy and the best partners with the best personality imaginables, always end up bashing each other’s head against the wall out of frustration2, sometimes literally. Sexual alchemy is a myth,, statistics showing the omnipresence of fake orgasms among heterosexual women, compared to homosexual ones. And what better evidence of a monumental faillure do we need to reconsider our whole approach ?

This elucidates the eagerness of giving into the G spot myth, that sacro-saint place of worship which could magically save coitus, the most single-minded and enduring obsession of humanity. Suddenly all the sour but accurate feminist complains of the 70s and 80s were promptly invalidated by an elusive G spot and the obsession of vaginal intercourse justified again even though said discovery hasn’t been replicated yet.

Men once again could forget about the clitoris.

This baffling disregard for their feminine partner and unwillingness to see the elephant in the room men routinely show, testifies not only to the ignorance of the much wider wealth of sexual contacts in nature, but also that there must be a common reason for that incompatibility in sex, which all cultures so far have show the signs of.

A fundamental mistake in our instincts

But even liberated heterosexual women who do take care of their orgasms, aren’t necessarily happy, nor they do find a sense of completion, drive and enthusiasm for life, any more than men do.

Something is lacking in sex, regardless of the amount we get. As for men, they quickly loose interest in a body they went in more than a few times and quickly enough needs more and more variety in lovemaking with ridiculous positions that change nothing, down to the grotesques range of sex-toys and degrading exposition of anatomical oddities porn movies are full of today. Logic also entails that the libido drive would automatically shut down when women are either to old to breed or visibly pregnant, or otherwise not objectively fertile, as is the case for nearly all animals save for the very same few that share our perversions.

Our mistake has always been to think reproduction was the natural purpose of sexuality and merely diverted for egoistic pleasure, and while in our lineage (and a few others) it has always been the acquisition of a metapsychic energy fuelling psychic abilities.

This is the form of love that poets, philosophers (Plato the first) and ancient spiritual traditions of every past culture under the Sun described. Although in an ever degrading, diminutive form, it still remained until fairly recently, before the Industrial the Revolution3.

The Etruscans (prevalent in Italy before the advent of Rome) were famous in antiquity for their complete absence of love taboos, as well as for their manticians, true precognitives requiring no rituals. Persian priests were also renowned for their wisdom, both from their centuries-old habit of incestuous marriage over several generations.

Even today, the proportion of homosexuals or polygamists of all kinds among artists (music, cinema, fashion designers) far exceeds that of the ordinary public, and the most inspired/popular, the gayest, in a sort of concentric circle.

It is also a known fact that most mediums (or gifted subjects in parapsychology) were molested (quote unquote !) in their childhood.

This almost universal mindset derives from the equally universal loss of dietary instincts brought about by the advent of food processing (starting with the cooking of food itself), inducing a paradoxical/pathological brain development from day one.

According to stats, 92% of the population at large describes its practice as pure normalcy:nNon-pedophilic, non-incestuous heterosexuality. While the norm for our closest cousins and many top-tier species regards to intelligence (cetaceans),is more than 70% of contacts being homosexual, which means that all individuals have on the regular contacts with both sex, and means a 100% bisexual population .

This huge discrepancy between homosexuality and heterosexuality, almost planetary, comes from this forceful rerouting of all polymorphic urges and libido into breeding behaviors, namely coitus.

This phenomena is an immediate consequence of denatured molecules acting on the brain generating an excessive attraction to all traits (inner or outer) in a partner that are innately associated with the breeding scheme. From a male perspective, this means a hard-on for symbols of fertility (big booty) or the female submissiveness to her alpha male.

Hottentot Venus
venus hottentot
Has it changed ?
fat negress

It also stacks up with time, creating a paradoxal heterosexual structure we then automatically believe to be natural and not learned. We get used to these unnatural urges to fuck (for men) or breed (mostly for girls, since early childhood causing things like the fixation on dolls) creating in almost every person growing up under the influence of cooking whole personality traits aspects of personality disconnected from our instinctive programming hence at odds with all of them.

On top of that, the Oedipus complex of which we talk below intervenes, building up on that accumulating exacerbated libido, cementing the fixation on maternal figures. Something similar happens with women too but less so, making for a blurrier limit between love and friendships among women. As diet only worsened in the long run (because of the lack of rationalism and formalization of the issue), culture could only stray further and further away.

Degenerate Amerimutts (or Niggers) jacking off to the worse porn for years, while drinking beverages probably less healthy as acid battery at this point, biologically lost the cerebral sensibility for metasexuality the same way epileptics can not play the violin.

The discovery of the extrasensory

The real novelty of Guyclaude Burger’s, is the reproducibility of these phenomena under a raw diet, pointing at paranormal abilities an innate genetic potential for all humans, racial differences aside.

More than five consecutive decades of observations showed that a free exercise of what Freud called polymorphisms - anything not seen in human and apes and outside coitus - could trigger the development of extrasensory faculties, first and foremost an advanced and eerily precise form of clairvoyance, in which it sufficed to merely ask questions, any question, and see the reply in a visual sense… sometimes hear it. These facts are nothing new in history: such relationships or disinhibited love in general (which does include cases of heterosexuality) were often labelled as being the source of magic, witchcraft, divine inspirations, with extreme regularity. European Middle-Age, Ancient Egypt, Greek-Roman civilization, Celts, the whole of Asia.

Ranging from repairing complex electronic devices by seeing the single transistor needing replacement, or divining the exact place of turtle eggs in three coordinates - longitudinal, latitudinal distance plus depth - in a vast sand beach, foretelling up to the decimal the exact selling figure to predict the year’s budget in an import company, or obtaining precise on several months of someone’s life several thousand kilometers away.

While extremely impressive the required conditions explain why these things are so rare today even in seemingly correct relationships. The extrasensory requires a very calm nervous system, undisturbed by cooking-related excitants, and so, maintaining dietary discipline to a T over the years, a feat few over the time have proved capable of. Otherwise, the nervous excitation

To realize one is subject to feedback (not thinking straight and taking everything out of proportion) from within is close to impossible. It requires a strong dose of metacognition (seeing oneself thinking, from above) and the memory of previous mental states, a facet of intelligence rather dismissed by our culture obsessed with facts and action and filling our minds rather than knowing them…

Years of instincto make it easier (relatively speaking), but there is still a difference between recognizing it after the fact, on the spot, and being able to change something about it at the very moment.

The self-increasing cacophony of thoughts not kept in checked anymore by natural regulations (by reality) leads to madness and mental exhaustion. Most of the time, asking others if we sound or look disturbed (reading: annoying) is the surest way to know, much like in Naturo the way we get out of a genjutsu by others injecting chakra in our system.

In the biblical sense, the processing of food (especially with heat) has caused the Fall of our culture, and this Fall is reproduced in all relationships, at all orgasms in the wrong places, at the wrong times and with the wrong psychic position. It is reproduced at every puberty.

illustration of feedback aping Shining

Sexual activities being mainly driven by coarse chaotic impulses, we do not know how to properly make love, nor do we usually care or wish to learn it: years of (insufficient) education or feminist efforts in progressive Western countries to highlight this perpetual issue of men’s just wanting to cum, convinced of their all-mighty virile member’s divine power to give pleasure to vaginas.

Since cooking and later the Neolithic Revolution with the advent of agriculture cerebral disturbances have increased steadily, warping our very psychic functioning further and further from the mental and emotional balance, the state of deep calm everyone should be capable of, and that characterized wild animals in absence of stress. On the opposite feedback induces the neurologic tendency to repeat mental patterns from ideas to behaviors, by feeding cerebral centers the product of their own processing, drifting further and further from the original signal, be it a physical stimulus or the first impression. Like a micro and speaker in the Larsen effect.

All mental issues ranging from slight imperfections to typical cases in madhouses (with the exceptions of known genetic or otherwise biological aberrations or troubles of development) fall naturally into one or more of the three categories of neurosis, schizoid dissociation and paranoïa (synonymous with psychosis).

Theoretical framework

The correction of food hygiene, in the sense of a diet closer to the genetic data of the metabolism, favors the relaxation of the central nervous system, the release of censorship, fixations, and internal tensions in general. As we will see later, the use of natural raw foods can also have an impact on paranoid tendencies and facilitate the abandonment of cleavages and stereotypes, thus facilitating a restructuring. In addition, any change in eating habits reactivates unconscious links with the image of the nurturing mother and the family environment and contributes to the exploration of pathogenic conditioning and content.

The definition of the natural raw norm created a powerful theoretical framework with the unintended consequence of describing all behaviors by the same few categories, akin to physics’ fundamental field equations or Theory Of Everything. Once the essence of reality has been understood, accurate models then flow flawlessly without the need for ad-hoc corrections years after years.

In our case, it appeared that all behaviors pathological or not and their deviation toward the natural state (the acceptance of reality - interior and exterior - and knowing precisely where mental projections and the world meet or separate) are modelized by three parameters and one absolutely revolutionary overarching heuristics, making sense of everything else.

The following is an introduction to the technicalities associated with (meta)psychoanalysis:


This denotes the ability to put a desire or wish on hold and invest the emotional energy (libido) elsewhere. It is essential for animals to learn to delay the satisfaction or expression of instincts until the context is right, depending on the environment, physical or social. All animals can do it to some degree, while obviously the bigger the brain the higher the capacity for metacognition and rationalization and thus, for investing that resources, psychic or physical, toward not the specific outcome desired, but the proximate steps toward a later but ultimately more desirable fulfillment of some kind for that instinct. We do not blindly give in to impulses and the urge for immediate gratification, to favor a better future as our intellect predicts. No more muh diik nigga.

This natural attribute becomes neurosis and pathological, when the unconsciously internalized result of a repressive parental upbringing (or similar conditionings) takes the place of conscious rational motives, deviating or perverting that drive toward socially desirable outcomes leaving said desires unfulfilled and the individual unknowingly frustrated.

But since typically sexual desires are all aimed at energy and metapsychic ends, they are not offset easily and frustration pents up, ordering all that nervous energy to go somewhere, twisting the personality in increasingly worse ways as years go by. Broadly speaking, unconscious neurosis (almost a tautology) is to current people’s mind, what the conscious rational and conditional postponing of behaviors waiting for a favorable context, was to the natural mind. Feedback doesn’t play a big role here, but crank up the next component (paranoia) up to eleven, which then amplifies the frustration and compulsions resulting from neurosis.


Paranoia, is the tendency to believe in oneself, regardless of evidence, experiences and rational conclusions. It is also the ego of Eastern philosophies while the psychoanalytic notion of Ich, Moi or I (often translated in the Latin Ego) rather equals the Self, the neutral sense of identity.
This understanding of paranoia is specific to Burger’s metapsychoanalysis, and reflects the long experience of comparing - often in the same person - the natural state and one under feedback. Paranoia is the belief in one’s self-righteousness and refusal to acknowledge sensory reality.

Per se, it is not unnatural, but positively needed as in any context we never possess the full information needed to reach logical certainty for anything. For any question and endeavor, an amount of choice and belief or convincing is present. The very nature of the material world, makes some level of ego indispensable, even animals need to try at things (hunting preys, courting mates, challenging males) with a modicum of hope that it might succeed, especially when the risks involved or resources invested are significant. A purely logical assessment or choice which would always be correct, would require total information, which is never available. And this assumes the universe is deterministic, but quantum physics hints at probabilistic universe, with unlikely occurrences of disproportionate effects (Black Swans) never ruled out. But when and where they happen, is inherently imprevisible through measurement.

The existence of extra-sensory perception does not allow for an categorically deterministic universe either, as spiritual informations always carry emotions and symbols, in our experience they rather broaden the range of possible outcomes, not limit them to the one written to happen.In fact, once can argue the extrasensory should fuel to the ego: a healthy ego should derive its self-confidence from divine inspiration, not from whatever inflated sense of prideful infallibility.

Trust in destiny against all odds should be to a healthy spirit what ego, what paranoia or narcissism (all the same) are to most.

Ego can be labeled as pathological whenever it outgrows any useful purpose despite clear evidence that our initial bet or stance fails to deliver and we should rather change our mind. Just like men cannot imagine their penis is not the end-all-be-all, sole purveyor of bliss for the woman.

It is more or less with the term psychosis, traditionally explained as the projection of one’s inner content or desire into reality. Still traditionally, one CAN be made aware of a neurosis and the internal complex leading to a dysfunctional behavior, while a psychotic can not, as the inner source of his disorder is not accessible to his conscious.
To be precise, one could convince intellectually a psychotic that one’s explanation is logical and the cause does not lie outside - someone being a reincarnation of Napoleon the First) but inside - the belief and desire of being Napoleon. But the psychotic will still have the very same impression, perceiving this reality as surely as he perceives his own mind.
It is said that curing psychosis is not possible, but we observed differently: paranoia tends to dwindle and we becomes able to see the world how it really appears (and maybe make a conscious choice to do otherwise, a healthy bet on an hypothetical but not impossible outcome). We become capable to see certitudes not as unconditional exterior facts, but simply as beliefs, inner content we give more or less credit.

We ascribe the egotic structuring of the self - primary narcissism and all paranoid, obsessive tendencies - to the early exposition of cooked food:

The alimentary origin of a primary paranoia, attributable to a defective learning of the alliesthetic variations of the gustatory pleasure in the culinary context and hypothecating the oedipal period through the overinvestment of the precocious impulses.

The idea is simple: raw food constantly changes from time to time, from terrible or downright painful, to bland or heavenly. Strawberries do not taste like strawberries, we discover a whole range of interesting variations, a true tapestry or symphony of tastes. Learning this reality very early (as a baby) when we barely start dissociating oneself from the outside world, has the effect of cementing an open minded attitude which sees expectations or hopes as anything but certain, while simply heeding one’s senses of tastes and smell registers as the surest way to get pleasure, bliss, happiness. We learn to trust reality and mold our desires onto it, not to expect it to match our desires and lashing out when they inevitably don’t.

On the other hand starting life with cooked food, whose taste is linear and always the same for a given food, does not lend itself to open mindedness, rather the opposite, to a assumption of control: we learn that things are what we expect them to be, and our happiness or sense of identity relies on our ability to predict them. We develop an obsession with knowing and controlling outcomes, and enter a state of wilful denial when it fails, refusing to accept facts.

This was for cooking’s role in the early psychic structure. But it also amps up the innate brain tendency to confuse one’s intellectual (or emotional) projections with reality itself, giving them an undue level of certitude and potency: this ties to the very definition of the feedback phenomena, which sees the brain feeding of its own output in a retroactive feedback look, and said projections getting way out of hand, out of sync with sensory (or extrasensory !) inputs. In practice, this makes regular people eating traditional obnoxious and cocky, exceedingly difficult to tell apart delusions and extricate emotional attachment from facts. Up to a certain point, one can still exert metacognition to see the truth but past it, we enter the psychiatric area.
This point, still, varies from case to case and person to person, each society labeling crazy a different spectrum of personalities. Conversely, different kinds of crazy obsessions are deemed normal (meaning, not perceived at all !), part of consensus reality.

Neurosis and paranoia do not contradict or exclude each other, as we said, they all stem from essential mind properties. So in any given case, both are bound to figure in some shape or form, to varying degrees, according to what model seems most fitting, how strongly invested the delusion is and how much capacity for metacognition the person keeps.

Splitting or schizoid dissociative tendencies

The third parameter is perhaps the most difficult to understand, unless one has had personal experience with it, as it is the least accessible to consciousness, actually touching the very consciousness itself in its physical/cerebral aspect, not its content.

Splitting is a term used in psychiatry to describe the inability to hold opposing feelings or beliefs. The mind’s tendency to lose unity and fragment: to forget or not keep track of what it does or thought, a phenomenon which ends up in the classic case of multiple personalities. However usually schizoid tendencies don’t go nearly that far, more broadly it carries the meaning of bearing contradictory thoughts or reasonings at the same time, without being aware or making sense of it, as separate minds were vying for attention beyond our control, causing an increasing state of groundless anxiety - whose object eludes us - often causing a spiral of further fragmentation as a defense mechanism.

Momentarily being of “multiple minds”, withholding judgment but holding all in consideration like a Bose-Einstein condensate in quantum superposition unwilling to settle on one particular state, is - like for neurosis and paranoia - not problematic per se. Refraining from choosing the most logical (as a man would) or emotionally agreeable (as women do) decisions and ignoring the others. As psychiatric terms, in some way paranoia and schizophrenia are polar opposite of each other, as while the first can be summarized as the incapacity to withdraw a decision or from taking any, the second is the incapacity to decide on anything on the cognitive level.

From an evolutionary standpoint, all animals need the flexibility to cope with an unpredictable natural world. We need to avoid without the compulsion to , nor somehow make those ways of thinking comes to an understanding, which could be nothing more than wishful thinking. For the same reason we also need the laser-like focused intelligence of paranoia, we need the mirror-like intelligence to represent things as they are without altering or improving on the bare result of our perception, while keeping an underlying sense of Self of identity.

Proper dissociation happens when we stop perceiving mental contents that don’t mesh together, and as time goes more or more that content loses connection with itself and the rest, until the perception of both the Self and reality crumble and we can’t make sense of anything anymore.

To simplify things, in order to get back some stability, the reaction to an undesirable pulsion can be neurosis (burying the original unadulterated fantasies under the weight of more palatable, fake ones), psychosis or paranoia (easing tension by projecting ideas on the outside world or sometimes identifying to it) and lastly dissociation, by eliminating it completely.

Though the book does elaborate on likely psychological causes fuelling dissociation or cleavage, it is a cognitive problem directly induced by denatured molecules disturbing the brain’s functions and natural harmony, destabilizing the mind. With years and traumatic experiences (which as we will see, have proven to be the norm in a Western upbringing, not the exception) this creates a schizoid mode of functioning, in which troublesome contents are stopped from making spreading discontent and unease by disappearing from sight and the effort required to make sense of an outside world difficult to understand and rather hostile, gradually discarded.

As such, while neurosis can be induced in animals with high enough stress, the levels of dissociation we see in society do not seem possible to induce in someone who grew up under raw food.

The drive or desire (having wild barebone doggy-style sex with your mother!) still exists, its energy is not disinvested, removed from the mind, but we loose track of it, a part of the mind itself becomes out of reach, left to rot and fragment further. The stronger the forclosed complexe/instinct, the more and faster the mind unravels, hence the most dire cases of schizophrenia often relate to childhood conflicts linked to love and guilt, carrying an existential weight unlike any other.

Cross-drive induction

The defining characteristic of metapsychoanalysis is not merely the refinement of old psychoanalytic concepts nor the traumatizing realization nearly all humanity is rendered insane on a molecular level.

What could truly unwind the essence of human behaviors across the millenia, is the discovery of two separate instinctive programs regulating romantic and sexual appeals, one pertaining to spiritually fecund relationships (by far the dominant one since the bonobo) the other aimed at reproduction.

The purpose of primitive animals is to reproduce while a handful of mammals evolved intimacy as a means to enhance consciousness ( as Plato elucidated ) through the exchange of metasexual energy, ultimately ensuring the indefinite existence of the species in the future.

The paradigms of the theory of cross-drive induction consists in
  • As the metapsychic program evolved on an animal basis, nearly all instincts and associated fantasies in one program have a direct analogue in the other.
  • There is since the Neolithic a biological impossibility to fulfil our subtle metasexual erotic needs for energy as the flooding of denatured molecules exaggerates the most primitive sexual urges, which focuses on breeding.
  • But as the metasexual drive can not disappear (overpowering in importance even the survival instinct hence the possibility of suicides), what we observe in pathological minds the systematic transfer of investment from metasexual partial drives to their reproductional equivalents the closest in mental fantasies.

Plato expressly points at a common aspiration of immortality of the programs , be it of the body or the soul, and the fact most, without the necessary initiation, easily confuse the two. That methodology produced a total classification of the content of any human production, from individual behaviors to vast historical movements, according to which instincts they express from either programs, and what twisting they underwent, under the effect of which causes.


Clearly distinct from the now prevalent or publically aclaimed effeminate homosexuals transsexuals and other psychiatric abominations, have always stood the relationships practiced by the highest geniuses and warriors, the likes of Plato, Michelangelo, Achilles and Patroclus, Eugene of Savoy, Lord Byron, Goethe, Edgar Allan Poe, Casanova, Gajdusek, Sapho, Michael Ange…

Jealousy and the triangular constellation

Both science and common wisdom concur that Monogamy is the natural form of matings with the justification that fidelity and repetition solidify the home, creating a stable environment for the offspring and take advantage of the largest window of fertility before one or the other partner has his or her menopause or the equivalent to make as many children as possible (same age. Love is basically nature luring you with the pleasure of sex, to trick you in the hassle and enormous personal investment of procreation.

But that concept is widely contradicted by the animal world: closing the horizon of partners is illogical and lo and behold, in most monogamous species, adultery is the norm. Settling on one partner precludes seeking the best genes in the interest of the offspring. While most inferior species, concerned only with basic reproduction, do not form lasting bonds between genitors beyond the short time it takes for younglings to reach maturity.

Couples, as a model stemming from breeding-related instincts, are an abomination to a natural way of love. As such in many primitive culture it doesn’t exist, jealousy being reduced to a minimum or in many cases, actively fought against in children’ education with young girls being taught to ride a huge number of partners (according to Malinowksi, bathing in semen !). Well intended, but poor advice nonetheless. The heterosexual exclusive couple is the death of passion, of love, of desire, everything comes to an end and has been since time immemorial. History is full of men mistreating unfaithful women horribly while they gave themselves the right to fuck any random hoe. To the extreme, men’ over-reaction is beyond unimaginable in cruelty, including from the falsely called Natives .

There are two major causes of jealousy, possessiveness.

At puberty heterosexuality becomes definitive for most people and more importantly takes on its procreative orientation… because a non-procreative heterosexuality is totally possible, as we will see. The metasexual program does not include this kind of strict sexual polarity: in particular the representation of coitus appears only at puberty. A sexuality centered on energy would be as if blind to gender and age differences. Simply put, orgasms and butts have no gender, do they.
In nature, the infant would bath in energy from both the father and the mother, or at least people of both sex their parents or not. Instead the baby is frustrated from day one, and whenever his mind matured enough to separate himself from his mother, he also develops a category for others, the archetypal third person.

But a hypothetical situation where the father would willingly leave the child alone to sleep with the mother there wouldn’t be much of a solution either: it’s more complicated, even if an absent father is better than a castrating father. It’s not a question of explicit approval, but of providing energy.

And since touching children - even our own - in any way that could provide them some erotic gratification has been progressively outlawed and vilified to the extreme, the possibility for them to feel what they should or do in nature, has become utterly impossible.

Most people, for the reason they never could overcome the unbelievable trauma of a loveless sexless childhood, are not alive but soulless golems, easy to manipulate and order around by an equally soulless but more malignant elite.

Freud had at first ascribed the castration complex (feeling of inferiority and groundless anxiety linked to sex) under the (admittedly detestable) practice of threatening boys with cutting their dick off to make them obey. Then realized the complex (sex-related feeling of anxiety or guilt) was just as present when parents did not employ these methods.

Typically, as the mother is deep in $hit in her marital relationship, she has nothing to give and quickly enough the baby resents the father as the responsible, most often rightfully so. Freud described the jealousy of fathers toward their infant children, monopolizing the mother and so hindering men’ access to sex. Because we are talking of babies or infants that do not think rationally, as a consequence all strangers to that primordial fusion with the mother, are categorized as enemies or thieves.

Hence we quickly learn it is impossible to love several people at the same time. We learn to think in exclusionary, binary terms. Only ever one person at a time. A winner implies a looser. A way of thinking christened as the 2-1 mode, while opening up to opening to more people coincides with *more happiness, not less.

Then arrives the chemical factor which we illustrated with the Hottentot Venus. In general, feedback overstimulates the grossest, most primitive impulse centers of the brain, which in love corresponds to reproduction, of which jealousy is a part, as the obvious drive to chase away male concurrents to maximize one’s offspring.

What we call desire, is in our society most of the time wholly disconnected from love. Purely physical, this kind of drive is indeed unnatural, and is part of the IRP (instinctive reproductive program), but in a deregulated way. The phase all boys go through, during which they have to fight with their desire to penetrate anything that reminds them of the three points (two breasts, one vagina) kinda exists in nature but it happens here on steroids.

Women also have vaginal and reproductive urges that they invest similarly from puberty, but the hormonal difference very often makes our male urges more aggressive… proactive. Even if cultural perception has something to do with it. So we have people who are naturally looking for love, but only bring boredom and irritation. And if the men are not satisfied, they can find a little pleasure, more or less addictive when they have more than that. In terms of sensitivity the woman’s glans is on her clitoris, and orgasm is the exception not the rule. To be honest, I think that 95% of women simulate, the rest being lesbians, or taking care of themselves.

Hormonal imbalances cause this kind of deregulation and also induce the adolescence spurt which no other species show, but it only takes on a totipotent and irresistible aspectin response to all the pent-up frustration the boy has kept inside him for years as a child, because of the prohibition of adult-children relationships, or even without laws the simple inability of most adults to respond to the child accordingly, if at all. If I know for fact sexual play wasn’t uncommon yet 40 years ago, it is no longer the case. The latency period seems much more real to me than it did in Freud’s time…

It is often said that hormones takes over adolescents.
This is both right and wrong. It is right that the immediate and proximal cause is chemical as mentioned below, and changing diet does reduce excitation a lot. But it could not be enough to curtail homosexuality totally if not for the Oedipus complex, the crystalisation of the otherwise natural desire for the mother but pent-up and frustrated by years of continence as a child, when having sex should actually be of the utmost importance.
{id=anchor oedipus}

We conclude, that the superlative hormonal change of a pathological kind of puberty compounded by years of frustration triggers the often degenerative, mindless thirst for sex in adolescents.

Because of the total absence of early initiation plus our whole culture telling blatant lies about the joys of marriage and/or normative heterosexuality - boys have no understanding of what happens, thus poor all their transcendental hopes into the new program initiating.
The frustrated libido then invests entirely in the path of breeding, automatically seeking males to provide for her and her future babies, which girls just can’t stop thinking about.
At the same time, the qualities linked to matter and organization will take on an inordinate importance, to the detriment of genius and intuition linked to the metapsychic, to the spiritual world. This is the heart of the cross-drive analysis, by far the most important application of this theory.

Is this all there is to love ?

At the same time, this Oedipus complex locks people in couples or the 2-1 model by amping up the natural posessiveness with a deap-seated fear of loosing our partner… and thus, the projected substitute for the parent (of usually the opposite sex) we invested all our hopes in during childhood). If we could actually make love to our parents, we would not see such a regressive, immature relationship to the opposite sex. We would also get find som real energy in incest, especially as before puberty the brain can not yet function on the breeding mode, therefore still feeling magic as we should. Without that initiation, most people are doomed.

Why is the bedroom so cold? You’ve turned away on your side
Is my timing that flawed? Our respect runs so dry
Yet there’s still this appeal that we’ve kept through our lives
Joy Division in Love will tear us apart


We do not advocate for any sudden change of laws regarding the age of consent with prepubescent children. We strongly oppose this but for different reasons than other people: while relationships per se would be natural, most adults are much too degraded for such a contact to result in a positive outcome, and dramatic social responses would not disappear overnight either as the history of homosexuality these last 50 years proved.
Until a profund change of attitude in the West sexual intercourses with a child, because of society, will almost necessarily be traumatic, and will always put the child (and yourself) in big troubles, be it legal or social.

It is undeniable that in itself these relationships are possible and can be experienced positively, even a cursory knowledge of fictional or ethnological literature, not to mention the observation of animals should be enough to convince you of this.

However we oppose sudden changes of laws for two reasons:

Firstly as a child grows up in a highly repressive environment or cultural norms and talks about his experience, she will be labeled as a pervert and forced to denounce her lover, or suffer consequences of various kinds depending on the country in consideration, from legal punishment to social isolation to outright tribal or religious murder. If the child doesn’t talk, there is a high chance she will cave in to social pressure, and gradually convince herself that she has been abused, without a precise understanding of the nature of love and sexuality - which is the object of metapsychoanalysis - only the strongest wills could cope with the pressure.

It cannot reasonably be expected from a child to have the strength of will to take on society and his parents, as most adults cannot either. Children need a lot of love from elders, that very fact understandably makes them highly susceptible to influence, weak to adults. They remain still children after all, with a very wanting education to boot. They will distort their memories to fit with social narratives, the only ones they have access to, as provided from their parents or otherwise figures of authority acknowledge. And as the psyche fractures, psychosis (technically, confusing reality with one’s own fantasy or wish) takes hold, and the lover has become a rapist in their mind. This happening is an almost absolute inevitability.

This memory revision can occur immediately after, or often years after, puberty when the adolescent begins to experience love and sex on the same degraded plane symbolized by rape. Then he will automatically tend to project on what he has experienced as a child, the concepts and prejudices of the society and of the parents, especially when he starts to live them himself (fuck the girls). All the more easily, when said adult also projected on the figure of a woman on the child, fucking with little regard for the subtlety such romances need to entail, lest them fail very badly.

Secondly, the reason people abhor the idea of having sex with children is because they themselves live love on an utterly uninspired material or carnal level which amounts to missing the purpose of their existence, and being unable to fathom anything else than they experienced, they project by default their own gross wretchedness on to relationships they know nothing about.
Since children literally embody the existential failure of the parents’ love life, one could also argue parents hate their children and deny them the possibility of real love and pleasure, out of spite, unconsciously (or not). The facility with which circumcision has spread in the West.

A projection of the modern perception of sexuality as something degrading and degrading is legitimate, as far as someone raised in our society is concerned. Involving a child in the grotesque and disgusting games that most married couples experience is traumatic, and will permanently tarnish the child’s natural aspirations for the beauty and transcendence of love. Indeed there is no shortage of low-grade pedophiles and faggots, whose inner imagery sometimes (on internet in particular) often look fairly close to torture for anyone sane, actually things worse than regular heterosexuals do.

Though I must stress, this is pure fantasy. Even among prisoners, truly violent sadistic rapists are a tiny minority: most pedophilic crimes are either consenting, or sorry mishaps from low-IQ morons who couldn’t control themselves. Overall traumatisms when not purely fantasized come from society and parents, but hardly ever from the acts themselves. In terms of orientation, pedophiles have a more violent sadistic tendency than other people, arguably, less.

But even if the acts (and the state of mind of the aggressor) are totally, unequivocally pure, which is almost unconceivable in regular society (tainted by cooking and a lack of initiation in early childhood), in most cases the victim, under the influence of the dominant morality, will interpret them as rape and exploitation. There is simply no mental category corresponding to a sexual relationship with a minor that is inherently abusive. These insane reactions aren’t exclusive to any people, or culture. Even though some people or cultures did not portray them so much or not at all: some cultures on the other hand merely kept marriages as a formal arrangement, for families, but bearing no consequence for love.

Criteria of inspired relations

Early XXth child-brides, matches made in heaven
Early XXth child-brides, matches made in heaven

Talking from experience, the most striking aspect of a relationship loaded with energy, is the constant feeling of consciousness expansion. It seems like the other person is part of ourselves, as if our consciousness extended to it, and more. Obviously this impression is at its peak when we touch, when we make love, for metasexuality is the co-opting of normal sexuality to exchange energy, due to its intense contact of mucosa and exchange of fluids, physical vectors of energy.

Talking about feelings would be a mistake because these sensations are beyond feelings, it is not possible to separate the sensation of energy from the raw textures of consciousness, or you could say the two of them are more intrinsically bound than other sensory fields like sight or sounds. A reason might be that extrasensory perceptions come from within, from consciousness itself.

Everything we see, especially after love, appears different, richer in tone, hues and shape, carrying yet unforeseen meanings we can’t quite pinpoint or label with words. As if reminding us of things we had forgotten until then. The whole world, is transfigurated.
Tiny gestures and facial features become important, as ornaments of the soul. Songs like Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic or Rosanna explore that state although in normal relationships it can only be attained sporadically, in rare spurts only frustrating even more that no technique can latch onto.

On one hand:

This state of consciousness is the hallmark of the metapsychic program, whose very purpose is the expansion of consciousness. Sex itself, is transfigurated. Sensations are much more powerful, they last longer, and keep you satisfied for the whole day (or several) on both the organic level and a deeper, more important metapsychic or spiritual level. The mere remembrance of magical relationships can sustain us for long periods of erotic starvation, as it did with Guy-Claude in prison.

It is not about reaching orgasm anymore (though it does come eventually, in all its mind-blowing glory), our mind can breath and focus on subtle sensations or not focusing at all, just letting it go. My point is, there is no need to think anymore, things just happen on their own, bodies move on their accords, fantasies pop up at the right moment, with little to no words to be uttered.
Having multiple partners is very much appreciated, but not as a way to cope with boredom. We understand love as an exchange of consciousness-information, hence more partners can mean more knowledge, but only if the right conditions are there, people need to be in tune and look in the same direction… In fact, it is not with each others we are in tune with, but with truth itself, which is the Universe with which we learn to talk directly and receive its answers through visions.

But on the other hand:

Because the purpose of our existence is spiritual, because we are wired for metasexuality, behaving like cows and roosters, spending our time breeding and raising kids as a means to an end like any inferior animal does (instead of an extension or a function of energy, to increase beauty or consciousness on Earth and enact destiny) actively depletes our energy level, with depression as a result. Indeed depression is not a chemical brain imbalance but the feeling of an inner lack, the lack of the literal soul stuff, which hurts more deeply than any food shortage, especially when no one has any clue about the causes.
Roosters do not suffer from chasing females half of the day, because Nature wills it… For that reason their ridiculous prideful character doesn’t feel off nor dysfunctional.
Animals as long as they eat raw, are likely to experience a form of happiness we can not think off, even as they fight, bleed to death or whatever their fate might be, because everything in their life happens as planned by their genetics, actions, thoughts and reactions in total agreement with their instincts. Though happiness is too reductive a word already. It has more to do with what specialists of today call the flow.

In this state, the free experience of energy discard any notion such as age or sex, only beauty - inner and outer - matters, the burning need make the world a better life, expressing the eternal archetypal Essences we are both drawing from and drawn to. I can assert from both theory and experience, that the biggest problem - beside cooking - which makes those relationships very difficult to maintain, is the constant inner work they require, lest energy and the mindboggling sex to gradually disappear, as resentment and enmity settle.

While the outcome might be the same - the disparition of love - whenever that happens, one should wonder
  • Did it come from the relationship itself, flawed in and of itself, based either on infantile projections of the Mother, Father or whatnot on our (projective) lovers ?
  • Or did it come from personal mistakes blocking the energy that could flow ? Can we actually do something constructive which wouldn’t amount to a cop-out or lying to ourselves ?

Such questions need a case by case inquiry with the theory’s formalism merely here to assist, compensating for a personal experience that living in a culture fully in line with instincts should impart from an early age.

Curing heterosexuality

One question remains :
can salvation be found by someone afflicted by heterosexuality ? As we saw before, in more concrete terms, can we purge from our soul the taint of Oedipal fixations on a Mother figure coupled with artificial excitation of mating instincts, to regain innocence, peace of mind and natural psychosexual structures ?
Can we get rid of the coital fantasies ?

Yes !

A man can get rid of any and all dependency on women, however that process is difficult and long-winded. One must:

  1. Rediscover his homosexual side and explore it dutifully, reawakening his desire for the male body, by all varieties of sucking licking and penetrating, paying attention to finding the uttermost complete satisfaction in doing so with how many partners feels desirable, each a different occasion to open up, to reignate the little but undying stamp of pure metasexual instincts left rotting for years into the recess of one’s mind to burn away the filth.
    Let us apply For he who would proceed alright in this matter should begin in youth to visit beautiful forms.
  2. The other part, for long stayed a contentious iffy hypothesis, would be to take the bulls by the horns. I mean emptying one’s reserve of stale invested libido by acting them out to the fullest, by doing most attractive women in the ass.

In real life situations, the content of actual fantasies most often take after mixed traits, not entirely pure nor impure, between good (metasexual) and evil (bestial). If caricatural machistic heterosexual dependency (or the simpering kind, for the matter) heterosexuality results the psychic scale tipping over completely to the diabolical side, and if the first step with weights being heavy complexes of libido invested invested them. Hence, if the first step amounts to adding weight on the opposite end of the spectrum to balance the scale, sodomizing girls would correspond to conscientiously freeing up prior investments and lightening the scale.

Agreed, this concept (to the extent presented here) of facing impure desires head on, fully satiating them to fully unroot them by routing them elsewhere, is but a tantalizing hypothesis as of now. Moreover, one learnt from Vajrayana buddhism . One must be free to see for oneself to see to one’s perversion to the end, by going all out to one’s heart content. But without indulging in those degenerate passions. Curing Oedipus by doing girls the right way might appear very paradoxical. But paradoxes often signal too limited an understanding.

Historically, Guy-Claude researched the triangular constellation theory (especially in the male-female-female configuration) in the spirit of a therapy for unlucky wretches feeling very little attraction for their own sex, and obviously willing to improve. The idea was to let the woman use a man’s misguided desire for her to guide to it back where it belongs to, toward another man, operating on desires like a surgeon, very much in the tantrist practionner’s spirit of transmuting a poison into elixir. Experiences taught how utterly wrong and fraudulent the idea was.

In almost all cases, the tri-uple broke down (from a few months down the line to two years) with one man being getting the short end of the stick (or the long one as the pain of a broken heart has nothing on the absolute terror of coital conjugality, of a mariage), tossed away like an old sock, to the point in some cases, of committing suicides (Montramé had one case at least).

The problem was multifactorial:

  • Firstly, despite its crucial role of steering the man’s sex drive role in the right direction, the women was never predominantly lesbian nor ever pedophile, never charged with energy herself. One lonely psycho guiding another to sanity ! Expectantly, they (almost) always chose one man over another. Often too, both men were equally predominantly heterosexuals, ensuring a not so steady stream of energy, failing in their supporting role.
  • Secondly, coitus in and of itself was barely ever criticized nor approached the right way. And the right way, is outright banning (incest set aside).

And so all triangular relationships ended up as some sort of serial fucking constantly hanging tipping on the edge of disaster, providing an unrelenting stream of not energy but very vocal suffering and bitter phone bills of hundreds of euros at the time. I would call these screams an endless source of entertainment if by the tale of those living in this hallowed epoch of wild uninhibited experimentation, they had not become common to the point of troubling their sleep !
The theory had not developed the correct understanding of coitus, which to heterosexuals is a hard drug not unlike heroin. The effect is nigh mechanistic, there is no consciously riding the tiger as the tantric proverb goes as far as mundane heterosexuality goes.

Moreover, the will pales in front of the power of the subconscious and brain chemistry. We can not access to the chemical working of our cells, that is how deep drugs like heroin and coital intercourses reaches. This we must accept, and humble ourselves. That s why tantric sex is a fallacy . It appears as an inherently iffy game but with a high level of awareness and/or with exterior energy sources, nothing too dangerous can occur with butts. Vaginas hold a special almost metaphysical sway on men, bewitching them due to the unholy conjunction of cooking’s base instincts hyperexcitability and metasexual frustration.

Breeding program on overdrive !

Possibly, their secretions might even act as pheromones - possibly with glands overworking, such as seen in other contexts cranked up to eleven like other glands do, chemically triggering the primitive urge to copulate.

This inherent risk with any involvement with females (from the perspective of males, since let’s be real, cultures always center around them) show very strongly in all chivalrous cultures, in history and mythology. The idea to adore the female archetype as a beacon of hope but without letting desire consume you. There is the prevailing idea of a willing sacrificer in the worship of the lady.

Alphaville tells it very well:

I said: I want you, Baby,
I said: I want some more
I said: I never ever felt it like that moment before
She’s an assassin,

She’s melting steel in my heart
But I long for more.
She said: I want your body,
She said: I want your soul
She said: A fallen angel takes it but she’ll never let go
She’s an invader
She’s from another world
But I beg for more and more

She’s raising feelings cutting like a knife
She’s pouring fire into my liquid life
There’s no escaping from her mysteries,
She gives me kisses of the strangest kind
She says: I know you’ll like it,
So come over here
She says: Just let that rhythm filter
Through your body, dear
and then she…
She always did it and she always will
She’ll stay that hunter
’till the end of time

Alphaville in Fallen Angel

We tend to perceive female sexuality on a coital level as intrinsically dangerous and ravenous, feeding off virile energy and emasculating us. No better illustration exists than the world-wide primeval myth of the vagina dentata .

teeth1 teeth2 teeth5

From an pure maiden teeth3 To a semen demon. teeth4

Each sex has its own set of unconscious inborn basic narrative or picturesque patterns, from which we generate either unconscious content or artistic and cultural productions of all kinds (up to foundational myths at the core of all societies) featuring our strongest fears in order to protect us from the risk of spiritual destruction that an unnatural sexuality carries, and let’s be honest, carried out already (seeing the state humanity arrived in).

This inborn mental function evolved to protect our most important assets (our spiritual, metapsychic integrity), we call mythogenesis, absolutely overclocking since the inception of cooking, as evidenced by the strikingly profuse amount of the Paleolithic Venuses, figures we found scattered over all of Europe up to Asia Minor (Anatolia, current Turkey).

The universality of the denunciation of a fault inherent in sexuality, with regard to the postulate of its metapsychic finality, could encourage us to highlight an unconscious function responsible for deciphering non-verbalized errors: we could thus define mythogenesis in as an innate and therefore universal process, aiming, through sublimation and symbol, to rekindle awareness of lost values ​​in us and restore them. One could see in it, like Freud, a simple defense by projection against internal suffering due to the vagaries of a repressive education. But we cannot rule out the hypothesis of a full-fledged psychic function, genetically determined in such a way as to guarantee the return to function of the PIM when living conditions systematically compromise its achievement.

It joins Jung’s interpretation of the Unconscious, impulsing changes and political or artistic movements through history by possessing individuals, in reaction to collectively perceived needs and opportunities for change.

The same broad lines are found in the myths of different cultures. Greek mythology represents the different aspects of the degradation of the human condition, from original faults symbolized for example by Typhon and Echidna, man and woman serpents, progenitors of all the monsters it depicts, including the sphinx of Thebes . Quetzalcóatl, intoxicated by his wife, unites with her and from there emerges all the misfortunes of the Aztecs.

Inspired procreation

One could then wonder, how do we save the White race by making a million babies each, if a single coitus may doom our eternal soul ?

The Immaculate Conception rejects the idea of a divine child born out of copulation. Dracula feeds on the blood of his partners. For a century, the strongest of cinema has revolved around the same problem. May 68 advocated making love, not war…

Many cultures, such as Catholic Europe and Ancient Greece and Rome, used to draw a strong line between marital duties in the community-sanctioned marriage (aimed respectively at maintaining the community or provide citizens/soldiers for the State), and love, sexuality, pleasure.

People use to compartmentalize, being unable to stop their depravation simply put it in a different mental and social category , to save their higher aspirations as much as possible, placing the same women they would inevitably high above them. Normally the women we fuck are kept separate, in time or persons. For instance, Italians worship their mother and daughters and would not let another man approach them, oblivious to the fact they themselves had to take away someone’s daughter or sister. Similarly, Freud talked of tender motions (the closest he ever was of mentioning pure or wholesome love, something he never explicitly) choosing different objects than those subjects to sexual desire.

This dichotomy made of wilful ignorance and obligate splitting allows people to continue on living in society, only letting go of this self-imposed stabilizing pressure in specific situations, ideally wars away from home or in the worst case scenario, revolutions and civil wars with it s load of insane wholesale massacres, families reaching for each other’s throat. Much like the customary African ethnic wars, Hutu vs Tutsi among the most puzzling given the utter lack of tension right before husbands and wives responded murdered one another and their children in cold blood, in the most horrific ways.

How to explain such a happening if not by the gushing out of a hitherto dormant mass of uncontrollable savage resentment, not against someone specific but ourselves and everyone and everything ? If, as shown by apes, cooking does raise excitability to stupidly high levels, it doesn’t just trigger a berserk mode out of the blue. We may more rightfully blame the inner feeling of metapsychic failure we all carry, from wasting our life under the equation sex = reproduction !

Now, what do we propose ? What is the ideal man-women relationship ? This issue we solved with gusto in its own article .

As for breeding, which shouldn’t be a concern, or only because it happens rather too easily, there simply should be a prominence of energetic relationships, which could then feed the occasional births, as announciated in visions, prophetic dreams, the likes which feature in the Bible, except the literal son of god shouldn’t be the only one having a destiny. It happened a few times in Montramé. In nature, breeding instincts should simply stay under control of the metasexual/metapsychic program, and we wouldn’t breed more than a few times per life in a normal context, as fitting to maintain sane population levels, without a need for intellectual birth control. If destiny calls for it (like now) more babies will come. In that context, there is no risk involved from your side. Let love be, and visions decide.

This is the correct interpretation of the Immaculate Conception myth: breeding and pregnancies are a natural function, a very important one at that, and shouldn’t contradict higher aspirations, one reason being the later (the metapsychic plane of love) having evolved much later, from the framework of reproductional sexuality, hence can only take into account. For example, Isis was goddess of magic, virginity, sexuality and motherhood.

How the fuck do you embody both sex and virginity ? Plus pregnancy on top of that ?
By following a natural sexuality overwhelming dominated by polymorphic contacts, and even in coitus (Isis and Osiris being siblings) featuring an automatic bodily natural anticonceptional mechanism in females under strict control of the unconscious, that we know exist in lower animals. Hominins (including bonobos) didn’t just increase libido wholesale, they became very selective as well. Montramé’s experience proved without a shadow of a doubt, the untouched potency of that ability in a raw food context.

Despite the absurd chaotic fucking happening all around the place and in the near total absence of protection or pills (as far the hundreds of persons we could follow in some capacity) seemingly no unexpected pregnancy was deplored.

In practice, the real issue (Mr Burger can attest to that) of breeding is not the occasional vaginal penetration but that mothers never were predominantly lesbian or maybe at all in Montramé, so they always ended up getting fixated on the inspired genitor in the breeding way, especially as such prophesized intercourses often feel as cosmically potent energy events. so they foolishly think: he’s THE one, and attack you bitterly when not getting the alpha female treatment they think was promised by their pleasure.
School case of confusion of instinctive programs, compounded by the already weaker female nature regards to breeding. Made all the more easy by females’ own fairly understandable weakness to the breeding program, compounded by cooking .

so, all in all, the most important in procreation, is the paradox that only (inspired) homosexuals deserve to engage in momentary heterosexuality. In particular, since in nature females in many ways own their offspring as per nature’ dictate, only lesbians should procreate, or a group is doomedchildren will be taken away by ungrateful wannabe cows, taking their eternal couples delusion for reality and jeopardizing their offspring’s whole future on a whim. It happened every single time, the most promising young people lost to society and their stupid mothers.

Bluntly said, for children’ sake a group based on national-naturalist principles should either put women in their place in a truly conservative fashion, claiming paternal ownership of children, or we shall allow only Spartan-like truly virile lesbians à la Ripley (from Alien) among our ranks, the kind of females an virile militaristic society could trust with our future and most precious assets: our children.
There is no value in someone staunchly persuaded that her mission in life is to lay eggs, unwinding several tens of millions of years of evolution.

None of that weak shit
Image refusal traditional mothers
Ripley forever
long live tomboy nationalism
Ripley alien kid


We expand on specific topics, like men and women relationships, or the pedophilia issue, homosexuality and incest, so I advise you to roam the site, and consult the specifics topics whose clickbait titles, carefully handpicked, shouldn’t fail to catch your attention.

Realizing the truth of these matters is imperative, our very survival depends on it, as the crucial link needed to form a nation that will stand the sands of time, has always been conscious racial cohesion.
There has been many movements in the past that exalted racial chauvinism with nothing to show for it, their goal was to make an “aryan” nation completely detached from the social practices that made our people great in the first place, their relentless reactionary dogmas and purity spiraling only lead to hate, frustration, destruction and despair, and the suppression of individuals within their own groups that recognized these blatant contradictions.
However, we differ from those people because we are not bound by any contrarian desire nor neurotic compulsion which manipulates our judgment, rendering us insensitive or spiteful towards the very forms of love that allowed true high cultures to flourish. Eros, which includes sexuality, is the greatest motivator for in-group preferences within your racial family as satisfied people know nothing will ever satiate their desire better than their own ethnos.

A good racist encourages anything creating stronger bonds between racial brethren. The logical outcome of love is sex and no honest person can claim to love his own people while endorsing socially repressive policies facilitating its destruction. The need for repression would imply the innate corruption of nature, a hallmark of Judaism, the undying mortal enemy of Nordic humanity, and life on Earth as a whole.

The purest love
Picture of Hitler with a young girl

Love is the binding force of the universe, it carries the spiritual currents of inspiration driving our race forward, it brings out our full potential by exceeding the limitation of matter, connecting forlorn glorious past and limitless future. Its absence destroys social cohesion - pushing people to look for greener pastures in racially foreign countries, peoples and cultures.

But its presence unlocks the most powerful superweapon in existence - extrasensory perception, whose potency has been empirically proven, yet denied vehemently due to the spiritual degeneration of the masses, and the resultant lack of ties that make up the structure of our collective unconscious, as Jung would put it.

  1. We argue that the frequently implicit assumption of DSB as ancestral has not been rigorously examined, and instead hypothesize an ancestral condition of indiscriminate sexual behaviours directed towards all sexes. By shifting the lens through which we study animal sexual behaviour, we can more fruitfully examine the evolutionary history of diverse sexual strategies.
    in An alternative hypothesis for the evolution of same-sex sexual behaviour in animals
  2. We name those instinctive psychic backlashes Excalibur impulses. Normally aimed at reestablishing balance in troubled inter-individual relationships, they often only cause further unrest, as said troubles unlike in nature are not merely accidental (a matter of misunderstandings or singular evil) but chemical, structural, hence bound to repeat themselves no matter what, as long as the lifestyle itself has not been corrected. ↩︎

  3. In Sologne, known for its insalubrity and poverty, Abbé Tessier, sent on a mission by the Royal Society of Medicine to investigate ergot rye, known for its abortifacient power, noted: Women are very fertile, although they are not regulated before eighteen or twenty years of age: they cease to be so at thirty-six and forty. They have up to fifteen children. Both sexes are very inclined to love, I was very surprised to see this passion develop early, to the point that boys, even seven or eight years old, have sex with girls of their own age. The worthy abbot emphasizes that this precocious inclination is due to the free communication of boys and girls who guard their flocks together and sleep in the same room, but this nevertheless does not hasten an early puberty in any way.
    Tessier, 1776 in Rollet: La révolution française aurait-elle contribué à avancer l’âge de la puberté des filles ?, 2015 (translated from French)

    So long for traditional societies, huh. ↩︎