Our political platform

Warning: This article is still in under construction.

Here we lay the foundations of a transitional society following a successful national-naturalist revolution, half-way between today and tomorrow. We explain our positions on all points of politics, economics and technology. This is how an elite caste of society fully embodying natural laws and the imperative of racial purification will set out to fundamentally change the fabric of society, gradually applying for the masses what its members tested on themselves.

This is the manifesto of the future national‑naturalist party.

Statement of Purpose

National-naturalism is at once a worldview, a political model and a religion.
The role of a State based on it is to further the people’s mental, physical and spiritual advancement, to reach the highest achievements in all areas of both science and culture.

The state is only a means to an end. Its end and its purpose is to preserve and promote a community of human beings who are physically as well as spiritually kindred. Above all, it must preserve the existence of the race.

We uphold a three-pronged socio-political approach to superhumanity: perfecting alimentation, education and eugenics1.

We refer to nationalism because an immense concentration of power and resources that only a well organized state could carry out, will be necessary to achieve those goals. Only within a totalitarian collectivist society will the full might of our people be harnessed.

We refer to naturalism, because our principles derive from science and experience and not any particular tradition. We ask for a type of science free from prejudices, going beyond the materialistic and moralistic postulations modern academia is ridden with, in order to accept naked objective facts.
A science that doesn’t bend its perception of nature in service of a preconceived morality or ideology, but one that creates ideology and morale straight from facts, in service of nature2.
The Nature we refer to is revealed through personal experiences along with an impartial, amoral observation of our closest primate cousins, shining a cruel light on the state of degeneration human life has fallen into, and how to fix the world.

We wish to renovate national-socialism on the basis of primatology, the restoration of our original diet and the paleolithic way of life, while keeping all the gains of modernity to ensure our military and industrial supremacy.

We need an elite of men and women discarding their personal freedom for the glory of responsibility, with the mental fortitude to share everything, their bodies and minds included. Completely dedicated to the State embodied by an God-Emperor (or Führer) and our goals in recreating paradise on Earth by all means necessary. Compulsory education, military training and tightly controlled sexuality will bring these individuals to the summit of human creativity, willpower and efficiency.


Before the end of this century, possibly before 2050, the natural resources of the world will be fully depleted while the global population (compounded by its industrial progress) will reach an absolute peak, and world wars most likely involving nuclear weapons will occur will cause untold numbers to die, around racial and religious lines. With no foreseeable (voluntary) slowing down, and considering the White race is the only one even remotely interested in ecology and sustainable development, without taking extreme measures Europeans will die out and then the whole of humanity not long after.

Mondial population throughout history
Curve of world population during the whole existence of our species

In a hundred years from now if not before, everything we grew to love: The great majority of wild animals, insects, plants, forests, will be no more, leaving a scarred planet as humans set into motion the biggest extinction event since that of the dinosaurs. Humanity in its current form is a plague on our planet.
Non-White countries which gained access to the product of Western technology such as China, India and the Middle-East, while at the same time lacking our most basic ecological tendencies, are all racial, ecological and ideological enemies of the first order.

We realize that ecology (universal interest) and national interest, when it comes to the superior races endowed with consciousness, are one and the same. The destiny of Life itself on the planet and that of our race are united3. Their indefinite survivals in the future depend on each other.

The primary imperative of the State is to acquire absolute power on the geopolitic level in the long run to safeguard our survival at all costs.

Any action: trade, temporary alliance and wars will be taken as we see fit. All resources must be spent on increasing national power and eliminating dangers.
In particular polluters like China, Brazil and India, mainly responsible for unimaginable suffering and destruction, by the end of this century, should be exterminated, lest life as we know it ceases to be on this planet. The stronger we get on all levels (industrially, militarily, scientifically) the more leverage we have to enact these goals. Depending on the case and the forecast repercussions, countries will be convinced, bribed or subjugated by force to stop their ecological rampage.

We consider a certainty that when the time comes for the White race to rise once again, the current global political and economical status quo will be long gone already. The current world order will have fallen, be it due to wars,food crisis or due to population pressure. But wars with nuclear powers should only be waged in the moment when all others solutions have been attempted, as it will in all likelihood initiate the end times, global thermonuclear warfare of unprecedented scale with no other outcome beside the annihilation of the main global superpowers. All other solutions must be explored to limit the ecological damage, all ways of persuasion, alliances, bribing or economic warfare.

Only when the fate of the planet will be judged more endangered by letting the status quo continue, than by risking a full-on war, then must hostilities be initiated or encouraged. The Imperium must strive to push its borders continuously, both for geopolitical and economical reasons (accessing resources, securing areas, putting a halt on environmental catastrophes), until the world doesn’t have to fear the depredation of parasitic populations anymore.

In all of this, it is our spiritual powers that will win all conflicts: Perceiving the future on whatever level, when it comes to war, is the ultimate weapon to end all wars. Predicting the location of the enemy’s hidden nuclear silos can limit collateral damages to the environment and good people to a minimum.

That is why even on a practical level in order to avoid a second Axis debacle, future wars will be waged by honing our humanity.


The State will have an immense educational role in getting rid of centuries to millennia old thinking habits. But changing the minds without changing diet first is possible with adults only excessively rarely: only children can develop to their fullest extent, and only if fed naturally and educated as intended from a tender age. Therefore, it stands to reason that the absolute most urgent task is to revolutionize agricultural practices toward the mass production of genetically compatible raw food, to allow a quick transitioning for the whole people.

It will undoubtedly count among the most difficult social experiment ever attempted, one which only the most authoritarian State can hope to attempt.

The State will have an immense educational role in getting rid of centuries to millennia old thinking habits. Without a reversion of the Neolithic catastrophe, correcting mass behaviors is next to impossible will not change nor will the powers of the mind develop in any measure fit for practical use by the State. Without minds without changing diet first is only selectively possible with adults: only children can be educated perfectly from a tender age.

[ - Nuremberg, 1934- ] Only an authoritarian government, firmly tied to a people, can lead the people over the long term.
Joseph Goebbels

Therefore the absolute most urgent inner political task is to revolutionize agricultural practices for everyone and start the mass production of genetically compatible raw food. History proved that questioning cooked food is for most people the most difficult thing to do, even when facing the certitude of death. That reason alone justifies a totalitarian society.

When that task will be well on its way, a new, collectivist lifestyle aimed at the regeneration of our race will begin. Children will be educated in common, though blood relationships will keep priority, and be maintained as long as possible. The teaching of the natural laws of love, will ensure that jealousy and the nuclear family become things of a past, bygone era. As much as practically possible, people will live in habitats varying in kind, location and size, to please a wide range of aspiration and provide a wide range of experiences, over all the Imperium’s territory. Mobility will be encouraged, to gather said experience.
Work will be organized as locally as possible, thanks to high levels of automation and more importantly, a reduced footprint. Superfuous consommation will be outlawed, or simply not possible in the new economic system.

The economy will be planified, at first just as much as needed to allow the full deployment of the working population, toward the most immediate national goals. Private interests will persist for a time, as a conglomerate of industries cooperating tighly with the political power, and controlled by it, similar to what happened in Italian and Japanese corporatism during World War 2. And as time goes by, in the span of one or two generation, total collectivism under a way of life, as goods of consommation are all standardized and simplified, and a simpler life oriented toward the satisfaction of the fundamental needs of love, sexuality, food and the conscious joyful improvement of the human mind and body.

  1. From this there follows, as a first priority, a fundamental concern to ensure (by correct nutrition, by education, and by selection) an ever more advanced eugenics of the human zoological type on the surface of the earth. At the same time, however, and even more markedly, there must be an ever more intense effort directed towards discovery and vision, animated by the hope of our gradually, as one man, putting our hands on the deep-seated forces (physico-chemical, biological and psychic) which provide the impetus of evolution… There is no future for man, I repeat, without the neo-sense of the species.
    Teilhard de Chardin, The Sense of the Species of Man, 1949
  2. We are not against traditions nor against them, as they crystallize both people’s unadulterated instincts and degenerate tendencies in any particular century: the correct attitude in this new century is to conserve the good elements and burn away the rest. ↩︎

  3. I hate nationalism and its apparent regressions to the past. But I am very interested in the primacy it returns to the collective. Could a passion for ‘the race’ represent a first draft of the Spirit of the Earth? It is to this last one… that I have always given my faith.