Our way of life and the principles that have been developed over time allow a collective of people practicing them a better access to the world of archetypes, supernatural or paranormal world, than of any other religious or mystical group or affiliation. Not quite the level of the X-men - Charles Xavier or Nightcrawler - would still beat us to the punch, but on some regards, very close.

Sixty years of collective experience of the extrasensory, in neurophysiological conditions closer to nature than have ever occured for tens of thousands of years, if not since the origin of cooking itself. This is what we offer to leverage, what gives us the authority to explain what spirituality and psychic powers are, and what their future will be. On this website we inherited the knowledge of Guy-Claude Burger, his ground-breaking discoveries and understanding of metaphysical matters, hence we are uniquely qualified to judge what spirituality has become in our society and what it ought to be.
The movie Joy and Joan asked at the end: After happiness, what is there?. The answer is: transcendence, power, superhumanity.

Joy & Joan

In the proper conditions of nourishment and a little deconditioning these faculties return to their normal place, spontaneously, while meditators spend years practicing their mantra and artificially altered states ofconsciousness with no result regards to extralucidity. The part of yogic accomplishments related to metabolic control is very real, and under study by official science, which now recognizes that certain meditative disciplines do indeed allow conscious access to usually unconscious body functions, to achieve what might superficially appear supernatural, but really amounts simply to higher nervous control. So however desirable, succeeding in those disciplines only requires years of training, no magical power or divine grace… just commendable determination.
But masters of the past and the present with real powers also are undeniable. But they are rare and their gifts stem much more from who they are and famously extravagant love life, which coincidently their mental training built upon. Or better, far from depending on the latter, the abilities appear early in childhood then are taken as a sign that the child must embrace a spiritual carrier.

Opening the doors of perception

I will start by relating our personal experience and the way we make sense of it, within the current scientific understanding. No need pretending everything we say is original, since the Collective Unconscious always erupted in insights in the greatest minds. In this century more than ever before in millenia, bits of the truth has collected itself, ready for our great intellectual synthesis on the basis of instinctonutrition, which will change the course of history forever.
Thus we also feel entitled to speculate on what psychic abilities should be, accounting for reliable sources, with a lifestyle in line with genetic data, tomorrow and in the deep past.

This is also a good occasion to analyze what spiritual movements have become, both today and from a historical perspective, singling out where cooking invariably has distorded any attempt at reestablishing the extrasensory so far, by that the pitfalls we can avoid.

The Reality of Psychic Abilities

Higher Dimensions

The first and most dominant way the extrasensory appears to everyone, universally, is that of visions, with more or less clarity. At first erratic, then it becomes possible more or less quickly to ask questions and automatically get answers. Most of the time the sense of sight is used, but sometimes the projections were auditory, or tactile and linked to the sense of smell. Human consciousness is largely dominated by our sense of sight, and secondarily by hearing, so it is not surprising that the extrasensory, insofar as a human consciousness accesses it, reflects this hierarchy.

Now let us talk about what we mean, expect or envision when we mention psychic abilities. What are they ? We explained in length how they can be achieved, with love and a modicum of mental discipline. But what can be achieved, and how frequently ?

Anyone with an open mind and the capacity to love (especially children) can expect developping visions, which blooms to the point of replying on command. They can be symbolic, useful to solve interpersonal issues - usually related to love - and helping to take decisions by anticipating future situations. They can also dropp extremely precise numbers and locations leaving no doubt as to the supernatural source of the informations. The quality and accuracy depending on several factors, the intensity of energy present, the necessity and potency of the question (what is at stake regards our destiny) and the earnestness of everyone involved.

Keeping to what we saw firsthand, the endresult was a child second generation rawfoodist, so born from a mother already practicing for years and in a sex-positive environment, that developped a gift of complete second sight: his normal field of vision completely melded with his supernatural acumen (so-called third eye), with symbols of various kinds constantly popping in and out of view with or without conscious prompting1, while other people nearly always need either obscurity or closing their eyes to receive anything.

That single case hints a later stage of evolution, which might see extrasensory perception blending with the totality of our sensory fields and cognitive functions, even imbuying mundane functions such as language,

Greek philosophers (among others) taught that everything here below has a timeless reflection, eternal and perfect, in the dimension of archetypes, of which the visible world is only a shadow as illustrated by the myth of the Cave. We already feel in love, that time stops, but precognition and similar connections between past and future, proves experimentally that causality Definition: In both Einstein's theory of special and general relativity, causality means that an effect cannot occur from a cause that is not in the back (past) light cone of that event. Similarly, a cause cannot have an effect outside its front (future) light cone. These restrictions are consistent with the constraint that mass and energy that act as causal influences cannot travel faster than the speed of light and/or backwards in time. are just a figment of our limited perspective. These concepts are replaced by the symbolic affinity, effects, causes, events and emotions reflecting each other outside linear time.

Expanding one’s consciousness to these spheres leads to a greater freedom in the material and inner life, and to the expansion of powers that must be understood as an understanding of nature rather than its domination by the mind. Magic is not a mockery of natural laws or physics. The simplest way to think about it would be the projection of a higher-dimensional object into our own2.

Things that seem supernatural to us simply correspond to phenomena beyond our 4 dimensions of space and time. Insofar as by definition the transcendent is by nature beyond any concept, one could just as well say that the material world has the nature of an illusion or a dream and this is the conclusion drawn by most mystics around the world.

Insofar as the other world which underlies and exceeds our own, such as the circle, is the projection of a sphere onto a plane, it seems that rules and order do exist: if visualizing a hypersphere Definition: A hypersphere is the four-dimensional analog of a sphere. Although a sphere exists in 3-space, its surface is two-dimensional. Similarly, a hypersphere has a three-dimensional surface which curves into 4-space. Our universe could be the hypersurface of a hypersphere. should normally exceed our capabilities, one day mysticism and physics will become one and speak the same language, and the mind will be understood as part of a universal conception beyond matter. The kind of cosmic shock this could cause is well illustrated in Lovecraft’s Through the Gates of the Silver Key.

Quick Survey of the Litterature and Available Evidences

I will quote passages of the book Superpouvoirs from Dean Radin, which though imperfect, does a commendable job at firstly defending the proven scientific reality of the Psi, then collecting an almost exhaustive number of very credible accounts, either recent or historical. You can find all the evidences on the Psi Encyclopedia, an antenna of the famous Society For Psychic Research. For French-speaking people I rather advise browsing through the outstanding I.M.I. Institut de Métapsychique Internationale’s website.
If usually the PSI effect is statistically small, however its reproductibility over enormous sample in particular for precognition, gave it a significance of the same order of magnitude as required in conventional social psychology experiments. Ergo the reality of the psi … mind over matter, is scientifically undeniable already, within a conventional context, without even involving gifted individuals3.

We discover that we develop first and foremost a perception of the present, past and future, with varying levels of precision, realism or symbolism most often in the form of visions. It is most likely not an accident, because humans are mostly visual critters, we know the world through sight the most, then hearing, then touching, then smelling and tasting. Senses also rank in that order in the information content they carry (at least for us) and inversely, how tightly bound to the material world they are… again, at least for us. It would make a lot of sense for a dog to develop an extrasensory sense of smell, to provide the same kind of insights we get from a visual imagery. While we deem chemical cues very material, as far as the brain is concerned any sensory consciousness (to use a Buddhist terminology, but brain areas would work too) can be loaded with metapsychic content.

The physical nature of stimuli, while not irrelevant, has little bearing on how we perceive it, hence for instance, snakes truly see in relief with their ears (picking up the tiniest ground vibration), sharks sense electrical vibrations similarly along its whole skin surface, while cetaceans and bats with their echolocation get both relief, depth and colors with frequencies being perceived like wavelengths are to us. One could argue it is always seeing, so maybe sight really is intrinsically closer to the spiritual realm and consciousness. Maybe that explains why in certain high-level meditations blind people are said to see lights, the same spiritual lights described as the essences of all things.

This is an excerpt from a reddit discussion:

My vision was not merely enhanced in the NDE, but was, for the lack of a better word, almost supernatural. Not only did I have full vision (not 360 alone – I also saw above and below myself), but I also saw colors human eyes cannot, and had synesthesia.

This kind of details (unknown colors and total, panoramic vision) appear often in astral projection or other out-of-body experiences, often enough to lie beyond any doubt. Moreover, both cases, conscious projections or NDEs, have provided the person with verifiable (see Nicolas Fraisse Etude en double aveugle sur les sorties hors du corps OBE NDE EMI) informations one could not have known otherwise. Some cases included events happening when the person’s electroencephalogram was flat. Clinically dead ! Yes, a flat EEG isn’t the end of the road.
Besides the likes of various forms of retro/precognition, we believe for certain that the following are possible:

A Scientific Definition of the Extrasensory


We refuse to enter the realm of metaphysics. Idle philosophical discussions on Being and nonsensical chimeras of the mind leave us unsatisfied, and we decided to leave all of that in the dust years ago. Instead to truly meld science and the occult we must adopt a scientific point of view that is agnostic as to the nature of it cannot observe. We are empiricists, there is what exists by having a concrete noticeable effect on people or matter, or what doesn’t. Mere additions of words do not deserve attention.

Hence we should define the psi (psychic energy or powers) only through what it demonstrably manifests in our world. We must adopt a practical perspective, while keeping in mind the peculiar characteristic of the study of the mind, for which there is no outside observer. The psi is best described in the language of thermodynamics, as the source of actual negentropy in our Universe, coming from a higher-dimensional plane of pure symbolic information.

To comprehend this we need some physics:

First Principle :
The most important law of physics is the conservation of energy. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can move from one physical state to another during molecular interaction, but the total energy remains the same and cannot be destroyed.

Second Principle:
The entropy (measure of disorder) of any independent or isolated system always increases, and the actual process of work moves in the direction of low energy quality.

In physics we measure the energy of a system by its temperature, which on our Earth we associate with heat, the vibrations of atoms or molecules transfering by contact. That is not however the most useful measure in space or any sparsed enough medium, where atoms are so distant they do not touch each other and can not communicate vibrations, instead releasing excitation by electromagnetic waves then blending with background radiation, potentially not to be absorbed again in billions of years.
Quantas (packets) of energy change forms, either by interacting with each others or spontaneously (natural decays into longer-lived and smaller particles) so in the context of reasoning abstractly we can safely consider all forms of energy (stored in mass like nuclear energy, or radiations) interchangeable with heat, as they end us as heat, as temperature raises, as potential differences fade.

The key is to understand that energy in our normal language, usually does not correlate with its definition in physics. What we actually mean, is the free enthalpy of a system, the maximum work or movement we could extract from it.
Heat does not make an object contains energy per se, to extract work you need a difference of potential. Heat and cold, high pressure and low pressure, immobility and movement. Energy as we mean it, the kind we can run a turbine on, is the potential difference in a system between something and its environment. 30°C in Africa in Spring runs nothing because it’s room temperature. Whereas 30°C in space where room temperature is -270°C is significant and a thermocouple (heat engines) can produce watts of power of that difference, operating at the scale of a single particle.

The second principle, explains that such potential differences disappears by transfering heat or whatever physical quantity non-uniformly distributed, from higher potential to lower, with this transforming part of that potential into work, while the energy changes into another form less un-evenly distributed, and so less useful or easy to profit from.

And we deal with physical measurable grandeurs a high temperature potential is the hotter side. Cold is not a physical quantity but a concept, only a relative lack of heat, a difference from a norm. Hence as the difference evens up, heat only goes from hot to cold places. This is the third law.

When energy distribution is reached, as in a crystal, there is total order and calm and no exchange can happens anymore without outside influence, we reach total entropy entropy whatever the temperature, the system has reached its stablest state. Entropy measures the degeneracy or level of randomness of a system. Taken as a whole, ultimately the Universe should have a finite lifespan, at the end of which its heat death will signal the End, with nothing non-random having any chance to happen ever again.

Incidentally, what we see as order is not the same as the physical notion. We see order not necessarily as something orderly but as something non-random, striking apart from the background noise. We perceive nature as chaotic and unordered, but actually that disorder is full with potential energy, with things and events to come, while a crystal - striking as it is against the dirt or soil - is dead, its inner entropy is the highest, second only to inert gas. For nature order means uniformity, silence, immobility, while for us it means the storing of information in the form of persistent divergences from statistical distributions in whatever system.

The second and third laws imply a constant draining of free energy in the whole universe, assuming it is close - no exchange from an hypothetical outside like another universe, and that the first principle holds true at the scale of the universe (energy/heat never increasing nor decreasing). They imply that everything is bound to die.

This probably influenced Freud’s notion of Thanatos as the inborn desire to find absolute release from tension, in non-existence

Obviously philosophical (not to say theological) intepretations have gone rampant over the last two hundred years. These principles are part and parcels of the materialistic outlook on life, in which events have no inherent meanings but only reflect randomness and probabilities, both meaningless as they reflect a mechanical process of return to equilibrium.Meaning, information or the preserving of an order imposed against a chaotic nature (as civilizations were thought of back then), all would be but illusions bound to die in an uncaring universe seeking peace in death.

When Science Meets Ideology

For several reasons though, this whole interpretation is wrong. We make several assumptions neither proved nor provable and acting as nothing more than articles of faith for modern physics.

An infinite or finite Universe in size wouldn’t matter, because in theory (though that may be wrong too) the speed of light limits any exchange to a limited portion of it around us, called the Observable Universe. Things beyond this event horizon have not had the time to interact with us since the start of the Universe, so from our perspective this observable universe is a closed system and local entropy will rise faster than exchange could compensate, hence it will rise everywhere in the Universe, realized infinity or not. Events whose light hasn’t reached us yet for 12 or so billions of years for all intent and purpose did not happen for us yet.

However physical laws are not absolute principles but mere statistical facts. Quantum physics proved that the elementary particles (everything) are not fixed points or balls, but only every fields of probability, with a finite number of states described by their field equation. Locally, all those states are possible and do happen simultaneously, until an interaction with other fields circumscribed their level of liberty, just like two parabolas meeting describe not a curve, not a line, but at most two points. And so, usually, the more interactions, heat and particle, the more statistically predictable the system as a whole become.

On the contrary it has been demonstrated that the behavior of one or a few local particles is intrinsically unpredictable, with wide margins of freedom and counter-intuitive phenomenas, like actual teleportation - electrons passing through an energy barrier out on the other side seemingly without crossing it because maths show its probability to be there wasn’t exactly zero at the exact moment.

At that scale, thermodynamics aren’t so absolute anymore: the second law in routinely violated with excited atoms releasing photons of light then absorbed by an even more excited atom which excites yet more seemingly against the potential gradient. Simply because one atom happened to fire in that moment in the direction the other happened to be, which happened to absorb it instead of for instance, bouncing it off. Nature uses that trick in a controlled fashion in a number of phenomena, such photosynthesis.

But on the macroscale, such margins of friendom disappear because particles in fact do not behave chaotically, but probabilistically: collectively or over time they do fit models. Balls, however slippery and oddly shaped, always fall down a precipice, however inconstant and sinuous. Some stray balls do play tricks, bouncing with an angle and dropping on the very top against energy gradients but the bigger and interactive a system is the more predictable it becomes, particles forcing one another to conform. Because in mainstream physics there is no need for true freedom, no choice, or unpredictable outcome, and no mechanism or force to combat the spontaneous decay of high energy system, the loss of complexity seems inevitable in time.

What we appreciate would just be temporary odd states of matter, mechanically bound to dissolve, and only valuable from our cramped perspective, while greater insights we would see the hopeless and deterministic nature of everything. Yet if lots of events and particles compound probabilities, making highly improbably that freak events impact the state of a macroscopic system, but it is still possible.

Magic as a Fundamental Force of Nature

But what if there was a force opposed to decay and entropy, an actual field of negentropy whose inherent effect was to purposefully influence the quantum states of a great many isolated particles in small ways but at oncen, so as to favor a given event, so unlikely as to be called a statistical miracle ?

Parapsychological experiments proved the reality of that field mediating the effect of consciousness on matter (in fact, on space-time), it is the psi or extrasensory.

Concretely speaking the outcome might range from

Either case come down to the same thing, the surging in our material plane, of an extradimensional force tweaking quantum field probabilities and making the impossible possible. The psi is absolute meanining in and if itself, and not a new particle we could conceivably manipulate with tools but bends reality itself on a fundamental level (as not just particles but space-time itself being associated by a field equation).

That force does not appear impeded by any material, distance or even time - allowing for precognition, inverse causality and more - therefore it must exist outside our space-time in an extradimensional realm whose ruled based on consciousness, truth and , superseding our own, just like the equation of the sphere supersedes that of the circle. Therefore it is spiritual: The true extradimensional origin of these fields, beyond causality space and time, fits Plato’s and Jung’s description of Archetypes, as the eternal hyperreality of which our world is but a projective shadow.

And it entails too, that our understanding of physics, energy work and the future of the Universe (or the absolute limit that speed of light represents) is false. If entropy can be reversed… if magic create work out of thin air, perpetual movement can be a reality, and we can continue to exist indefinitely in the future. Because the nature of life is the surging of Archetypes energy, it opposes entropy and infuses the world with inherent, meaningful beauty.

UFOs, Fairies and Other entities

Here I wish to talk about fairies. Although this will also apply to ghosts, Holy Mary apparitions, Japanese kamis, or interesting UFOs sightings6, for they all share basic characteristics. Despite their usual absence of reproductibility paranormal experiences aren’t so infrequent, and a major misconception with people lack sufficient experience (or just eat cooked food) is their tendency toward anthropomorphism and ascribing the same level of reality to what they see or touch as to normal things.

The conjunction of I am not hallucinating so it must be real and If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck make for the sorry misconception that things have or seem to have intent and will, are alive, disembodied consciousnesses, spirits totally independent from us with their own lives, wishes, needs and squabbles, just another kind of people. Africans’ lower IQ even imagine ghost rapes, marrying ghosts, breeding with ghosts, and so on.

Of course most of these accounts are not trustworthy, but many also are, some boasting solid evidences. Sufficiently, for enough millenia that an underlying substrate of reality cannot in any way be denied. Secondly, as alluded below, ethnology demonstrated their universality. Specific convincing cases of poltergeists can be found on wikipedia, you are free to judge on your

Here are what fairies encounter look like (I will consider them placeholders for any other manifestation which appear endowed with their own will):

Over the last few centuries, plenty of inacurrencies crept up in our pop culture conception of fairies. Roughly speaking, these changes began with early poets and playwrites, then filtering through the spiritual tradition of theosophy in the late 19th century. Films from animation studios like the Walt Disney Company, solidified the idea of fairies that we hold today. Contrary to their modern depiction, fairies were once understood as highly volatile beings, almost demigods, wingless and capable of appearing any size they choose. By the 20th century, the fairies appearing in children’ entertainement had come unrecognizable. The modern fairy is now a tiny sweet and feminine always fluttering around harmlessly on a set of insect wings. It would be too large a task to fully unpack whta fairies once were. Among other things, we aren’t entirely sure when they began. Some say the human deads, others, elements, still others Pagan gods, demons and angels.

Suffice to say, their treatment of you might change on a dime. If you please them with offering and respect, they may extendt their magic powers to bring you good luck. If you offend them in any way, either by accidents or destroy any structure or plants they have lain claim to, any amount of misfortune can come your way.

This was the way that most of Western Europe perceived their fairies as a broad category which included related entities like elves, dwarves, gnomes and sometimes even beings we don’t normally think of as the Fey folk: mermaids , ogres, trolls even giants and some dragons blurr the lines about about fairies and other supernatural creatures.

That youtube creator goes on relating that Indigenous people all around the world share eerily similar to outright identical myths about “little people”: the fact they steal babies or can entice people in spending time with in another dimension where one minute equals a year to the outside world, returning only to die as decades or centuries have passed. Apparearance converge in their usually short size but ability to shape-shift and adopt any form they wish. They live in wild nature, hidden places, inside the house as household spirits or in fringe location between the wild and civilized world. The connection of the world of the deads also corroborate: Norse elves, meaning white or fair represented ancestors’ spirits.

Perhaps something related to little people is inherent in human belief, an upwelling from a share Collective Unconsciousness, or maybe, just maybe, at once the simplest and most radical idea, these things actually exist in some form. And once once realized this, an entire library could be filled with old indigenous accounts of fairies passed down from generations to generations and widely regarded as factuals. Fairies appear in eye-witness testimonies to this very day, even if we set aside the possibility that the modern alien abduction scenario is just a reworking of old fairy folklore, an argument put forth my many ufologists, people still see being closely corresponding to the fairies of yesteryear.

Supernatural encounters - fairies included - often include a feeling of otherworldiness, magic, nature quieting suddenly, sometimes a subjective chilling sensation (temperature dropping) or strange vibrations felt all around. So: they are real but not corporeal, and are intrinsically bound to either the natural world or specific places loaded with meaning. Indeed experts already arrived at the correct conclusions: paranormal phenomena (truly defying laws of physics or normal causality) are the expressions of living people’s Unconscious.

They usually (though not always) take a humanoid form, and interact with human societies as amorphous supernatural entities, appearing in our world to both co-operate with people and as general arbiters of discord, while also living in their own Otherworld, sometimes accessible to humans either through accident or design.

I argue that all paranormal activities are extrasensory perception and thus inherently benevolent, in the sense of always acting for the greater good. They are symbols from the other dimension merely taking on the shape of living things in order to convey their message. C.W. Jung’s definition of archetypes fit the bill perfectly:

[ - ¶43- ] But the full extent of these projections from the unconscious became known through analysis of those obscure and inexplicable feelings and emotions which give some intangible, magical quality to certain places, certain moods of nature, certain works of art, and also to certain ideas and certain people. This magic likewise comes from projection, but a projection of the collective unconscious. If it is inanimate objects that have the “magical” quality, often their mere statistical incidence is sufficient to prove that their significance is due to the projection of a mythological content from the collective unconscious.

[ - ¶53- ] Archetypes are systems of readiness for action, and at the same time images and emotions. They are inherited with the brain-structure—indeed, they are its psychic aspect. They represent, on the one hand, a very strong instinctive conservatism, while on the other hand they are the most effective means conceivable of instinctive adaptation.

C.W Jung, Mind and Earth

We already discussed what could men do, how far could they paranormal abilities develop and we agreed on some guiding principles, curtailing our imagination to fit the laws of causality… the need for consensus reality to function with known facts. If simply waking up and getting the power of a god was possible, even if extremely improbable, it would happen quite frequently considering the number of people involved, and batshit crazy things would happen too. Anomalies to the perceived order of nature must be part of nature too, not tore it under.

But if to some limit imagining the powers of ancient or future evolved humans seems pretty straightforward based on what some can already do, if our minds or consciousness will always be limited by our flesh, what about our Collective Unconscious and its manifestations ? The extent of a whole species’ collective power may far outclass the individual’s before breaking the order of our consensus reality, due to the fact the Colllective Unconscious (in its deeper layers at least) is undistinguisable from God. Thus it is archetypal perfection itself and unlike living beings can not fail, only ever acting on the universal plan so to speak, the will of the world.

Ghosts and fairies and UFOs are symbols taking on a physical albeit temporary existence, made possible through the combination of unconscious psychokinesis.

Incidentally, that implies apparitions could theoretically harm us if and only if we deserve it, if it is our karma. However their purpose is to teach, and dead people don’t learn much do they ! Maimed people neither. That is why poltergeists related to actually hurt people (not just scaring them to death, which is useful in powering) are the minority, and most likely nearly all fake. A cursory reading (of possession stories for instance) suffices to discard the allegued events as nonsensical, beside lacking any physical evidence. If a possession story not possibly making sense outside the context of abrahamic religions tainted by the false concept of evil is only ever fake.

We hold true the privation theory of evil:

The absence of good (Latin: privatio boni), also known as the privation theory of evil, is a theological and philosophical doctrine that evil, unlike good, is insubstantial, so that thinking of it as an entity is misleading. Instead, evil is rather the absence, or lack (“privation”), of good.

And since the spiritual is perfection itself it entails only partly material imperfect beings can do evil. Us, people. Evil spirits are a contradiction in terms.

The deepest part of our mind, the Over-Id, is the same as those seemingly exterior psychic phenomena. Our hybrid nature, neither material nor spiritual, makes willingly or unwillingly defying destroy order (increase entropy) possible. In contrast, the closer our mind grow to perfection and the archetypal plane, the closer it ressembles in logic and nature to those manifestations. Consciousness is the interface between the Over-Id (the spiritual Unconscious) and the physical world.

One may then wonder: if according to Jung archetypes are living systems with meaning and emotion intending to enact order, but which know can talk and impact the physical world, how do they really differ from living beings ? Funnily enough, our sentience lies in our imperfection, the fact we can hurt, be hurt, fail learn and grow.

While apparitions are not people, they are not illusions either but pertain to a different level of reality, hence we must heed their advises, respect them and love them just like we would normally. Whatever a balanced mind feels at their contact is meant to felt, part of the symbol, so it is for all intent and purpose, hence if fairies require to be loved, respected, listened to, they must, or their sadness or wrath may have very real consequences, basically the world (our own Unconscious) punishing its unruly children.

The difference between what Jung described and we allude to, is a matter of scale. The most he had access to were pallid synchronicities (coincidences that might or might not be intentful signs of fate) and perhaps limited cases of telepathy. In proportion to energy levels, natural spirituality raises the potency of his symbols a thousand fold, transfigurating the very world we live in, potentially bringing fairy tale into reality.

Our Opinion on Spiritual Movements

Buddhism and the powers of Yoga Masters

The abilities and methods that yogis have been showcasing in Asian countries for centuries if not millenia and fourty years in the West, like the mystical fire yoga (gTummo) which we mentioned already, are very interesting and will flourish in the place we long to build. We see these things as natural functions, which the cooking and the lack of adequate culture has made rare. We keep these talents in sight as future objects of objective and extensive studies insofar as it appears that anyone can obtain them with the proper training, under the guidance of competent teachers.


Nevertheless we see an essential difference between controlling one’s body temperature or heart rate, and manifesting visions of the future or the past, in an experimentally reproducible way, and whose veracity has been verified without a shadow of a doubt: Guy-Claude will talk to you in a video about the most impressive visions he has witnessed. Not to mention psychokinesis, which we have not seen personally but whose existence studies also attest with confidence to outright certitude, on an either small (micro-PK, altering results of random events by influencing matter on a microscopic scale) or macroscopic scale (macro-PK, moving objects with your mind).

These abilities contradict the laws of physics as we know them, even the laws of causality. They cannot be learned through training… not without the prerequisite of access to metapsychic energy. There are real clairvoyants (among the thousands of fake ones), mediums, diviners, more in the East than here, and more in the past than today. The people, masters or gifted subjects, remain even in their institutions a small minority, and for one master clearly seeing the future, you will count a hundred who rarely have dreams of clarity.

As a rule, in most cases religion or any form of spirituality is only a desperate search for the transcendental dimension lost as a result of eating a cooked diet and experiencing sexuality according to the procreative paradigm. The appearance of these phenomena, of the supernatural in the midst of normal life, depends intrinsically on the level of love actually available around you, which has to do with upbringing and religion.

Without surprise we observe that all the cultures less metapsychically repressed than the West, are also less repressed in love, especially on the pederastic side, inseparable from the monastic institutions at all times, in Japan, Europe or Tibet. We can therefore make a very clear distinction between the spirit, in its material, cerebral component, and the soul, which is our true connection to the other dimension, the part that survives after death in one form or another, surpasses the laws of physics and allows authentic miracles… The part that in scholarly terms, decreases the ambient entropy by creating information, of which it is the living source.

The soul is therefore the energy, the power that we use every day to be fully human: it is the origin of all charisma, of all intuition and working power, of all order imposed on the chaos of matter even without necessarily a miracle as such. The mind itself has two facets: calmness - the absence of abnormal agitation - and clarity of perception, whether of your own functioning (called metacognition) or of the external world.

I am somewhat familiar with Tibetan Buddhism (which should more properly be called trans-Himalayan or vajrayana) because of its surprising apparent proximity to the other dimension.

Among these concepts, we find a tripartition of reality inin emptiness, clarity and energy or at an ontological level essence, nature and energy. Of these two aspects the calmness will depend most on the degree of feedback, stress and schizoid tendencies, marked by an inability to even be aware of the flow of incoherent thoughts that press upon the consciousness. As it is taught, we have a neurotic relationship with thoughts, with the intellect, which includes emotions or feelings: these are always associated with conceptual thoughts and vice versa.

The essence of meditation consists in making emptiness, a phrase you have already heard and which effectively sums up the countless hours you will spend on your cushion… all the other practices are in the end only deviations or extensions of it, and you will always come back to emptiness, shamatta shiné or zazen. It is a fact that the brain, through training, learns to overcome internal imbalances and with more time, to clearly flatten the brain structures, reforming the neural networks in a state closer to a state of rawfood calm.

But the impulses draw their source in the physiology of the body and the brain and thus under the direct effect of the denatured molecules, can only remain chaotic. Under traditional feeding conditions, one can compare any personal work to the myth of Sisyphus, toiling daily to be brought back permanently to the starting point or almost, by the nature of things. Tantalus would fit as well: practitioners greedily fill the head with wisdom while their gourd is pierced.

We don’t deny that working on one’s inner calm is very useful: since no one is born on a raw paleo diet. Most of us have to suffer from decades of previous cooking, or worse, raw food. The brain is therefore mostly built on a feedback basis, with a paradoxical functioning and largely dependent on social habits. It takes years to correct this, not to mention that the accumulated molecules take just as long to de-sequester.

Even if it happens in phases, after 50 years it is still not over! And they will make you feel almost as bad when you leave as when you enter. So there is a lot of reason not to rest on your laurels once you have changed your diet: instead, you have to work constantly on yourself, your mind, your reactions and your sensitivity: you are theoretically in the best position in the world to benefit from these efforts, unlike all the wandering monks and yogis.

Spiritual evolution should result in a deeper and more insightful understanding of the world and a greater capacity for action. The Stoics and Taoists described the highest good, transcendence, as being able to enter completely into the flow of the universe, transcending human limitations, to realize its divine essence.


The result of meditative efforts is supposed to be the development of supramundane abilities… siddhis, powers. Of course not all siddhis are about disappearing or levitating a table: these tricks have little impact on happiness, which remains the normal goal of most of us.

A great number of other qualities, more or less obvious to the uneducated eye, develop or should develop: intuition, luck, concentration, patience, compassion, etc. So many tools to be used in the sense of the Good and the Right as the Greeks said. So many aspects of our being, to be polished like a mirror reflecting a perfectly accurate cognizance of phenomena. The teachings testify to a mystical and very personal insight into the inner workings of the mind.

But if our approach provided repeatitively more than sixty powerful seers in fifty years, these traditions consider as rare to put a real foot in dimension… as masters do, or on the contrary something so unreliable and underperforming, that these things should be kept quiet. The argument being, that these things are only a product of efforts (in this life or the previous ones) and the risk would be great to dwell on them and end up worshiping one’s own ego.

This is a very real risk that we observe every time we succeed in anything, in science, in sports or in magic. The materialistic navel-gazing lurks in everyone’s mind, and quite quickly fills the empty space in the consciousness that these phenomena require with pretension.
The argument will be made that advertising clairvoyant abilities will either see the curious flock to the wrong place (the quest for a guru to worship without personal effort, as in India), or more likely risk being sorely disappointed. Just look at the puny oracles used by the Tibetans, even the Dalai Lamas themselves at the top of their science. Our unconscious aspiration demands much more.

What all these people lack is energy. More exactly: while permissiveness in love has always allowed these countries to bathe in much more love than in the (current) West, living out natural impulses within the family and respected institutions (the monasteries), they have never developed a theory about the role of love.

Instead - in the most perfect hypocrisy! - you can find the Dalai Lama stating how homosexuality is not unnatural, because whether it is or not, it is the proverbial prevalence of polymorphous impulses (basically, pederastic or pedophiliac) at the institutional and family level that allowed the appearance of great meditators and scholars. Energy allows intellectual efforts to bear fruit, provided that the inner attitude is correct, for the same reason that the most beautiful Ferrari will not lead anywhere without fuel.

Of the three components of our model, it is energy that represents the real access to the dimension of the soul, atemporal, acausal, non-dual, etc. It is energy that nourishes the soul and the mind. It is the energy that feeds the process of transfiguration, the transformation of our mind into its liberated equivalent, into the natural state: this is explicit in the highest mystical disciplines of the Dzögchen, the pinnacle of the tantric path.

But sexuality is never mentioned as a legitimate source… We will speak ofdevotion, in relatively refined terms. Yet relationships with masters were the norm, and the introduction to the natural state by a master of karma mudra (sexual yoga) is considered to be the most powerful of initiations, assuming that the disciple (in this case, the female one!) is free enough from prejudice.

There is a dichotomy here between fact and theory… exactly the same as in the Middle Ages here, where sodomy (a term that literally encompasses everything but coitus) was castigated ex cathedra for fifteen hundred years, while charismatic priests slept with the children of their flock. Nothing has changed since then, as is common knowledge. The spiritual drive is stronger wherever (and as long as) energy is left relatively free to animate life.

The birth defect of all traditions in history lies not so much in any special ideology as in the constancy of the cooked fact throughout history. Although we can observe variations in the averageconnection according to the type of cereal, for example, with wheat (bread and pasta!) outclassing corn and rice in its misdeeds on the brain, the cooking of food itself is omnipresent, and even more serious than a more chaotic and foggy flow of thoughts, it leads to a drastic and profound change in love impulses, and to a structuring on a paranoid mode from the earliest childhood absolutely contrary to the questioning position with regard to all phenomena. To correct one or the other by effort is wishful thinking because the problem is physiological, molecular! It is like an original sin degrading the human condition with every bite of soup, bread, cooked pork, oatmeal, and so on.

The dietary imbalance and intoxicants destroy the spontaneous psychic equilibrium without effort explicitly sought by the traditions and cause the dominance in the majority of people of the breeding instinctive program… of coital heterosexuality and its avatars. Impulses largely cease to aim at their original purpose, leading to unconscious rejections (Excalibur impulses) and very difficult to conceptualize from a lack of energy… and literally endangering our immortal soul. All the more difficult, as changing one’s diet proves to be for the majority the most impossible of trials…
People suffering from AIDS or cancer in remission, knowing that they were doomed if they returned to their families, preferred to die, some of them acknowledging it verbally.

One can try to fight against the endogenous degradations (falsely perceived asnatural because shared by the average person) marring sacred love, by an exacerbated cultural conditioning (customs and laws, pederastic institutions) inspiring in the populace if not sensitivity to the sacred at least respect for its external forms, giving freedom to sensitive and valuable people to indulge their natural impulses without judgment. In the same way, esotericism will limit the pure doctrine to the ears actually capable of understanding it… and not perverting it. In time, all the dams break down because they remind one of a dentist treating cavities.

But these come from within… Like Thanos, their return is inevitable.

What then, globally, does spirituality consist of today? At best, sincere traditions full of truths, but never having clearly seen the most important ones (on cooking and sexuality) as to the consequences on the human condition, making it intrinsically unsatisfactory… cut off from access to the most important part of existence.

Finally, to be honest, it’s not entirely for lack of trying. Very precise teachings on love and visions appeared here and there, fruits of immortal geniuses like Plato or the Free Spirit Sect (who attributed magical and healing powers to raw meat !), having been able to attract by their spiritual power some attention for a while (or even two thousand five hundred years !). But as a rule, even during the lifetime of the creators nobody understands them, and only a thick aura of mystery saves these doctrines from oblivion. Perhaps many others were not so lucky, what do we know!

Many stop meditating very quickly, not only because it represents a substantial effort, but because it represents somewhere, and markedly in the West, a substitution of the intellect for the role of love, a deceptive disguise which the unconscious rejects. Those who continue, assuming that they do not tread water, will spend their time polishing a hollow mind.

Whereas some abilities are believable, our suspension of disbelief can not hold keep up with the grossest miracles claimed by Eastern religions such as being able to sustain oneself just on light or the subtle essences of the elements, to travel in other dimensional planes with one’s body, or the summit of all efforts: the transubstantiation of the body in light in the rainbow body, similar to the Christic glory body.
Those are the attributes of gods, not flesh and blood human humans. It is easy to understand why people wish to believe in it, and part of it certainly stems from an archetypal memory of what mankind could achieve in pre-cooked times. At least the Euro-Asian mankind.

But the laws of physics do not simply stop all at once because someone has been very wise, compassionate and loving with young girls or boys: as there is god or goddess to bestow grace from the outside and play with reality freely.
Miracles remain human affairs, so obey some logic.
And before believing in the outrageous, even actual mediums require eyewitness evidences.

On Tantrism in Particular

A blasphemy of a spirituality

We would like to talk about a problem that we have the intelligence to address following a personal experience. The worst of the pretensions, the worst of the betrayals, the worst of the sidetracks, could be found in Tantrism and assimilated once translated and implanted in the West.
Of course the writings themselves can be badly translated, perverted as to their purpose, used for power purposes etc. All movements are subject to these drifts, and not so much here as elsewhere. Also, that the implantation of evenpure texts in Europe, by well-meaning people, can give rise to false versions very far from the original meaning, because the texts often mean nothing without the wider intellectual and symbolic cultural context that gave them birth, hence the need for an unbroken line of transmission.

No, I’m talking about the settling of tantric traditions, often driven by masters born in the East, but in Europe and populated by practitioners born in Europe, in a western moral and sexual atmosphere, marked by its disconnection, its turbidity and its fixation on the binary heteronormative couple, not to mention the list of things here haram that would send you to jail but would make Tibetans smile.

Spiritual practices work best when charged with metapsychic energy in the context of one’s normal life, or better yet, one’s life in a monastery. The work is counterproductive (or just doesn’t work at all) if it is done in a context empty of magic. In Tibet (or Nepal) even if it was not clear, the general state of love even covered by a veil of a thousand-year-old hypocrisy as in the monasteries made possible, associated with mental disciplines, the access to magic.

In the West exactly the same traditions become deceptive and misleading by channeling expectations where nothing can come out of them because the doctrines do not come along the Tibetan psychic structures, byproducts of their familial model and a thousand acts that might not have words in their language, being their norm.

Equipped with many tools close to cognitive and Jungian psychology, the adept will proceed in good faith, to the eradication of these doubts and unconscious suspicions founded but so not verbalized, to mold himself in a specific human type, with a very sharp and crystal clear brain, with polite reactions and very similar to what a wise, awake being should look like… But without sacred, polymorphic love, such an individual will be a robot without the slightest connection to the divine: without direct connection to the Essence of Truth, being in the right becomes a challenge. One leaves the authentically non-dual understanding, the direct intuition of truth and falsehood (of what is adequate, congruent to the situation) to satisfy oneself with opinions.

Our reactions, in this highly paradoxical mode, run a high risk of colliding with harsh reality, with a sometimes painful personal cost… But we then have a vast arsenal of tools to self-lobotomize, to recalibrate ourselves on the desired mode. To silence the part of our unconscious that carries the truth and nourishes our strongest desires.

The worst personal experiences can then be justified, like the death of the 16th karmapa in 1981, by cancer and tuberculosis. One then says to oneself: this is karma, or simply the more mature reflex: one must accept that it hurts and move on. But to crush one’s infantile reaction of disappointment and anger is a cowardly dishonest reaction, in order to safeguard an image of sanctity..

It is enough to look at animals and to have the idea of eating like them, to avoid cancer. We have shown this. Instead, people, even the most evolved ones prefer injecting poisons in their veins, with only a slightly less chance of killing them than the tumor itself. More sordidly, they make these decisions for their children too…

Such an ending means that God obviously doesn’t like your direction very much, as it doesn’t fit into His plans. Most importantly, you have been out of line. So are almost all people… And when it is not a blow of the destiny which falls on you, from the height of your interpersonal relations you will quickly take your reactions as pungent, impolite and inconsiderate as they are for the very wisdom, unquestionable, when they come from an ego shining by dint of polishing and so empty that one likes very much to hear the sound of their voice.

I think that the different forms of internal yoga, manipulate the impulses at the level of the mind (brain) and the body, which would correspond to the libido in the sense of Freud, the desire (not necessarily sexual by the way). And we should say intend to manipulate, because it is well said that one can practice for decades without any result, it is not automatic.

The most glaring misunderstanding in contemporary European as well as classical eastern philosophy, is about libido, the sexual drive which Freud conceptualized as a sort of fluid filling up different objects in the mind, and originating from the Id, the depth of the Unconscious, which Freud deemed to be purely bodily in nature. He even mused early on the notion of hormones being the substrate of libido, hypothetically then quantified and measurable objectively, not just as a matter of speech.

He has not been the first however, to conflate desire with energy, in fact he merely codified in terms of his time the very much universal sensation that enthuasiasm, excitation, hatred and (sexual) desire somehow push us to act in a certain direction, and feel as more or less intense. Trying to quantify merely reflected his materialistic conditioning.
But speaking of desire as energy is wrong, because desire is double, just as the sexual drive itself is double. If as we explained the purpose of this second program and subtle kind of sexual drive, is to acquire the metasexual energy that fuels the soul, magic and macroscopic negentropy, then it can not be equated to libido.

On a metapsyhic level, emotions (such as desire), with their intensity, relate only tengentially to what we and Jung call energy. The distinction is analogue to that in mechanics between mere potential differences in physical energy, and actual work extracted by humans. Impressive chemical or physical reactions with the appearance of complexity such as the formation of cristals happen all the time on Earth given the right conditions. But this only arises as a blind expression of statistical, natural laws. A product of entropy, not metapsychical order.

And life, human bodies in this case, while housing a consciousness, also come up with merely organic needs and impulses, which might or not be in tune with spiritual motives. Ergo, while we feel the pregnance of anger or base reproductional excitation for instance, they most of the time do not contain energy-information, but merely forward blind physical and chemical tensions, which a lifetime of feedback conditioned us to totally identify with.

On the other hand, accustomedness to true energy makes one aware of the difference within oneself, so we gradually learn to dissociate from sensations (including ideas and emotions) born from mere organic or brain disturbances, recognizing their soulless origin however strong they appear to be. Acting on them brings only chaos and disorder in life.

On the other hand, we learn to recognize the sensations that are in line with our soul thus imbued with actual metapsychic energy, and thus the only real carrier of progress in term of happiness inside us, and beauty and harmony around us. As Plato expounded the reproductional Eros prominent in animals7 keeps it turning round and round, mechanically, while the uranian Eros transcends it from its material station.

While Tantrists recognize that spending all those efforts and energy in breeding and fucking is a net, pointless spiritual loss, they still consider a misguided energy but energy nonetheless. But coital desire and all emotions (along with all emotions related to it is completely unusable, a drive of purely bodily origin.

To continue with the thermodynamic analogy, there is no useful energy in such a urge however powerful, only waste heat.

What we should do is disinvest the attachment we put in such impulses, to let go of the power it has on us, then give once again into metasexual fantasies and relationships actually granting metapsychic energy, the psychic pregnancy they deserve.

In short, heterosexual Tantrists (excluding eventual pedophiles) want to fuel their spiritual practice with unchanged coital excitation hoping for the best, while cross-drive analysis recognizes the pointless of such belief, and teaches that we need to forgo of this drive entirely, and invest into the right kind of libido and relationships, then use the energy of newly newly found relationships to fuel spirituality.

On the contrary far from gaining powers tantrikas deluding themselves in the belief they spiritualized coitus (or the fantasy of it), only further entrench their own spiritual end, uprooting with self-brainwashing any negative but salutary feedback our Unconscious mind produces in our mind in the form of doubt, depression and lack of motivation.

Any effort, claims a certain quota of energy, and when this quota is exhausted, depression kicks in.
Only the investment of energy in natural loving behaviors and the construction of a psychic attitude in accordance with the natural laws, allows a renewal of the energy capital, and life can continue.

What Buddhists want to do is - in the most optimistic interpretation - to condition the mind and its impulses according to psychic structures that would be proper to an inspired mind: detachment, uninhibited emotions without being dragged away, going beyond morality and adapting one’s thoughts and actions to the present moment, compassion. However, whether it is will, faith or habit, these forces are very weak compared to magic and in fact they derive from it: without natural sexuality one burns one’s capital through effort, without any way to renew it. But the magic that creates the will, comes from the outside, from the n following the natural laws…

The result is an inability to progress, a blockage that one will blame on karma, while one wants to change an unconscious that doesn’t care much about these superficial scratches, if it doesn’t have the conviction that it will find love by bending to the desiderata of the conscious.

Drugs and Shamanism

Compared to what is happening in the East, in terms of exploring the horizon of human existence, there is simply nothing in the West. All spiritual culture has disappeared. No pagan or neo-Pagan cult of any kind, in Greece or the rest of the world, understands anything about the laws of nature or has anything in common with Plato’s teachings, near or far. Systematically, attempts at neo-Pagan renewal, driven by the intellect, end up in a flat ritualism. Sexuality is relegated to a strictly procreative role, except for Evola’s disciples, who fall into an adulation of coitus identical to that of tantrism, whether the Hindu or Tibet one.

Meditation does not appear to be completely absent, but the absence of a culture that knows about these modified (or rather alternative) states of consciousness causes people who are interested in them to believe almost anything, taking the slightest state a bit different from the norm for a spiritual achievement… For the most part, this attitude stems from sexual frustration. Those who do not consider physical love as the royal road to super-consciousness have simply not discovered it yet. And depending on how closed-minded they are, they may never be able to do so.

As for drugs, like mushrooms or the smoke from the geothermal vents that are supposed to have given their visions to the oracle of Delphi. We have to consider that brain mechanics is what it is after hundreds of years of evolution for the main lines, even before animals since some neurotransmitters are found in plants, in strangely similar functions (neuron networks?). As with the example of morphine, no substance has a function in itself, they only work in relation to thousands of others, with their effect on the mind being an accidental product of evolution.

DMT is produced naturally by the pineal gland, and it is found in a very similar form in ayahuasca, which for a while fascinated the alternative currents. But it is an erroneous way of looking at these things, as if they were mechanical and simple to understand, which is a characteristic hubris. It would otherwise be like saying adrenaline and serotonin are strongly associated with attention span, so let’s inject them to pay attention in class.

With caffeine, however exciting a substance, the attention we get is of low quality. Attending a lecture in this state (since without it you would really have to sleep) is a challenge because you won’t be able to assimilate much. We can condition the body to ache or fail without its drug dose, but not force it to give more than it has: caffeine is no liquid attention, as DMT is no liquid transcendence.

One cannot associate phenomena linked to consciousness with matter in a causal sense: this is the very definition of reductionism, even if here a rather paradoxical version, where chemicals would be imbued with a spiritual nature, without being spiritual by nature.
I am talking about the secretion of DMT by the pineal gland. We are not talking about the synthetic derivative used to get high.

One could say more: the so-called entheogens act by artificially activating the brain functions involved in the faculties of vision, without of course the extrasensory content itself. This is an attempt to provoke the associated visions and sensations (being part of something bigger etc) as would attest John C. Lilly with his deities and extra-galactic entities.

For me, taking drugs manifests a need for escapism, following the loss of transcendence. The individual cut off from his extra-sensory functions needs to stimulate his senses to hope to feel a new sense, to see orhear an archetype. We can take the example of wine during mass, shamans, festivals linked to Dionysus or Shiva etc. The only result will be a strong dependence, and perhaps lasting nervous disorders.

We evolved these faculties so they can - and must - be accessed without any artificial means, and even considering our body and brain are not what they are meant to be, they are still way too complex a mechanic to even hope improving with a mere sprinkling of totally random chemicals. Let alone touching the divine.

What Lies Ahead

The Next Logical Step

In the limited time people had in since les Trois-Noyés and Mont-Ramé to observe these wonders - and the overall limited number of things I can attest personally or through trusted friends, the way they unfold pretty much demonstrates that magic is meant to infuse everything we do. With the addition of ideas such as small measures of psychokinesis, the past starts looking more and more like a fantasy novel, though without any notion of evil, and our pre-cooking ancestors more like actual gods.

What more can we reasonably expect, in twenty years ? 50 ? 2 generations of psychic, bodily and even genetic tuning ? Hard to say, but I would argue flight takes the cake in terms of shock value. It appears that our reliance on material science, cars and planes, electric plants and music instruments, computers and even writing itself to some degree, only masks a fundamental loss of nearly everything that humans were meant to be. The world must have felt at once infinite, burstling with life and varied landscapes of today unimaginable natural beauty, and very small, fitting in the cusp of one’s hand.

This is no exaggeration: crossing entire continents was already not so difficult in the recent past:
Alexander the Great’s campaign had him and his army crossed 3,500 miles, on feet, in merely 10 years, most of them spent battling and not walking or running. Marco Polo travelled almost 15,000 miles in his 24-years journey into Asia. In comparison Africa is approximately merely 5,000 miles (8,000 km) long and 4,600 miles (7,400 km) from east to west.

Judging from brain size Europeans reached a level of intelligence similar to our current one 200 000 years ago already, so we can estimate that magic was part of our lives in some form or fashion for a good 160 000 years until our brains started shrinking, along with our lifespan. What does it signify?

Hence we believe that the entire planet used to be our playground, that of the evolutionary superior race being the apex of life. Memories, thoughts, strength, longevity, even nature itself might have been unrecognizable for us, transfigured beyond our imagination into an exalted state of existence, a truly magical world.

The Extrasensory and Infants’ Development

The Nature of Memories

The idea of ancestral memories and preborn children as present in sci-fi, although very stimulating, probably is missing the point by a large, large margin. What are a few centuries of experiences you could learn or inherit, compared to the infinity of what was, is, will be or could be ?

From the experience of the small group of men, women and children which left Montramé after the mediatic onslaught, the next stage of the experiment could be revealed: children born among enough energy, sexual freedom and raw food were able to not to develop extrasensory perception, but to be born with it from day one. The possibilities this cosmos allows us even in this degenerated body stands as a mystery, let alone what it could mean about our pristine, big-brained ancestors.

Let us proceed step by step:
Even though we always access parts of it at a time depending on a number of factors (experience being one), the extrasensory is by definition, not limited, while the wisdom from age is, regardless of how many lives one could stack up. Such a knowledge is still conditional, bounded by what was actually done, known and experienced. No wisdom, but dead memories, of a bygone era with little significance to the present or future.

What would happen to a child, if at an age where normally in lack of real life experience immaturity and childishness reigns supreme, one could instead access a well of information, feelings and impressions actually infinite in scope and origin ?
Not the mere memories of parents, or some distant ancestors barely related to our lifestyle or ecological conditions and whose skills would be as stale as their long-gone language, not even a hundred thousands lifetimes of memories down to our prehuman heritage. Those notions make for good mind-blowing books. However, Frank Herbert himself in many occasions, through his protagonists, mainly from the Sisterhood touch upon the idea that a wealth of experiences do not always help when facing novel situations, instead burdening us8.

In our experience, ESP can’t be controlled by the intellect or the will so much as merely summoned, hence it includes a natural moral limit, a sort of cosmic circuit breaker shutting off psychic abilities if used for endeavors not conducive to a higher harmony, or to put it simply for evil. Metapsychics is the realm of destiny, and can not be used against its very purpose, even unknowingly. It also implies that one can not receive anything one isn’t already ready for, able to process it.

Long memories of the past offer little wisdom, in comparison to a vista on everything everywhere and any time, including what could have been. The physical universe including its past and future, might be inconceivably, unfathomably large, maybe infinite, but even this pales compared to the proper infinity of the mind unbounded even by logic and coherence. Ideas in the other dimension do not need to make sense for us in order to affect us, carry to meaning. Using the language of philosophy, the not conditional, beyond any need for reference points. Inchoate, increated.

Even though we always access parts of it at a time depending on a number of factors (experience being one), this well is by its very nature, eternally fresh and new9, while the wisdom of age from a thousand lives could be conceived as all the more limiting, smothering the permanent innocent fresh outlook on the universe. Even a small fragment of the infinite is infinite, so conversely calling on it even a billion times can not possibly reduce its freshness.

This leaves us with a confused uncertainty, as to the validity of our model of psychology:

What if instead of random memories constrained by one’s skewed first-person perspective and inability to make complete sense of things in the moment, the foundation of our outlook on life were to develop from an infinite well of knowledge, hand-picked on a basis of affinity, destiny and pure appropriateness, in order to mold your being into what you ought to become in the future ?
We would then learn various things (or offer new perspectives on pre-existing knowledge) as the brain (quickly) matures.

Learning is remembering, wrote Plato almost verbatim. We do not stack up knowledge with a trial-and-error process, or only slightly, to adapt inherently symbolic (although at times extremely accurate) to an imperfect material reality. But the core of learning would become a mere process of getting better at connecting said pieces of unborn, eternal knowledge to our specific situation, in a useful form.
It applies to genuine knowledge, that is, true math and physics. True knowledge allows for actual decades of insane predictions (in the spectacular cases of quantum physics and general relativity), while false knowledge on the other hand, consists in piecing together ad hoc theories and models that more or less work in need of constant readjustment, and predict very little.

The Truth of Our Crippled State

We believe the younger a child the more intense and overwhelming extrasensory experiences should be, relative to normal sensory experiences, the only ones left today. We should be properly flooded with all kinds of memories from the womb, not limited by our intellectual obsession with pattern seeking, instead taking in all the full brunt of the transformative archetypal information without resisting, just like a superconducting material can convey milliions of volts without heating.

One could wonder: why do we have a reference point from which we refer to the future and past? What do they even mean now?

Even considering the universe as a five-dimensional manifold where anything and all periods always exist and forever and history is already set in stone with no actual free will10 - an idea we recuse as highly simplistic, to some degree this feeling of time passing is part and parcel of the experience of consciousness, which as G.C. Jung described as the paradoxical interface between the infinite archetypal realm and the finite fixed world of matter.

Moments go in and out of existence, that implies some sense of direction indeed, temporality arises as an hybrid attribute of this interface. But having a reference, should not imply perceptual myopia. Can we take a step back to see more of a line extending in both instead of a singular myopic point in time, a step back in the fifth dimension ?

However crude, this analogy as we personally lived it and saw it around me, portrays the extrasensory very well. We never lose track of the moment, instead it gets enriched with the perception of other times, spaces of possibility it relates to on a symbolic level of pure meaning, existing in and of itself.
It entails that our very perception of time is grossly atrophied by the lack of extrasensory, to a degree maybe inconceivable.
And this leads us back to the original question: how does that affect the very way we grow up in the early infant’s six first years ?

This would answer yet another lasting mystery in developmental psychology, that is infantile amnesia: the inability of adults to retrieve episodic memories before the age of two. Or four in my case, it varies quite a lot.

It is not that the capacity for episodic memory (remembering specific events) does not develop in the brain before, for infants do show recollection of the past.

But anything before that threshold is erased.

We believe that unborn children and children up to the age 6 (more or less coinciding with weaning) should be fully immerged within the sea of souls, not needing any sense of self yet, be it the pathological ego or the simple, natural boundary between oneself and the exterior world.
This state however, requires a lot of energy, only possibly brought by a vibrant non-exclusive parental relationship. A level of vibration, that maybe cooking totally precludes.

What do infants get instead ?

Nothing. Mere trickles from a frustrated mother.
Cut from the genetically-programmed source of all teachings, we are forced to start at life from scratch and a narrow set of inborn traits on which education must build… narrow compared to infinity.

instead we should start life from the other end: from infinity, and it seems clear to us that real experiences should be closer to a backup, emergency personality.

The infant brain is actually denser in neurons than adults, who tend to lose them (though additional connections make up for it). We hypothesize that while this brain isn’t capable of processing intellectual content (going to school) and arguably the day-to-day memory of the same old diaper-changing routine doesn’t seem so useful to keep at first glance, early children should spend most of their time in a constant state of visionary dreams dwarfing in potency ordinary ones, even dwarfing normal wakefulness for the matter.

Such dreams still occur to adults from time to time - anyone can concur, the brain demonstrating its wholesale mastery of conscious experience, dialing up and down any aspect of it to levels above and beyond regular reality.

Hence infants should know a state of constant dreams of untold precision and richness, a 8k 5D full-spectrum technicolor not unlike what Tibetans report as the after-life (the Bardo intermediary states), or meditation-induced visions, in particular in Dzögchen. Enough to fuel a lifetime of imagination, and a source of skills one could pick at leisure as the brain matures, undoubtedly more quickly as well.

Instead we are conceived by mistake outside any sense of destiny, conditioned by senseless emotional attachments or equally senseless transient lust. Even birth itself is traumatic to babies, considering how rare natural birth with intact amniotic sac are today. Cold unknown hands forcefully take us to the light as we nearly choke at the entrance the bag should normally make seamless, to finally arrive to our mother as we scream to death, a mother in nearly all cases utterly dejected as she just hurt like hell for hours, and most often didn’t truly want that kid. In some cases, mothers reject their babies completely.

And to top it all off, some sadistic doctor cuts you open a few days after birth or immediately, cutting away the most sensitive part of your body, leaving but scarred tissue for the rest of our male lives: Circumcision.

Then for years we must contend with disgusting food, constant unease or random bodily pains cooking brings - and the hopeless despondency of not being able to do a damn thing about it - and parents feeling as unbearably cold to the touch as their depression runs deep and their affection dry.

Years that must feel like an eternity of torment as the door to the actual fun we intuitively expect, the extrasensory world, remains hopelessly closed.

So infant amnesia (not remembering the first years) might be caused by the unfathomable (because unconceptualizable) trauma of lacking energy when we should live entirely by it. This must register as an absolute nightmare, until the ego is sufficiently developed to cope with it,projecting bad feelings on the outside world or dissociating from them wholesale, namely by forgetting everything.

  1. For reasons exterior to him the environment degraded leading to his refusing to call upon the visions, and subsequently losing them altogether, as the child eventually grew up and flew from his difficulties into cooking. ↩︎

  2. Carl Sagan explains it very well. ↩︎

  3. Many experiments in free response precognition have been published by independent research teams, but the largest collections of relevant studies were produced by two sources. The first was part of a previously classified program funded by the U.S. government, known by its final code name: Stargate. It took place first at SRI International in Menlo Park, California, from 1973 to 1988; then from 1088 to 1995 at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a large defense research and development company. The second largest collection of research was produced by Princeton’s PEAR Laboratory from 1978 until the late 1990s.

    The analysis of 7770 free-response tests conducted at SRI yielded a positive result with a score of 300 million to 1. The other 445 tests conducted at SAIC scored 1.6 million to 1. At Princeton, the total score for 653 sessions was 33 million to 1.

    Contrary to what skeptics say, reviews of many categories of paranormal (or psi for short) phenomena have been published in peer-reviewed professional journals and they turn out to be extremely positive.

    We learned with meta-analysis - a recognized method for analyzing combined results from many similar experiments - that small systematic effects in the same direction can provide extremely strong total evidence.

    Dean Radin, Superpouvoirs
  4. There are between two hundred and three hundred historical cases in the lives of the saints, including that of St. Joseph Copertino (1603-1663). He was observed to levitate by thousands of witnesses, usually in daylight, over a period of thirty-five years. The testimonies are found in the private diaries of the witnesses and in the depositions made under oath, including 150 observations with the naked eye by daddies, kings and princesses.
    There are also purely secular cases of levitation, the most well-known being that of the Scottish medium Daniel Dunglas Home (1833(1886). Like St. Joseph, Home was observed levitating in broad daylight by dozens of prominent witnesses. No fraud was ever discovered.

  5. Sufis are capable of such metabolic control that they can pierce their cheeks, arms, with little to no blood loss, no pain, and healing several times faster than the norm (Hall and Hostoffer, The scientific study of unusual rapid would healing: a case report, Bringing Sufi rapid healing methods into the laboratory). If learning these abilities were not so simple and accessible to all (as the Sufis claim and Hall has shown), they would qualify as superpowers. ↩︎

  6. That is, the 5% objectively impossible to explain away with obvious explanations, psychological, athmospheric or pertaining to technical equipments). ↩︎

  7. However most animals in reality spend very little of their time minding about breeding and (heterosexual) mating, much less than we do, giving it by mistake the transcendant importance we should give to the other kind of love↩︎

  8. While considerably enriching the present day to day life with the past, the Ego-memories contained in the Second Memory, are labeled as memories of dead people flooding the brain, that one should not indulge too much less for losing one’s anchor to the real world. It is clear in the book, that it is not a form of immortality, the dead should not take the place of the living, and life has a nasty tendency to make any and all predictions (prescient or worse, based on past lives) moot.
    These conclusions are a logical consequence of a misconception about the nature of the extrasensory, with the aberrations it would lead to if it did conform to what amounts to spiritual materialism↩︎

  9. incidentally, this state is quite aptly called the spirit of the first awakening↩︎

  10. People without any worldly intelligence are not free. They are asleep, slaves of their conditioning and their nature. With more wisdom, one realizes the laws of nature and gain happiness and freedom of action. The enlightened sage, perceived as totally free by the lower levels, is beyond freedom: the sage lacks the choice to do evil, and doing good is not an option anymore but an obligation. The fool is a slave to his conditioning, the wise man overcomes them and readily becomes slave to his own good nature. ↩︎