The issue of purity spiraling

Our most sacred purpose: The Eugenic imperative

When talking to people, it becomes apparent that purity spiral is never suddenly as bothersome, as when applied to oneself. People are often eager to endorse racism, only so long as they can be counted among the übermensch: very few accept their imperfection and its consequences. This raises a few questions which deserve some considerations:

  • Is furthering one’s self-interest always legitimate ?
  • Should Whites favor themselves because of an alleged biological drive (which the white cuck majority apparently has little problem ignoring !) ?
  • Or rather follow a higher sense of ethics, favoring not those who look like us but rather the best and brightest ?

A rational and objective understanding of evolution and what happened after cooking, teaches us that most of our degeneration from Neanderthals was caused by cooking, Aberrant mutations induced by a loss of selection and auto domestication. And not mixing.

Before cooking and Neolithic, mixing has been exceedingly rare as though one could make a case for our ancestors being quite capable of building boats and crossing continents as they please, it is a fact that mixing is not found in the fossil archive. Asians (Denisova) and Europeans would interbreed very rarely, or said individuals would not propagate their genome, their taint, further.

Global exchanges in the Roman Empire

We don’t see that today, do we?
Then not until the advent of widespread colonial empires starting from the 15th century causing big and quick migration flux did mixing with other continents become a thing. Some migrations did occur before though, through lands. In the South of France with Spaniards for instance, enough to change France’s phenotype completely. Or through Mongol invasions or the turmoil at the end of the bronze age or Italians from the Roman Empire mixing with Celts.


But coastal locations were more mixed already, being the places of much inter-cultural and commercial exchanges and population too. Modern means of transportation, in a way, merely accelerated (exponentially) what would already happen slowly but surely. This shows how the origin of all the issues has been the Neolithic with its technological improvements, and even more so, its drive to develop into nonsensical complex societies.

Hence the root and origin of mixing, was the diet change in the Neolithic, without which none of that could have happened, as indeed none of it had happened for hundreds of thousands of years prior, despite much intellectual capabilities to do so (we did find some Neanderthal remains in Africa after all).

Moral consequences

Knowing this, what is the moral action to take, what is the most ethical and rational behavior ?
It is not to simply reproduce the brightest, with the biggest brains or whatnot. Race-blind IQ eugenics is nonsensical. Lineages separated for tens to hundreds of millennia, can not blend qualities in such a simplistic way: our mind qualities and tendencies originate from separate factors, separate pathways, adaptive complexes of genes [which individually have little value].

Instead of standing currently at the peak of evolution, we current Europeans are mere shadows of ourselves. Once you’re white there’s no upgrade, and it is proved too that statistical outliers tend to breed toward the average of their race, not all genetic traits are hereditary, assuming they are indeed genetic.

And more importantly, once we understand what happened in history and prehistory and what kind of unimaginably majestic otherworldly beings we once were, our objective can not be to simply select the best: no intellectual criteria can approach the wisdom of age, the selective pressures that create our (three) races. We can not substitute our intellect for evolution, and we do not know what evolution had in store for any race, because evolution was stopped dead in its tracks by cooking or the indirect effects of it.

Mixed Africans have bigger brains, but on average they tend to design smarter and more cruel ways to eat and massacre each other, while the character of blacker (or purer) Blacks, such as the Nilotic, Negrito, San or Pygmy people, is usually more temperate. Mixed Blacks are agitated morons just smart enough to think too much of themselves, while isolated pure Black ethnies stayed the more respectable and amenable animals moving peacefully along their evolutionary path. Perhaps climbing it or falling, but according to nature’s dictate and it is not our role to intervene.

Just as we should not suffer mixed people to breed, especially among ourselves. It is not that brown-haired Europeans are inferior to others, though statistical truth holds (the purer the bigger the brain and more intelligent), but their breeding is undesirable and its consequence unfathomable.

Perfection (relative to our current state) lies in the past, not the future. We were perfect and fell, but that means everything is still there, as seeds.
As long as we don’t mix.

Said otherwise, traits lost to cooking might be temporary losses only, such as a bigger brain or those classical old-age Neanderthal facial traits. Those are developmental traits rather than genetic ones, though the notions overlap. The point is, the information that made us is not gone so much as we can’t access it anymore, hence any regenerative process is much easier with purer people as subjects, preserving more of the original perfect racial scheme.

The genetic dead-end of mixed-race people

On the opposite a mixed people can never go back in and of itself: adding incompatible data destroys forever the integrity of this genetic scheme. This is why interbreeding is the worst crime imaginable, from God’s perspective.

Hitler (among others) had no liking for evolutionary reasonings, instead mentioning God’s will to create races separate, to not dilute their essences through mixing. He had an excellent intuition: each race should follow its evolutionary path and by continuing to breed obviously mixed people we further our Neolithic forebears’ mistakes. Each passing decade considering today’s rate, sees more and more sullying of the pure Nordic race.

I did mention God, but this is not a mere turn of phrase: a mere scientific point of view leads to these conclusions, but stepping outside into mysticism or religion strengthens them significantly. God and evolution are one and the same, in the sense that extrasensory intervention be it through luck having a hand in which species survive and which don’t, or through direct genetic weird quantum effects or extraordinary unlikely events allowing for impossible qualitative jumps.

We don’t know what the gods or destiny had intended for any wild animal species we killed off, and we’ll never know because they’re dead. We simply can not fathom what direction destiny intended each race to go along, because cooking happened, messing with genetics with an onslaught of chaotic mutations and shunting the natural barriers against mixing that existed, first and foremost Europeans’ unfathomable wide gap in intelligence and robustness with Blacks, now limited to just a very big one. So, the only thing to do and way to meaningfully improve our race is to seek purity compared Neanderthals’ phenotype, and breed the best of us inside the Nordic race, rejecting any and all manifest impurity or admixture.

Logic dictates that non-Nordic Whites or anyone identifying with Europeans, putting their lots with them and suffering with them, should get sterilized - voluntarily - and adopt or nurture Nordic children: in a word cuck for Nords, while breeding is left to the experts. Purifying the race by correcting those thousands of years or straying away from nature and instincts being the most sacred task imaginable, it entails that it could not possibly be left to individual choices… Breeding should be the privilege of the few, according to a collective decision.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the of the few, as classical utilitarianism tells: with the sole difference that my many includes the infinity of all future generations. In front of that, no amount of imagined or real suffering of a few individuals - or entire generations worth of strife and efforts - can even begin to compare.

Now the question is: let’s ignore most of what I said, why don’t all people cuck for their betters with abnegation and joy like many Germans did, an attitude considered of the highest nobility and worthy of the utmost praise ?

Because like Plato taught, the overwhelming majority of people since the [Fall] does not breed out of love and congruence with a sense of providence announcing an important destiny to fulfill for the incoming soul like in all myths about virgin births (common around the world).

This question is at the center of metapsychoanalysis: people have always projected the transcendence herring to the metapsychic instinctive program on to the breeding program, so investing much libido (both in the nervous enery sense or the narrow sexual one) into breeding, seeking to achieve a kind of immortality through making one’s own kids, looking like ourselves, regardless of our objective qualities.

Despite the fact we should value the qualities within ourselves in and of themselves, without always egotistically relating everything two ourselves as the point of reference, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article.
Most people can’t think otherwise, and women (or females of any species) by far the least easily (while funnily enough having less issue catering for others’ kids), owing to their accentuated biological wiring toward breeding.

We should desire the White (or East-Asian) race to prosper and improve, not because it’s us but because it’s the best or at least has a unique set of qualities, and its evolutionary potential is much greater than Africans or any mixed groups, as anthropology and biology taught us. So whoever is part of the folk should work in favor of the whitest of whites, meaning, Nords. To work in hope of some personal reward is a dishonest fallacious motivation and quickly runs out as our misguided desires reveal to oppose the greater good of all, eventually of all life on Earth. If killing your whole family plus a million white children could set every back in time and save billions upon billions of future life, would you do it ?

IQ nationalism fallacy

Since over generations children’ IQ align on racial averages and not their parents’ IQ, it makes sense if we have plenty of candidates, to select only aryans. For a lot of physical traits such as health and (some form) of intelligence the parents’ traits matter less than their genetic potential, and the latter is more clearly indicated by their extended family, as nurture plays a big role.

Also complex traits often depend on what is called non-additive genetics, which is the effect of precise sets of alleles hardly heritable because of the disruption of their unity through gametic segregation regardless of how much alleles are passed down because their effects comes from (epistatic) interaction. Individual alleles’ effects do not stack up.

The best way to preserve those traits depending precise combinations, is group or family selection: one gets a much better idea of a person’ hereditary potential by looking at its family and breeding the family as a whole. That way gene complexes are preserved as such, the same way we want to preserve the whole race.
Otherwise, breeding high IQ people whose family is only sub-average, would not help at all, you would choose on outlier unable to pass on its qualities.

It’s safer to base your criteria on the most genetically-determined traits, skull shape first and foremost. Therefore the SS valued physical beauty and strength and conformity with aryan measurements over intelligence, because the SS was meant to be a RACIAL elite, the new nobility seeding Europe with their offspring.

In short, we’d better breed a group of stupid but pure, clumsy faggoty weak aryans which suffered from a terrible diet education and lifestyle than from intelligent and strong niggers assuming you can provide a good education and diet to these kids, because their offsrpings’ qualitty will align on racial averages.

The definition of a good trait isn’t always straightforward, including a subjective element. However things like reaction time or nerve transmission speed are universally adaptive, their value is intrinsic. One could also owe his big skull to either mutations, or a wholly different racial ancestry, Asian for instance. A good skull ideally isn’t just about size, it gets shaped like a Neanderthal’s, something on which a specialist would deliberate on better than the average joe.

It’s also difficult to measure IQ.
School results are an indicator only as many tests and educational opportunities are standardized, which imply control for parental influences (and reform the entirety of the school system !) so that everyone gets the same training.
Discaring IQ tests completely would be preferable as they are rather mechanical, hardly involving any efforts, unlike actual school work. This is shown by psychological studies. Yet it’s about the most trustworthy indicator in all of psychology…

Hence no effort should be spared, to develop the science of psychometry and neurology to an extreme degree: the scientific, objective measurement of acultural and mostly physical traits indicative of intelligence, brain efficiency or development. More on this at a later point, but clearly any idea of a multi-centuries breeding effort requires in order to assess progress, a reliable - non-invasive ! - means to define then quantify qualities by discovering physical measurements unambiguously and strongly correlated with them, limiting the interpretative, subjective work.

I lay out the basics of such method of education here and there .


We need that fanaticism and sense of self-sacrifice in service of the community. The book Iron Dream from Norman Spinrad expressed that abnegation perfectly:

  • Firstly, the Treaty of Karmak must be renounced and all mongrels and mutants forever barred from every inch of Helder soil. Secondly, the racial purity laws must be enforced with renewed rigor, and because of the laxness of late which has allowed all sorts of contaminants to infiltrate the Helder gene pool. Classification Camps must be established throughout the nation where all Helder whose genetic purity can at all be called into question will be held until their pedigrees and genetic patterns are thoroughly reexamined. Those found to be genetically contaminated will be given the choice of exile or sterilization.[…] It is my duty to inform you that you have failed to entirely measure up to the standards of the pure human genotype. You have two options: exile from the Fatherland forever or sterilization. Which do you choose?

The fellow hesitated a moment; Feric spied tears in his eyes. Then suddenly Feric’s presence was noted and everyone—SS men and sour-faced inmates alike—snapped out Party salutes and shouted Hail Jaggar! with a vigor and enthusiasm that left nothing to be desired. Feric was deeply touched by such a demonstration of racial solidarity, coming as it did from those called upon to sacrifice their hope of future progeny for the good of the Fatherland.

A moment later, the Holder at the front of the line squared his shoulders, clicked his heels, came to attention and replied to the SS major clearly and firmly:

  • I choose sterilization for the good of the Fatherland!

He then gave a letter-perfect Party salute and marched resolutely through the right-hand doorway.[…]

Then, after the most powerful and twisted stand-in for Jews (the Doms, for dominators, hell-bent on destroying true humans to lord over an universe of enslaved genetic abominations bred for their own purpose)

Famous caricature of the Eternal Jew

Though SS scientists are close to perfecting his technique, much heroic effort is still called for on the part of the SS before the production of a master race of SS clones becomes assured. Therefore I have decided as your Supreme Commander that every last Helder must involve himself in a truly heroic act that will inspire superhuman fanaticism on the part of these scientists by making the price of failure the total extinction of sapience on this planet and the prize to be won by success the creation of a purebred master race capable and worthy of inheriting the entire universe for all time.[…]

Within the next three months every Helder will be processed through the Classification Camps. There, we will all be sterilized, rendered permanently incapable of succumbing to any foul temptation to reproduce our damaged genes by conventional sexual means. Either Heldon will produce a posterity of purebred SS clones, or no posterity at all! Racial transcendence or racial death![…]

As a personal demonstration of my own total loyalty to the sacred cause of the Swastika and the production of an SS master race, I myself will be the first to undergo sterilization, followed by my High Commanders, the entire SS, and then the Helder people.
Hail Heldon! Hail Final Victory! Hail the Master Race!

Racial transcendence, the purpose for anyone human’s existence is to ascend to a new state of existence and repair the damage cooking imparted on our history and life on Earth in general. Which is increasingly quicker and better achieved as purification and cultural conditioning are both more intense, pushed to the brink of biological and psychological capacity. The more we suffer in this endeavor, the more divine next generations will be.