Our political platform

Here we lay the foundations of a transitional society following a successful national-naturalist revolution, half-way between today and tomorrow. An elite fully aware of the natural laws discovered these past decades, regarding diet, love and the imperative of racial purification will set out to fundamentally change the fabric of society, gradually applying for the masses what its members tested on themselves.

This is the manifesto of the future national‑naturalist party.

National naturalism

National: A healthy self-centering

A friend of mine coined the term as an obvious callback to national-socialism, which is dear to our heart. That obviously implies that we are revisionists, holocaust-deniers and Hitler did nothing wrong at least regards to alleged mass atrocities, killing and so forth. For more details a complete rebuttal of all the charges laid against Germans and the Axis in general is available .
As for our ideological differences, they will become apparent here and all throughout the website.

As Hitler said:

The most precious possession you have in this world is your own people. And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight […]

The state is only a means to an end. Its end and its purpose is to preserve and promote a community of human beings who are physically as well as spiritually kindred. Above all, it must preserve the existence of the race.

These principles are ours too. Unlike most narrow nationalism our nation is our race, or rather the one we identify as and wish to devote oneself to. The role of the State is to improve life itself by whatever means, by enabling the highest achievements in all areas of both science and culture, and reaching the highest level of consciousness in the most intelligent and physically sound race in Europe, arguably in the world:

The Nordic (Aryan) race.

Our qualities, brain, beauty and very soul up to the spiritual and extrasensory level, is one and the same with our blood and DNA, the greatest treasure evolution polished for hundreds and thousands of millennia.

National refers to our firm acknowledgment of authority and the natural precedence of the community as expressed through the State, over the individual: anarchism though not necessarily leftist or undesirable if we were all high-quality reasonable people minding their own business (akin to Ted Kacyznski’s vision minus the race mixing fetish !), is obviously incompatible with the tasks of the future regarding ecology and the need to accomplish our destiny as the caretaker of the Earth.

Beside being our birth right due to our origins, no other race has shown the inclination, intelligence and inspiration required to assume that role… Yet, someone must act. And to do so will require an immense concentration of power and resource only a well organized state could carry out.

Naturalism: Back to our natural state

The choice of this word, derives from us not basing our principles on any tradition but on science.

A type of science free from prejudices, going beyond the materialistic and moralistic postulations modern academia is ridden with, in order to accept naked objective facts. A science that doesn’t bend its perception of nature in service of a preconceived morality or ideology, but one that creates ideology and morale straight from facts, in service of nature.

The belief in the existence of a natural order applying to individuals whether they like it or not has been a staple for Rightist writers for hundreds of years/ The problem is that almost (almost !) always tradition is equated with nature, or at least the idea of Western traditions being (in some aspects) fundamentally opposed to human nature, is nowhere to be found. In fact, not only is the Christian tradition fundamentally opposed to our natural needs and genetic programming, but so are our dietary habits , as in current agnostic materialism, liberalism, materialism, all -ism or -y for the matter, with some partial exceptions.

However we are not against traditions nor against them, this would make little sense, as they crystallize both people’s mistakes and divine inspiration, their unadulterated instincts and degenerate tendencies. Instead we should conserve the good elements and burn away the rest. More importantly our very human nature or what is perceived as such, is fallen, contradictory to its own genetic instincts: a crucial concept reminiscent of the catholic Original Sin and a lot of similar myths world-wide, yet that has proved its fundamental truth.

The Nature we refer to is revealed through personal experiences along with an impartial, amoral observation of our closest primate cousins, to understand how human life should be and what might be wrong with us all, why it all went down the drain and how to fix the world. We wish to renovate national-socialism on the basis of primatology and a restoration of our original diet and paleolithic way of life, while keeping the part of modernity and ensuring Europe’s supremacy on its own soil (military and industrial power).

Before the end of this century, possibly before 2050, the natural resources of the world will be fully depleted while the global population (compounded by its industrial progress) will reach an absolute peak, and world wars most likely involving nuclear weapons will occur pitting all countries against all others, around racial and religious lines.

For millions of years, the global population of humans never exceeded a few millions per continent at most, likely no more than ten millions world-wide. We are now around eight billion people with no foreseeable (voluntary) slowing down, and considering the White race (in particular Nordics) is the only one even remotely interested in ecology and sustainable development without taking extreme measures, Europeans will die out and then the whole of humanity not long after.

Mondial population throughout history
Curve of world population during the whole existence of our species

In a hundred years from now (if not before), everything we grew to love:
The great majority of wild animals, insects, plants, forests, will be no more, leaving a scarred planet as humans set into motion the biggest extinction event since the fall of the dinosaurs. Humanity in its current form is a plague on our planet, in particular non-white countries which gained access to the product of Western technology such as China, India and the Middle-East, while at the same time lacking our most basic ecological tendencies. Hence the majority of non-Whites are as racial, ecological and ideological enemies of the first order, and should be acknowledged as such by a renewed political Europe.

To survive the incoming conflicts and restore the planet to its original ecological perfection, the European race must discover and develop all of its latent genetic and psychic potential to reach the point of absolute scientific technological and military supremacy it is capable of. All in order to claim its destiny as the ruler and caretaker of this planet.

The future national-socialist State will have an immense educational role in getting rid of centuries to millennia old thinking habits. The undeniably real powers of the mind, especially potent in Aryans, are our birthright and arise from the free expression of our love instincts under a balanced dietary system disrupted by the Neolithic catastrophe (cooking and crops). Hence in order to survive we must change our ways of thinking to fit our nature, to rediscover food and sexuality as sources of unlimited drives and sensations, hitherto forgotten.

Knowing the truth about the effect of denatured molecules and polution on both our physical, mental and genetic health , it stands to reason that before any of its eugenic and spiritual endeavor can bear any real fruit, the most vital task at hand will be to transform food production entirely, from an industrial (or traditional) agriculture to a nation-wide mix of permaculture and polyvalent agroforestery centered around wild species adapted for human genetics.
Only from the basis of raw food can metapsychoanalysis and the emergence of psychic abilities be anything else than an individual fluke.

At last, we must agree on what is natural and what is not. I will merely list an amount of serious research showing what natural sexuality is for men and animals. Flatly denying common empirical science is the bottom line which separates worthless morons from sentient human beings. What animals do and the way they do it, that promotes group survival and higher social cohesion, should be understood, praised and taught.

Psychosexual foundations

Before I move on with this section a big disclaimer is required
We do not associate ourselves with the modern LGBTQXYZ+ community in any way, as pathological effeminacy and transsexual mental illness are patently contrary to nature as well to the kind of relationships featured at the heart of European culture and history. There is no more common points between heroic homoerotic stories such as of Achilles and Patroclus or Arthur and Lancelot, or that of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and Antinous, whom he publicly defied upon his death, to be worshipped by the whole Empire.

Homosexual behavior has been observed in at least 51 species of nonhuman primates, including prosimians, monkeys, and apes. In many nonhuman primate species homosexual behavior occurs quite rarely whereas in an exceptional few such as Japanese macaques and bonobos, such interactions are a more common feature of the species’ sexual repertoire.

For more evidence and information, one may refer to the article devoted to this topic . But it is beyond any doubt that our closest ape cousins, from which we descend (considering chimpanzees have barely changed since the separations of our lines) are what Freud would call polymorphous perverse, exhibiting all kinds of deviant behaviors, seemingly intended for pleasure only.

Studies showed both bonobos and chimpanzees to be mostly homosexual, devoting compared to us only a limited part of their interest and time in reproductive activities. So our point about homosexuality, incest, infantile sexuality, or any other morally dubious animal behaviours known quite well to be part of our own nature, is not about politics but merely accepting observational facts.

Multiple lifestyles exist or co-exist among our closest cousins, among others mountain gorillas which live either in male-only groups where males are mostly heteros when in a harem, and only homo while in all-male groups, while females still exhibit lesbian activity in harems, culminating in orgasms.

The majority of sexual events (65%) consisted of female same-sex genito-genital rubbing (or GG-rubbing). Female dyads engaged in significantly more sexual interactions than did inter-sexual dyads, and females were more likely to remain within close proximity to their partners following GG-rubbing.
The emergence of habitual same-sex sexual behavior may have been an important step in the evolution of cooperation outside of kinship and pair-bonds in one of our closest phylogenetic relatives.
in The cooperative sex: Sexual interactions among female bonobos are linked to increases in oxytocin, proximity and coalitions

So we see bonobo females are first and foremost homosexual, with the occasional offspring at an interval of between five and six years1. Chimpanzees, the second closest apes, don’t feature nearly as much sexual proclivity in general but do include a sizable amount of homosexual contacts2. More general attempts at re-contextualizing those behaviors not just as adaptive idiosyncrasies of a few species but as a pervasive evolutionary tendency have been undertaken since then3.

Incidentally, this extensive bonds-creating property of homosexuality was noticed and commented upon again and again in history, among the latest and best expounder being Adolf Brand, publishing the Eigene from 1896 to 1933. At a time where degeneracy reigned supreme and what would become the LGBTI religion (from transsexualism and faggotry united as one started representing all homosexuals, granting themselves an undue right which quite frankly played in the reactionaries’ hand, eager to demonize everyone in the name of God or what stood for it. Yet in that time, Brand extolled the virtue of Männerbunds, the free yet militant associations of men and boy under a common enthusiasm and love for each others and the manly virtues of a high culture, often with a distinct military or militant aspect, in Greece’s Sacred Theban band or Medieval Europe’s knights and monks.

Because the research was part of a broader study focused on young males, they were able to calculate the rate of occurrences for those focal subjects. For those adolescent and young adult males, sociosexual behaviors occurred approximately twice a month.

Many people who read will still argue: homosexuality is unnecessary so whether or not it exists in nature doesn’t matter, and the White race is already dwindling. The simplest response is: it does not have to matter and fit in your preconceived notions of usefulness, because it does exist and is downright prevalent in the species closest to us.

Who can decently say, save for the most die-hard christcucks or Islamist fanatics, that he or she only has sex for breeding ? Is this haram to make love to your spouse during pregnancy ? Those should be sins as well, as would any masturbation too. This is the logical outcome of any of Abrahamic religion (or cognate secular philosophies), of most modern conservatisms.

There is no evolutive reason to believe our nature changed much since those perverse apes. Through revising the core of the evolution theory, psychology and materialist science itself, we realize the true extent of the harm done, one can’t even fathom the true cosmic horror of its historical consequences.
However, a cursory examination suffices to point at their existence.


There is no question about the blatant excess of heterosexuality in our species due to exciting substances, first and foremost denatured molecules, aka cooking. Decades of observations showed the significant direct effect of cooking in ramping up animal baser animal impulses, among them heterosexual desire in particular coital fantasies.

The reason being these fantasies are not merely acquired conditioning but instinctive impulses recorded in the deepest depths of our brain and DNA and appeared along our phylogenetic line before homosexual (or polymorphic in general, which includes anything without immediate procreative purpose) instincts developed.

The precise nature of our sexual issues, at least the most urgent one, lies in people seeking happiness in such distorted impulses, and romanticizing, idealizing them, in the end which leads to the model of harems or nuclear families while only 3-5% of all species of mammals that are monogamous, and hardly any of them actually live in truly faithful couples. And all those do also feature infidelities by both partners, females included.

Being authentically human, let alone spiritually advanced, is impossible within this current system of sexuality. Hence a State intent on improving the people must consider one of its primary goal, to develop an explicitly sex-positive culture.

Children should be taught how their body works and how pleasure is obtained.

This alone, would solve the issue of teen pregnancies, as basically for psychological health it matters not how orgasm pleasure is reached, but that it is indeed reached efficiently and often.

It is astoundingly, breath-takingly excruciating to see how today, most women are not and do not know how to be satisfied, hence living continuously unfulfilling lives… Which explains the age-old tendency in civilized societies, of women fantasizing about invaders and welcoming them in their bed. Like today’s feminists pinning for filthy swarthy Middle Easterners or Negroes. Or hundreds years ago, with Jewish or Muslim women eagerly going for Christians.
To us this incredible and irrational phenomena (for racial strangers fuck much worse than sensitive White men, quite systematically so) merely reflects the age-old longing for greener pastures, for exoticism, itself predicated on an unfulfilled desire which lies beyond the sex act itself (for men always also fantasized about foreigners from the West Indies in particular, and now Chinese and Japanese).
As long as sexuality doesn’t fulfill its most important role - that is to provide both orgasmic and metapsychic satisfaction - the race and the State will never be safe from the threat of racial contamination, stemming from within.

For centuries, under the terrifying, woefully oppressive yoke of the Catholic Church, people were more sexually free and happy than we are. They never forgot that pleasure comes mostly from the foreskin in the case of men, and only from the clitoris in the case of women. Sodomy might have been viewed as devilish, but it was practiced just as much according to the records, and without repercussion in most cases. They knew how to please themselves, be pleased and please others, and did so guilt-free.

Once young people know what to do and what to expect of a real love life, they will be free to seek their own happiness, and not be deceived or resign in accepting a miserable fate within the confines of a frustrating marital relation.. We desire an independent people heeding a righteous Führer out of their own free will, and willing to change the world to fit their expectations rather than the other way around, to accept conformism would be to accept defeat.

Alternative kinds of relationships and family models should be left to choice and not reviled. Whether or not such an arrangement does provide a healthy atmosphere for a child’s development (presence of good role models among other things), should be decided by studying primate social dynamics rather than moral projections.

The gradual involvement of society or the local community in the education of children and their daily lives, that German Nazism and Italian Fascism moved toward, should lift from the parents’ shoulders a significant burden of responsibility. Such is the life in tribal groups of apes: children are parented by all adults actively living with them. This though, like everything, will come about gradually.


Sensibility of circumcised vs whole penis
Diagram of penis sensibility

National-naturalism considers it more important to rescue our complete physical, emotional and mental capacities, than economics, which is mostly a technical issue National-socialist Germany handled as secondary compared to the ideological and racial strife, and is comparatively easy to solve.

Some laws and policies will carry a specific ideological significance and potency, in particular concerning genital mutilations. Due to their effects on people’s mind which compare with nothing else spiritually and psychologically, short of life-long imprisonment and torture, these practices (for what the West is concerned with, circumcision) are an enemy to Europe of the highest order, and history has shown how a healthyEuropean state can absolutely not survive with a large portion of the population being circumcised

Closely associated with circumcision, the Eternal Jew lies below:
The single most deadly ideological enemy of the West when it comes to people (unlike Chinese), he penetrates and twists every society, company, party and discourse, hiding in plain sight as a fellow White.

They stand responsible for the introduction of materialism in our civilization, the grafting of a completely foreign religion which wiped out and drowned in blood our native European spiritual traditions, then warped its memories and interpretation to the point of projecting Christian morality on the past (including but not limited to their puritan disdain for Greco-Roman pederasty and homosexuality).

But worse: Jews introduced circumcision and Jewish sexual thinking among Europeans. This is their single worst evil deed. From the very beginning, the purpose of circumcision was to chastise and damage men, to reduce them to a state of impotence and disconnection from the divine in himself and others so inescapable, they would resign and seek refuge in a lifeless sadistic religion.

The intent has been clear from the very beginning:

With regard to circumcision, one of the reasons for it is, in my opinion, the wish to bring about a decrease in sexual intercourse and a weakening of the organ in question, so that this activity be diminished and the organ be in as quiet a state as possible. It has been thought that circumcision perfects what is defective congenitally. This gave the possibility for everyone to raise an objection and to say: How can natural things be defective so that they need to be perfected from outside, all the more because we know how useful the foreskin is for the member? In fact this commandment has not been prescribed with a view to perfecting what is defective congenitally, but to perfecting what is defective morally.
This blatantly means that they needed to remove most pleasure from men to focus on praying to their monstrous God, whose eradication from the cultural life of the West is a sacred task.
Moses ben Maimon (1135-1204, important Jewish physician, philosopher and theologian) in http://www.circinfo.org/quote.html
Circumcision is extremely painful and traumatic. Some infants go into shock. It also results in behavioral and nervous system changes. No anesthetic effectively prevents the pain. See Infant Responses.
Circumcision is associated with over 100 different potential complications and risks. For example, they include heavy bleeding, infection, surgical injury, and in rare cases, death. See Over 100 Known Complications and Risks.
The foreskin on the average adult male is about 12 sq.in. and is highly sensitive. It protects the head of the penis, improves sexual pleasure, and eases intercourse.
Circumcision Resource Center Male Circumcision Education
Therefore, circumcision reduces sexual sensation by reducing the number of nerves, up to one-third of the total. Second, the foreskin contains muscle fibers which stretch and contract as the foreskin glides over the penis during coitus. This stretching and contracting further stimulates the nerve endings of the foreskin.
in The Problem of Circumcision

The consequences, as the Talmud said so eloquently, are properly unfathomable, beyond intellectual understanding, as it touches the very soul, which passes through sex. Eventually, trade and any and all relationships with countries promoting (like the USA) circumcision or that kind of practice or permitting their happening on their soil shall discontinue, and possible leverage made use of, in order to further the fight against International Jewry, and thus further the regeneration of Europeans.

The spiritual foundation of the State should be to value life through its vital and racial qualities hence such an act forever preventing normal human feelings equals barring any possible access to an intimate relationship with the world itself, a fate tantamount to a life-long torture, more grieving than death.

Punishing circumcision by death is the only appropriate sentence (minus more medieval tortures which would only begin to approximate what a baby feels). The message to the international community would be crystal clear. And as a bonus, puts a halt to any subsequent Muslim immigration.

At the same time, the State shall retroactively exile all physicians having performed genital mutilations, while condemning to death any such person entering its borders that failed to express deep and sincere public regrets.

Changing society

The slow nature of organic change

A more balanced new generation shall change society and laws according to its self-evolved perception of necessities and moral guidelines,, as true progress happens slowly, or as slowly as it has to. Otherwise a backlash potentially more powerful than the one that toppled the previous status quo could erupt, undoing much of the hard-attained progress of Naturalism.

During the Russian Revolution while the city workers were all hyped-up about sex reforms (discussing it incessantly in the middle of a bloody counter-revolutionary war, as Lenin bitterly commented) the ideological divide with peasantry (in effect two different countries) stopped progress dead in its track. As new generations of peasants replaced in factories the revolutionary vanguard quickly killed in wars, Stalin had no problem reinstating an extremely regressive moral and penal code, as awfully backward and conformist as earlier reforms were revolutionary. However it faithfully reflected people’s feelings and their extremely materialistic spiritual retardation.

What shall be done is to put in power a totalitarian but benevolent ideological vanguard people have faith in, and change laws so as to permit more leeway for that small but inspired fraction of the population who could benefit from sexual freedom.

In a sane world, the notion of consent would not exist, being too self-evident to warrant a mention, as even dumb cats have no difficulty telling you if they want or don’t want to be caressed. It is not a matter of IQ or intelligence. Instincts exist to be expressed, and children of all ages have them, though obviously not necessarily those of grown-ups, as needs and abilities evolve with age. We are genetically wired to function adequately in groups, under raw food.

Breeding responsibility within children

Infantilizing children leads to their intellectual underdevelopment and under-maturation, while empowering clearly under-developed adults and giving them the right to vote for policies and leaders is equally as dangerous as neglecting our youth. What should be done instead is to promote a meritocratic system, in which social privileges are earned according to intellectual prowess and social reputation.

We believe anyone who can be trusted to safely bear guns and understand the implications of life and death should have the right to have sex with anyone of their choosing. Those who can kill (and be asked to die) can fuck !

This means the socially approved age of independent choice would vary with social conditions, and hard times (like today’s Ukrainian war or all civil wars) create stronger people, lacking the luxury of pampering and spoiling their kids.

Experience shows how children quickly adapt to whatever life-or-death situation they’re put in, as struggle is simply our natural state as it is in animals: death is part of life and should never be hidden from sight, made clean as it is today.

Though we resent sadistic acts and excess violence as unsavory and contrary to our instincts, naturally gruesome acts like rotting corpses,explicit gore and skeletons are not traumatizing in the slightest. Children can understand death way sooner than 14, probably from age 7. For practical purposes I expect European people to set the Age of Consent at 14.

Relationships below that age should of course not always be criminalized: lack of legal consent would only transfer that right to parents or whoever is the legal caretaker of the child.

Children are the legal property of their parents, on which their very survival depends. They naturally bear (especially mothers) a right of life and death on them. This is a natural fact society can only mask, cowardly transferring that responsibility to the blind power of a democratic majority or worse the heartless decision of nameless unaccountable bureaucrats, neither having any first-hand insight into the situation of the child and therefore the means to enact a fair judgment respectful of the greater good of all involved. First and foremost the right of the child not to be uselessly traumatized for life.

Without parents or children themselves complaining nor the public knowledge of physical coercion (or abusive parenting) taking place (in which special courts of law would intervene), the State should not have the right to mind or legislate on what parents ought to do or accept. The issue of the legally sanctioned erotic access to young people, is hereby closed.

Cultural policies


A minister of culture and propaganda is unavoidable, and has never been absent in any State in one form or another, regardless of specific political alignment.
Censorship in the public media, on the internet or book publishing, always exists, it is a morally neutral safe-guard measure to protect the interests of the State and thus, of the community at large, and ultimately the race.

What differentiate the different censorships along history (beside the technical capabilities) are their goals, and pragmatic considerations (whether or not the actions do in the end further the aforementioned, or shoot themselves in the foot).
The goals of the State all converge in the perfection of its people, therefore no action advancing that goal can be deemed immoral per se, only impractical within the constraints of current geopolitics and social dynamics.

Practically, private media companies holding sway on public opinion will be considered of public interest and obey the same regulations as public institutions. Content should be moderated so as to reflect the ideological needs publicly defined and explained by the State, in a manner similar as Praetor’s Edict in ancient Roman law.

Lurid or explicit content - unless in the context of educational endeavors - in public media is banned. Outside these provisions communication and free expression should stay absolutely free, unless and.


The justice system will have to be entirely reformed, to suit a new mindset fitting for racial kindred, White brothers and sisters, united by love and in common spiritually-inclined purpose.
Acts occurring under military actions can not be legal actions of any kind, unless approved by the military hierarchy, with the Führer at its top or its legate. The text below concerns only citizens, by virtue of birth or an honorary status. Non-citizens can be deported and perpetually exiled arbitrarily, and will be so if found guilty by a civil court. Penal proceedings and rulings should not differ.

Civil Law

Civil law is defined as such:

A body of rules that delineate private rights and remedies, and govern disputes between individuals in such areas as contracts, property.

Hence it usually pits individuals or families against each other, and breeds resent the longer conflicts last, often causing more damage to the social body as resentment builds up.

The Roman philosophy of justice in which the State determines rights or wrongs and thus punishments and compensations on the basis of objective facts according to the letter of the law regardlkess of the wish and needs of the parties or the community, is detrimental to the harmony necessary to a family as much as to the State, which shall be the family of all Whites acknowledging race as the supreme good superseding all others and the key to their past and future.

Instead, mediation and arbitration should replace lawsuits and litigation as much as possible.

Mediation is a voluntary process designed to reach a mutual agreement. Those who use mediation should expect to argue their perspective, provide evidence and be willing to give up certain demands to determine an arrangement that satisfies all parties involved. Unlike arbitrators and judges, mediators do not have the authority to make a final decision. It is collaborative, less intimidating.
The term arbitration refers to the process of a neutral party, known as an arbitrator, being granted the ability to make a final decision on a legal dispute. Although they are structured similarly to court hearings, arbitration are generally shorter, more private, faster and performed on a smaller scale.
An arbitrator will listen to each party’s argument, examine evidence and ultimately make a final verdict on the issue. An arbitrator’s decision may be a binding decision or non-binding decision, depending on the conditions of the dispute or lawsuit. Binding verdicts are court-enforced, while non-binding arbitration verdicts must be accepted by all parties to be sustained.

As a society complexifies the number of motives of conflict increases proportionally, until the judiciary apparatus necessary to manage them becomes so complex as to elude any human comprehension. Romans already noticed that trend, more than a thousand and five hundred years ago. This happens when materialism and individualism direct consciousness, instead of a sense of community.
When being right matters more than being friends.

This is the consequence of a lack of love according to natural laws, a lack of collective consciousness or mystical participation as per the words of Levi-Brühl.

We should rediscover the medieval time-honored values of concord and harmony: knowing who is technically right does not matter as much as putting conflicts behind us, to regain trust and appreciation for each other and thus (on a social level), strengthen the national community.

Such a mindset will eradicate most sources of conflict, nurturing spontaneous conciliation, even after blood has been spilled. This would require the acknowledgment of higher legal entities than the individual, intermediary between the latter and the State, such as corporations, families, clans, cities, companies, etc, entities with specific rights of representation and interests.

Litigation of conflicts in the general sense should not necessarily be the monopoly of the State, but might (as time goes) be relegated to local authorities or social bodies of various nature, to resolve issues which concern them primarily.

Commercial laws should as much possible follow the same principles, while courts, while traditional courts would operate whenever a certain threshold in value is at stake in a litigating and mediation can not succeed, or whenever the State concludes the needs of the local community - or national interest - could be impacted.

Non-citizens are not allowed to own real estates, and must depend on a representative appointed by the State, while their investment can be refunded at their original value whenever their admission in the country has been revoked and their exile decided.

Breaches of decency not leading injuries or sexual acts or assaults not conducive to significant pain and/or lasting injuries should not warrant more than a month of bondage to the victim or in concentration camps, in order to be rehabilitated and observed to decide what treatment would be best suited to allow a smooth reintegration into normal society. Beyond that threshold, assaults become criminal battery.

Penal or criminal laws

Prisons should be abolished, in favor of concentration camps leading to constructive work.
Death penalties should consist of public executions by decapitation, but in all circumstances could be changed into perpetual sojourn in a concentration camp in case of willful collaboration successfully avoiding more deaths or threats to the national interests.

The usage of measured torture in order to obtain confessions if knowledge of other crimes is suspected and can proceed at the judge’s discretion, but can not not cause lasting psychological or physical damage, unless the minimum sentence is death.

Death penalty should be instituted for violent rape (as defined as forcing acts of a sexual nature through violence despite the explicit refusal of the victim, or coercing her or him with the threat of physical violence, on the victim), but can be alleviated for no less than fifteen years of sojourn in a concentration camp.

As a general principle homicides should be evaluated on a case by case basis with no inferior limit for sentences, but invariably warranting death penalty in case of premeditation unless it has been proved that the administration or political system by its inaction has failed to legally prosecute individuals guilty of wrong-doings judged commensurate to the crime committed by the murder. Premeditation and lack of credible attenuating circumstances should ensure public execution.

Unprovoked criminal battery (physical assault leading to significant pain and/or lasting injuries) should be met with death but at the demand of the victim not before being inflicted with equally grievous acts of torture in retaliation, at the victim’s discretion and from the victim’s own hands if she or he wishes to, regardless of his or her age.

However, the victims have the right to intercede one month after the ruling and opt for commuting the sentence to an indeterminate stay in a work camp of no less than 15 years. The credibility, pertinence or commensurability of provocation is to be evaluated on a case by case basis. Deliberate acts of torture should be met with equally grievous acts of torture delivered by the victim (or victim’s legate) or military personnel with no possibility of mercy, followed by death.

Prostitution will not be prosecuted, instead the prostitute should be provided - if possible - a job opportunity assuming the occupation is borne out of economic distress.

Two new judiciary categories will be instituted, to illustrate and enact the new mindset and nature of this State: crimes against the European race, and against the environment.

The label of crime against the European race qualifies any and all action whose purpose or unintended consequence is to undermine the White race in its biological or cultural integrity.

The result would depend on the subcategory the crime falls into:

  • Offenses to the biological integrity of the European race
    The deliberate attempt to reduce the purity of the race by promoting race mixing and/or lessening the birth rate. Advocating for the demographic replacement and/or minorization of the European racial body falls under the same law. Examples include but are not limited to pushing subversive messaging such as multiculturalism, mass migration, racial egalitarianism etc.
    The punishment is death at minimum.
  • Offenses to the cultural integrity
    Actions or speeches undermining the study and preservation of the historical patrimony as well as deliberate slandering of the European past.
    The uniform sentence is the stripping from citizenship and exile to any welcoming country of the culprit’s choosing with the interdiction of returning upon pain of death.

The deliberate destruction of historical patrimony shall be punished by death.
The label of crime against the environment shall be imparted to any deliberate action leading to a loss of natural integrity, through pollution or physical destruction, and deserves death. Aggravated environmental degradation or pollution by having one’s limbs teared apart.

Consenting race mixing (as defined by appointed experts in genetics) entails the death penalty for both crmiinals. The eventual product of this union is to be terminated.
Non-consenting race-mixing, meaning a violent rape by a racial stranger on a European woman, is an aggravating circumstance foreclosing any possibility of mercy, and any offspring aborted. The victim shall be sterilized.

Familial law

Marriages are not acknowledged by the State, people being free to live with whoever they please. However, unions aligning with eugenicist standards or explicit wishes from official genetic authorities (in particular incestuous couplings), will be rewarded with financial aid, ease of access to various accommodations and public services and most importantly, public praise.

Guardianship, denotes the duty to provide for a child’s well-being and health until its 14. Biological parents automatically obtain the guardianship of their offspring, until it reaches adulthood and becomes non-citizen. Citizenship has to be requested and the aspirant tested for full knowledge of the language, full intellectual ability congruent with the exercise of civil and political liberties, and full understanding of the law.

Access to citizenship permits full freedom of finance, travel and studies, while becoming responsible in the eyes of the law. On the other hand, non-citizen are guests in the State, allowed their own goods, purchasing and freedom of movement, but not allowed access to any political, administrative or civil responsibility, and needing to rely on a State representative for specific kinds of investment such as real estate or exceeding a certain value, to be determined arbitrarily and possibly retroactively: as such the stay and functions occupied by non-citizen is considered a gratuitous gift from the national community, and can be canceled at any time, though financial assets and dignity of said non-citizen must be protected.

Relinquishing one’s guardianship is a right but has to meet approbation of the child and the other biological parent, or another if the latter is not a guardian anymore, by another adult willing to take on the role. Special courts of arbitration designed to that effect ought to statute quickly on any conflict. If no other solution can be found more advantageous to the child, the latter ought to be declared ward of the State and depending on his/her age either provided the means to live on its own, or given to foster parents, as temporary guardians.

Inheritance derives only from explicit wish to include or not include people, regardless of blood ties, the State deciding in absentia, after death or loss of responsibility.


What comes first: men or things ?

Now is the time to discuss economics. What kind of economical model is most fitting to our purposes ?

Successful economies in history have always been mixed, even the highest merchant republic - if they were to thrive - would regulate business and manufactures heavily, to ensure proper social harmony and the interest of the State, to secure the conditions for durable, sustainable economic growth. They understood very well that lasting gains require honesty and trust. A good capitalist can not be purely materialist or obsessed by money, as it would be the best way to lose it all.

The level of collectivism, be it centrally directed or down to various levels of local community has changed from period to period for a single country, or between cultures. Inspired countries have practiced all these and fare quite well.

On one extreme Venice derived its wealth from international business and private initiatives, while the Inca Empire, on the other hand, relied on agricultural production controlled and directed by central authorities, through governmental agents - deemed of an excellent moral standing and incorruptibility by the Conquistadors, fact worthy of mention - dispatched everywhere. If Gammal Abdel Nasser was an assumed socialist, Pinochet was very liberal, widely successful and inventing his own model of State, minarchism.

Truth is, laying out precise policies would make no sense: in essence, the range of possible pro-genetic economic models still respecting human nature and the imperatives of love, morality and the spiritual finality of existence, are large, almost all-encompassing. Because the human factor, charisma, is paramount. This, plus some basic to outstanding intelligence, has been the key of success for all good regimes in all of history, for thousands of years.

From Hitler speaks, Rauschning:
  • This is Socialism - not such trifles as the private possession of the means of production. Of what importance is that if I range men firmly within a discipline they cannot escape ? Let them then own land or factories as much as they please. Decisive factor is that the State, through the party, is supreme over them, regardless whether they are owners or workers. All that, you see, is unessential. Our Socialism goes far deeper. It does not alter external conditions ; no, it establishes the relation of the individual to the State, the national community. It does this with the help of one party, or perhaps I should say of one order.

I could not help remarking that this seemed a novel and harsh doctrine.

  • Quite true, Hitler replied, and not everyone was capable of understanding it.

For this reason, he had felt it necessary to popularize his ideas by means of the diagram. Then doubtless he would not approve, I suggested, of the kind of state landlordship, or state ownership of the means of production, the dream of some of the most ardent social and economic workers of the party ? Hitler again registered impatience.

  • Why bother with such half-measures when I have far more important matters in hand, such as the people themselves ? he exclaimed. The masses always cling to extremes. After all, what is meant by nationalization, by socialization ? What has been changed by the fact that a factory is now owned by the State instead of by a Mr. Smith ? But once directors and employees alike have been subjected to a universal discipline, there will be a new order for which all expressions used hitherto will be quite inadequate.

I replied that I was beginning to understand what new and tremendous perspectives this opened.

  • The day of individual happiness has passed, instead, we shall feel collective happiness. Can there be any greater happiness than a National meeting in which speakers and audience feel the happiness of sharing ? Only the early Christian communities could have felt it with equal intensity. They, too, sacrificed their personal happiness for the higher happiness of the community. If we feel and experience this great era thus, Hitler concluded, then we shall not be disturbed by details and individual failures. We shall know then that every road leads us forward, no matter how much it seems to go in another direction. And above all, we shall then maintain our passionate desire to revolutionize the world to an extent unparalleled in history. It gives us also a special, secret pleasure to see how the people about us are unaware of what is really happening to them. They gaze fascinated at one or two familiar superficialities, such as possessions and income and rank and other outworn conceptions. As long as these are kept intact, they are quite satisfied.
    But in the meantime they have entered a new relationship and a powerful social force has caught them up. They themselves are changed. What are ownership and income to that? Why do we need trouble to socialize banks and factories ? We socialize human beings.

We completely adopt this stance.

The new world order should be based on nature, and everyone would integrate in it like bees as in a country-sized beehive. Which is not to say that the usual freedom of circulation, purchase and expression would disappear as in Stalinist regimes, no, on the contrary, such regimes must crack down on freedom because they can never win the hearts of their people…
Because they cannot give the people what they want, often not even the basic necessities of life let alone cat for spiritual needs.

Here are the three main problems with soviet economy
  • People don’t want work for something which doesn’t provide them a significant purchasing power, and for other people they don’t give a shit about
  • The command/plan was directed centrally with no regard for communities or individuals, no organic liaison with the local level. hence an enormous rigidity.
  • No respect for personalities, due to the communist emphasis on egalitarianism.

As a rule, the more complicated and bureaucratic an institution the less efficient it is. But the complication comes from an overarching central command, which makes no organizational sense. Administration should be decentralized when dealing with people’s needs, and not the needs of the State.

But the innermost driving force of this historical failure was Soviet’s historical materialism. It’s Marxism or Judaism. No soul could be sought to exist, hence no aspiration could be born from it, and people quickly turn to individualism, as in the end my own self is the only concern I can have without connecting to a greater whole.

But the cement to a lasting connection (behind the hope to get some immediate benefit out of any effort), starting from apes is love… And true love was notoriously absent from all communist regimes, outright labeled as bourgeois ! As in essence it is incompatible with a materialistic outlook on life and a fake regime for total obedience with nothing in return.

National-socialism, on the contrary, is grounded in a spiritual worldview, the natural bond of race and the Führer Prinzip. Our politics is merely to extend this movement to its fullest potential, thanks to the latest advances of human sciences and biology.

A satisfied person will endure hell and smile. In that context, it matters not whether money is maintained, or how things are possessed.

The most efficient methods of maintaining the super-organism that is society, will naturally be preferred by the people, given some time, one generation, to realize the benefit of this way of thinking.

The role of concurrence

So we must ask ourselves: what kind of competition would make sense with people you know and like ?

True, competition doesn’t have to imply distrust or antipathy, and animals compete between each other. They also eat one another, but usually not among brothers !

The most intuitive behavior is rather to share strengths, instead of hoarding resources and information and backstab one another at the first occasion. We are not interested in an ethnostate united only against outsiders, racial enemies, but divided among ourselves. This is the Israeli model, not ours.

Natural societies and primitive societies alike, would share everything, while engaging in barter with other tribes, or merely exchange members in the case of chimps. Later on money appeared, and with it the possibility (or rather, the increased ease) of speculation, profiting. This, gaining more than you offered in exchange, is the root of evil in the capitalist system.
Trade without speculation is not strictly impossible. But it nevertheless relates intrinsically to a state of mind irreconcilable with loving your competitors, whose prosperity directly undermines yours .

Trade has been thought so for 1500 years under the guidance of the Catholic Church, though the idea is far older. I just mean this Institution did indeed hold considerable sway on cultural perceptions and not always for the worst, as its weakening led to the advent of materialism and the Industrial Revolution, and an untold suffering and dehumanization of the kind we never saw before in Europe at least to such a scale.

As Sturgeon said:

I told him, all the same, he could get a lot higher prices for the little he did trade. He just laughed a little and shook his head. You have to pay for what you get or it’s no good. If you Trade well, as you call it, you finish with more than you started with; you didn’t pay. That’s as unnatural as energy levels going from lesser to greater, it’s contrary to ecology and entropy. Then he said, You don’t understand that. I didn’t and I don’t.

Ergo, within a family, socialism is the most natural model. Our State is the racial family, hence citizens should collaborate, to meet a given production volume/quality. Which was incidentally the principle of medieval corporations: competition had a place though, but it was a competition over quality, emulation in its most beautiful form: the collective interest of the workers (including the apprentices) and their economic security was insured while the very difficulty of becoming a master function as a testament to their seriousness, skill and dedication.

Work hard and earnestly, you will be rewarded. Trust. This selfless moral work ethos can be applied to any craft, except traders and businessmen, immoral by nature. This system, complete with the right to be judged by your peers allowed for true freedom and independence, and the patient accumulation of an enormous amount of shared wealth ensuring a thorough and lengthy formation of its members, their families in case of accidents, and benefits in old age. A welfare State before the latter was invented, with the key difference people had to deserve it…

Liberalism on the other hand, the unregulated pursuit of one’s own selfish interest, brought about to the general dumbing down of products in the back of consumers, the eternal incentive to skim a few bucks on security measures and workers’ legitimate income, programmed obsolescence.

It entails that the only way to once again promote durable products lasting centuries, using costly materials and fair working conditions, is State intervention, directly or in a manner delegated to authorities, the self-government of trusted craftsmen and craftswomen, working hands in hands with the central authority.

Such social bodies would educate producers and subsidize their investment in better materials and machines. They would provide both the human and monetary (or whatever equivalent) capital, to elevate producers to the level of contributing himself to said body, through dues and his accumulated experiences.

The capacity to direct all the production process and absence of real competition will allow lowering prices without fear for unforeseen and capricious economic conjectures. Because individual economic actors know very little about all others in free market societies, especially about competitors, making predictions and sound investments for the future is a needlessly impossible guesswork leaving many less than privileged producers behind, if not on the street.

The destruction of concurrence conditions a much more efficient long-term allocation of resources (both human and material) if and only if those taking the decisions actually know the situation, without being crippled by an insane parasitic bureaucracy as is always the case in our societies, let alone the USSR.
It always comes down to the human factor.

The patent system is the most perfect and worst example of the capitalistic mindset. Inventions and methods hoarded for profit and out of distrust for each other, instead of freely shared in order for all to learn the lessons of each other’s efforts ! The aptest analogy in biology would be cancerous cells characterized by their theft of common resources and refusal to communicate normally with others.

Absence of information is never an enticement to innovate, on the contrary it leads to trying the same obvious dead-ends again and again.

The belief in material necessity and hardships impulsing creativity and hard work, demonstrates a fundamental materialistic misconception: True creativity has no cause, it is a miracle coming from inside and above, from your blood and the gods. Only such an optics fits observations and deserves appertaining to a new European dream.

Picture of a lot of elated people around Hitler

Just recognition of efforts and talents should be acknowledged for creators, in order to not dissuade creative efforts, while free access to information would ensure constant improvement on past methods: by losing a bit of their grip and right to profit from society, individuals earn vastly more means to express their own talents. The insecurity disappears, as one finds completion in others.

Hence information and all sorts of digital property should always be free and open.

The invisible hand of the market would naturally cause unknowing consumers to seek the cheapest products, all too eager to rationalize their choice, while producers will seek to make the most of the smallest investment, at the price of quality. Creating a pressure on all producers toward lowering the norm save for losing its market share, and quickly consumers can not find good products anymore.

Hence for an accelerated uniformization of food quality and degree of ecological compliance the State shall decide in all matters of production norms.

Pure liberalism supposes an open and fluid market with little initial investment and many producers, with the possibility of becoming one themselves in absence of satisfying options. Those conditions are all invalidated in today’s economies, and arguably this was always the case: markets are highly granular, entering them requires specific and often long training or education whose acquisition is often a definitive life-long career choice, and initial investment, in activities creating the most values - namely, industries ! - is enormous.

The unavoidable concentration of capital is a normal feature of any growing society, effectively eliminating competition in most industry branches beside the most minute and superficial (often artistic) details, while the inner parts get produced by a limited few companies, often owned by the same shareholders.

Finally, in these integrated branches of industry, the only essential difference between capitalism and socialism is this one: for whom are these fortunes invested for ? Their own profit, or the interest of the community ? Free markets advocates also suppose economic actors (consumers, which all producers are) have complete or sufficient knowledge of their own wants and needs, and what is available on the market. That assumption couldn’t be more flawed.

Information available to buyers is limited. Both by sellers themselves, unwilling to spill the beans on their dirty secrets, or bound by commercial or industrial secrets. Beside, it supposes buyers could understand. In reality the overwhelming majority will consume products whose inner working and finer points of fabrication method eludes its understanding. Yet those very points would be necessary to impact the market’s future evolution in a sense aligned with producers’ interests.

That’s why society can not do without experts and regulations enacting standards and enforcing them rigorously. Market forces truly are blind because consumers are blind, they can (as a whole) not see the bigger picture and head for a wall when left unchecked.

It entails many economic crises could have been averted (the USSR mostly went unharmed through Western crises) and many technical markets impossible to comprehend without years of study, such as computers or programming languages, would have followed very different paths in their international standards or industrial deployment norms. Millions of consumers should change into experts if free market were to cause the adoption of sound standards and architectures !

But command economies still suffer from this problem of people’s changing needs and wishes. It is true that predicting them, especially in the long term, has proved a daunting task at the very least, as people are intrinsically fickle, never satisfied. Or are they ?

The reason behind this constant need for innovation and novelties, lies mostly behind an inner spiritual and erotic dissatisfaction. True spiritual nourishment increases social and cultural stability, leading not to stagnation but to equilibrium, a slow pace of change reflecting the real mutual adaptation of people and their environment throughout a time span of up to tens of millennia instead of being dictated by a neurotic psyche.

  • I concede that she [Nature] reaches that state cruelly, at times, and wastefully and all the rest. But she has a way of coming up with the pragmatic solution, the one that works. To build in a pressure which tends to standardize and purify a successful stage, and to call in the exogene, the infusion of fresh blood, only once in several generations—that seems to me most reasonable.
  • More so, Charli said, than what we’ve always done, when you look at it that way. Every generation a new exogene, the blood keeps churning up, each new organism full of pressures which haven’t had a chance with the environment.
  • I suppose, said Vorhidin, you could argue that the incest taboo is responsible for the restlessness that pulled mankind out of the caves, but that’s a little too simplistic for me. I’d have preferred a mankind that moved a little more slowly, a little more certainly, and never fell back.

Social habits and needs should stem from blood. Socialization of people, and their gradual rise in intelligence and spiritual affinity will ensure an uniformity of material culture, simplifying predictions and planification considerably.

The distribution of the work sector

When it comes to the various sectors of the economy, they tend to reflect the basic needs as well as the desires and whims of the society they serve. In pre-Industrial society the primary (agricultural) sector of the economy was enough to service it almost in its entirety and plenty of people survived on basic subsistence farming, selling off any agricultural surplus to the small towns and cities. Existing industries were negligible in proportion of population, but very important politically (being concentrated in cities) and well regulated through joint cooperatives known as corporations and artisan guilds, they mostly served the primary sector through the production of high-quality tools, or the state itself, providing weapons for their respective armies.

However, following the industrial revolution agriculture progressively revolutionized, farmers now no longer had to employ a big workforce to service the fields manually as a consequence of mechanization, and as a result a large bulk of the workforce shifted towards industrial jobs, slowly and organically (as in France) or suddenly, literally bribing and forcing their population into factories in the case of England, dramatically reducing their health and standard of living.

Photographs of child miners in England

The population divide of early capitalism would lead to an increasingly small minority of exploiters and an increasingly poor majority of exploited workers, an intrinsic dichotomy of capitalism that Marx (and a few others) saw clearly. Industrialization also unleashed a wholly different beast unlike anything seen before, because the rise of manufacturing capabilities led to the first forms of consumerism, wherein the market started competing to service the ever changing (and often frivolous) consumer needs and desires through various products and gadgets. This model was based on the expansion of a middle class both producing and consuming, giving some stability to the system from a sociological point of view.

But these trends proved chaotic and constantly shifting (trends rising and falling) due to mostly uncontrollable psychological factors, reducible to cooking and psychosexual frustration which we covered previously. From the end of World War II until the early seventies, the extension and intensification of liberalism had mirrored and accompanied in the West the increase in workers’ rights and purchasing power. Wealth differentials between the different classes of people didn’t really change with centuries passing, arguably studies show society is more hierarchical, structured, immobile and unfair than at any time ever in history. So the relative wealth of the working class hasn’t really improved that much. But as far as the amount of goods we can acquire, absolute wealth skyrocketed. Most people are materially richer than 95% of the whole of society at any moment in history.

The rise of true evil however concurred only with the advent of our modern era, with the appearance of the interconnected and global economy, which suddenly created a peculiar situation in western countries, capitalists and oligarchs suddenly understood that the increased worker rights no longer allowed the same profit margins as before to be made, and for this reason they tapped into the huge workforce of the third world, suddenly shifting the bulk of our manufacturing capabilities to countries such as China and other Asian states considered undeveloped.

This entailed a complete disaster, as the already established environmental and worker protection laws present in the west were completely ignored in these countries, which led to the insane environmental damage in the form of heavy metal and microplastics pollution in the ocean, and extensive rainforests destruction we witness today, all endorsed or even encouraged so CEO Mr Bergstein could earn a few more shekels.

Chinese Communist Party: A perfectly healthy water

Lots of dead fish surfacing on a Chinese lake Depiction of chemical pollution in China

The tale of how the west was betrayed by its elite for profits would deserve a whole dissertation, but what I want to focus on is the lie of the post-industrial society this entailed. With the disappearance of a large part of the manufacturing sector the workforce suddenly had no options left but to further perpetuate the superficial consumer culture in other ways, and the tertiary sector arose, centered entirely around human services.

Suddenly white collar jobs in often frivolous administrative professions became desirable for Europeans to have, many busy in financial manipulations done by those same corporations exploiting the industrial surplus of the third world, all while the bulk of the other human services jobs deemed less attractive (like those requiring actual physical activity: garbage men, plumbers, etc.) had been given to migrants, this also being one of the excuses used to justify the great racial replacement of the European people, while itself being a total fallacy perpetuating the myth of the lazy white man needing foreigners to do his dirty work.

Famous cover of the booklet named “der Untermensch”

So that was it! Feric had heard that Universalism was gaining popularity among the masses of Heldon, but he had scarcely imagined that the insidious doctrine promulgated by the Doms had sufficient influence to actually weaken the stringency of the genetic purity laws. The Universalists demanded the breeding of mindless slave creatures to perform menial tasks, the sort of perversion of protoplasm that the Dominators practiced in Zind.

They were not yet powerful enough to achieve this unspeakable end, but apparently they had stirred up the slothful masses to the point where the craven government was actually permitting mutants to work in Heldon as a sop to this tendency.

  • All this talk of genetic purity is long out of date, Jaggar, Gelbart said with a cruel little smile. Already many of the people are demanding that great masses of mutants be imported to perform the distasteful labor necessary to maintain a high civilization. Soon Heldon will realize that the best course is to breed mindless creatures, protoplasmic robots, if you will, in the manner of Zind. You are shouting in a whirlwind. The natural sloth of human beings is your implacable foe.
Spinrad in The Iron Dream

We all bought into the lie that this is something sustainable and in fact desirable, partaking in unnecessary professions that overall contribute nothing to society or outright degenerate us became the norm, while the products that keep us docile were produced by third world countries destroying nature itself. The prime example of this degeneracy is the American work sector, whose workforce is 80% invested in the sector of services.

The need to revolutionize the food production sector provides a solution to the inflated tertiary sector and consumer culture, by conveniently shifting a large part of the workforce to the primary sector. This should suffice to absorb more than the majority of the population workforce for the first generations, even motivating further demographic growth. Along with military defense (as well as energy production for strategic purpose), putting most people back to growing trees - by any means necessary - and whole forests to revitalize agricultural lands might very well become the main occupation and source of wealth creation. The end of programmed obsolescence shall bring back high-quality utilities and equipment, such as cars lasting 50 years and being easy to repair.

Good ol’ tireless landa !
Picture of an old sovietic Landa car

The people must recognize how lazy of a practice agriculture represents: a single man plowing a desolate field with his tractor to produce a monoculture crop, itself used to make degenerate processed foods to feed the equally degenerate masses, eroding the overall genetic quality of humanity generation by generation. Human nutrition must be varied and free from processing as the one of our ape cousins, and the only type of cultivation that aligns with our nutritional needs would be an agriculture that isn’t based on plowing the fields to sow soil eroding monocrops, but a type of agriculture based on the cultivation of foods that we are adapted to eating, such as various fruit trees and vegetables instead of legumes .

It will also foster a culture of self-sufficiency and local resilience (a strategic value of paramount importance in case of war or any situation of stretching resource). Each family will partake in the growing of victory gardens like those from WW2 as a social duty, except on a much bigger scale.

Quickly enough, these robust products will cause markets to dwindle so that a green capitalism based on perpetual growth doesn’t make any sense in the end: the only model or philosophy matching a modern but non-consumerist society at equilibrium (past the transition period) is essentially a command economy wherein main social investment not conducive to profits (or which no company of sane size could tackle anyways) are decided beforehand, while small details are sorted out locally by whichever way seems adequate.

If human desire is unending in the sense that people will continue on living no matter what, then it is not boundless at any given moment. Hence the only solution for capitalists to foster economic growth (some even fancying infinite growth !) has been to manufacture artificial desires, preying on people’s frustration. We should wonder what should happen if we remove that incentive once and for all?

Not coke on those lips, very close.
Erotic woman

The industrial production sector itself will also need to be revitalized, and in this case the fact much of it was outsourced to the third world is to play a positive role, giving us the opportunity to practically start anew. We will build a thoroughly planned out structure for our national industries in which we will incentivize those needs considered crucial for national security and social well-being, such as various tools needed for craftsmen, computational power, mechanization and automation, necessary consumer items, and most importantly the defense sector which should be the driving force behind the entire society, because only through militarization can our State hope to topple the political status quo without being crushed immediately.

To conclude this type of national autarky when it comes to what we produce and what we consume will lead to much humbler individual needs and desires, as we get much more conscious of our actions and habits.
Out of sight, out of mind: we can’t see pollution thoroughly defiling the opposite end of the world, but we can’t ignore it in front of our eyes. So I firmly believe a racially and environmentally conscious Aryan folk would not suffer crossing boundaries that infringe upon Mother Nature herself.

Everyday consumer desires will change drastically as we realize in our flesh, that a man’s greatest possession and source of satisfaction is his family and folk.


Money is merely a convenient means to represent the total amount of human resource available to a society at a given time, which nonetheless allows for possibilities of credit and debt: most currencies today are fiat, based on trust. The reason behind the continuous use of metals as universally acknowledged currencies, and later of the gold standard - beside its ease to divide and store - never was any different: gold and silver have very little use in daily life and they’re a scarce resource, or so it was the case for most of history at least. Their value has always been mostly psychological, for regardless of their rarity or difficulty of access, if no one had fancied their possession, they would have had no commercial value either.

Today’s societies have become too complex and the sheer amount of interactions and transactions so insane, no single physical token being able to handle it. Hence fiat money has been uniformly acknowledged as the only viable option for a modern society.

Global economy’s intricate interdependence has allowed until now an integration of the main currencies, based on the strength of each national economy, their political stability, and all kinds of indicators playing on the establishments of exchange rates through wildly complicated mechanisms mostly escaping the control of any person. Until now devaluations and inflation have been devised centrally (be it in the US, UK, or Brussels) to please capitalist interests of share-holders and bankers and ensure their continuous profiteering at the detriment of workers.

We promote the opposite, the adoption of the National-Socialist financial system and money based on the work of a high-trust productive society. The more trust in one’s own intelligence and skills, the more luxury a Völk can allow itself, confidence in its capacity to compensate with more work or more production later on.

The unavoidable isolation of a renewed racist ethno-State, will find its solution in the formation of separate economic zones on the basis of barter and bilateral recognition of economic needs and values of national goods, between like-minded countries of similar lifestyle and capacities.

As a good explanation of these mechanisms, we defer to the excellent book La révolution européenne, by Francis Delaisi.

For the men of the Axis, the Universe is too vast and too diverse, the Nation is too small: it is necessary to divide the world into autonomous vital spaces, grouping peoples of the same race, of the same civilization, having complementary productions: and direct their enterprises according to plans periodically established by the public authorities for the improvement of the lot of the greatest number.

To establish this, the good public imagines that the boss proceeds in the following way:

He adds up
  • The cost of raw materials to be processed
  • The wages
  • The consumption of the machines, their wear and tear and the interest on the money they cost him:
  • The selling expenses: transport. brokerage. discounts.
  • The general expenses: administration, rents, taxes. insurance etc.

The total gives the cost price.
He adds a certain percentage for his personal expenses, his profit and his risks.
Then he divides the total by the number of units produced (of shoes, for example). And he writes the quotient on the object indicated. This is the selling price he will ask the buyer.
This is how things should reasonably be; and it is quite certain that if this method were always observed, wages would never be compressed and there would be no social or economic crises.
Unfortunately, in the system of competition which is the one of the neoliberal economy which governs us, one proceeds exactly in the opposite direction.

The selling price is fixed first by the brokers on the national market, without any intervention of the producers, without any consideration of the cost price, by the simple law of supply and demand.
If the buyers are the most numerous, the prices rise and all the elements of the cost price are easily covered. But if the sellers prevail, the producer is obliged to lower his selling prices, and if the fall is accentuated and prolonged, he is obliged to compress the elements of his cost price.
Starting from the selling price. He then proceeds, not by addition, but by subtraction.

From the total sum he has received from his customers, he deducts
  • The cost of the raw materials he has purchased and whose invoices he cannot change;
  • the distribution costs: transport, brokerage,
    distribution costs: transport, brokerage, discounts, etc., over which he has no control,
  • the interest and amortization of the sums that he has devoted to the purchase of his machines and various installations:

They represent expenses made a long time ago and on which he can no longer return;

  • The general expenses of the company: general administration
    The general expenses of the company: general administration, rent, taxes, insurance, which he can only slightly modify.
    In short, there are only two items that can be easily reduced:
  • The profits that he allocates to himself or that he shares with his shareholders (it is understandable that he does not willingly resign himself to reducing them, at least as far as he is concerned);
  • And finally the wages of his workers: he will therefore reduce the price of the hour worked. Then, if this is insufficient, the number of working hours (short-time working). And finally the number of workers employed (total unemployment).

In short, in the so-called liberated economy based on the law of supply and demand, it is the selling price that determines the cost price, whereas in good logic it should be exactly the opposite.

Since the New Reich abandoned gold payments [today the reliance on global finance and tacit convertibility in dollars], it no longer had to take into account price fluctuations on the international markets when setting its domestic prices. It took advantage of this, as we have seen, to quickly raise wages by 20 percent.

And since the worker could not (because of rationing) increase his consumption, he used this surplus to pay contributions (compulsory or voluntary) for social insurance, pensions, paid vacations, leisure, sports, etc.

Thus was instituted in Germany what could be called the full wage, covering not only the vital needs of the worker. It covered not only the worker’s basic needs, but also the performance bonuses and all the risks of work (accidents, illness, old age, unemployment, leisure, etc.). All these charges were incorporated into the wage, which was itself introduced entirely by way of addition into the cost price, which was no longer compressible, since it was removed from international competition because of the abandonment of the rule of gold.

For nine years, the Reichsbank, freed from the metal cover, has been able to increase or reduce the circulation of its banknotes at will: a dangerous privilege which, if left to the arbitrariness of power, could quickly lead to inflation and ruin. But the government of the New Reich has three manometers at its disposal to regulate its action, constantly adjusted by the services of the Conjecture:

  • The curve of the amount of bills issued by the Reichsbank;
  • The curve of the wages and salaries (consumption) established each week by the Ministry of Labor, and regularly completed by those of the global incomes of the country;
  • The curve of the cost of life

If the cost of living increases, it is because the purchasing power of the public exceeds the quantities of the objects produced; by reducing the volume of bills in circulation, the volume of purchases decreases: prices tend to fall and the cost of living also decreases.

If, as a result, the curve falls below the normal level, the Reichsbank increases the circulation of its banknotes; the purchasing power of the masses rises and the cost of living goes up. By a continuous game of trial and error, by a series of incestuous variations in both directions. The Reichsbank can thus adjust (indirectly) the whole of production to the whole of consumption. Thus, empirically, the Reichsmark has been given a constant value and a fixed ratio between wages and prices, which is the first condition for social peace.

Despite the decades that passed since these events, this analysis of liberalism hasn’t aged significantly. Purchasing power (directly through wages or indirectly through inflation) massively suffers unfair competition from third-world countries like China.

Germany could regulate volume and value of money - corresponding fairly accurately to our heart changing on the fly the amount of blood (with water) and its concentration in diverse nutrients - until the people had been socialized and its lifestyle streamlined, simplified enough, to permit the direct control of more and more of the economy by local authorities, with people ultimately concentrated in garden-cities or otherwise self-sufficient self-sustaining units in harmony with their environment, while maintaining an adequately high level of technology, up to every community’s liking. We firmly believe such a lifestyle fits the requirements of superior humans the most.

Retrofuturist representation of ecologically-compliant buildings